Resident Evil
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Survival Horror
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ESRB Rating
Blood and Gore, Violence
The Good

• Outstanding Graphics
• Great mood music
• Lots of extra goodies
• Fun but dated gameplay
• Great FMV

The Bad

• Awkward controls to some
• Difficulty high


By now everyone has at least heard of Resident Evil, the first game that truly started the survival horror genre. Well, Capcom has been at it again - saying that GameCube is the place to be for all the RE goodness and has decided to re-release the series on GameCube, exclusively (Zero and 4 will be totally new, and 2, 3, and Code: Veronica will all be ports, sadly). Of course, the first game they choose to introduce to fans and newbies alike is the one that started it all: Resident Evil.

Graphics: Right from the opening FMV intro, you know your in for a treat. In one word and one word only - WOW! Sitting there seeing the GameCube pump out graphics like these are unbelievable. Sure sure the backgrounds are pre-rendered but who cares? It's all beautiful. The backgrounds just scream alive right at you as your traveling through the game. With wind swaying the tree's to moon light illuminating a hallway from outside. All the backgrounds come out looking great and there are lots of different locations to visit in the game. The characters are just as great looking, if not better, than the background graphics simply because they look real. Never before has there been more realistic characters in a videogame before. All the enemies in RE are all very realistically looking as well and all these great graphics are what make RE that much scarier on the GameCube.

Gameplay: There isn't much to say here its the typical survival horror style gameplay of running around, finding clues, watching cinemas, and shooting things all over the place. Some find this gameplay stale and others are still enjoying it today as we speak. If you have tired of the gameplay of RE before, bets are you are probably still going to be tired of it.

Control: The control is the same awkward controls as other REs and that's that up makes you walk forward and left/right make you turn and down makes you go backwards. While lots find this style of moving very weird and cumbersome, others see no problem with it at all. All in all, though, everything feels pretty natural with the controls.

Sound: The sound is another key factor to making the game scary and this game has it. The soundtrack for this type of game couldn't have been pulled off any better. The soundtrack kicks in a various times and lays silent at others, all in all, adding tension to the already tense mood. The zombie moans are even more horrific than before and the many other creature sound effects are top notch.

Extras: Well this is a remake, so now to describe the differences that are there. The one obvious addition is the graphics, but you all knew that. Then there is the mansion itself which is almost completely changed in some form or way. *Personal note, I have played RE on the PSX about 14 times and know it like the back of my palm, but this one still took me awhile*. Then there is the inclusion of new defense weapons that can pull you out of a bind, when need be, by stabbing, shocking, or blowing up the head of the zombie. Speaking of which, there are two ways to kill a zombie, one - decapitating it or two - burning it. Otherwise, the bodies later reanimate and become crimson heads, deadly zombies that run faster than you and take multiple chunks out of you with their teeth and nails. New scenarios also pop into play with you and your fellow teammates but they are not to be spoiled here.

The Bad: There isn't much wrong with this Resident Evil. In fact, its almost perfect.......almost. The only problems in the game whatsoever come in the form of slight skipping in the real time cinemas. They're not really that bad, but it's there none the less. Also, to some the evil just might be a little harder then expected. Plus, the controls and gameplay still haven't really changed from the first one, but that's either a love or hate relationship to people.

Overall: Overall Resident Evil is a great remake brought out with lots of extras to justify a purchase for people who have played the original and a great start for newbies alike. So turn off your lights and begin the nightmare.

- - Justin Celani

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