The Simpsons: Hit & Run
Game Info
PS2, GC, Xbox
VU Games
Radical Ent.
Official Website
ESRB Rating
Comic Mischief, Mild Language, Violence
The Good

• Voice work
• Variety in missions
• Graphics
• Good Simpsons game
• Good control

The Bad

• Sound effects
• Some slowdown
• Graphical glitches


What do you get when you mix Grand Theft Auto with the Simpsons? You get Simpsons Hit and Run.

Story: Something in Springfield is wrong and as the Simpson crew you go about helping people and figuring out just what is going on in your town.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a mixture of driving and platforming. You do on-foot missions and in-vehicle missions, although most are in a vehicle. You go about helping various characters from the show and continue to do missions which continue the plot of the game. You've got everything from chase missions to race missions to follow missions. There are quite a variety of things do to in this game. As you progress through the 7 stages, each stage plays out with a different character, although the last two are Homer and Bart again. Each stage gets progressively harder and the missions become more vast. The on-foot parts are really just means of going into the different buildings to buy various clothes and to see the environment, although some missions require you to go into the buildings for certain parts. It's also especially fun to walk around the town and finding the little Easter eggs that are scattered about. Also, kicking people around town is quite fun but if you do that for too long or destroy too much of the town, the cops will come and bust you for 50 coins. Not a hefty price for tons of fun eh? To top it all off the controls work like a charm and you'll be flying down the streets in no time flat.

Graphics: The graphics in Hit and Run seem to mimic the cartoon shows visuals very well. There are some rough spots at times and a occasional slowdown here and there but nothing to complain about. Overall, it's nothing fancy but it doesn't have to be - it looks just like the show and that's what counts.

Sound: This is where the creators probably had a lot of fun when recording the tons and tons of voice work for the characters. Everyone talks and its quite amazing and they don't all just say the same things over and over as they have many different phrases. Great job. The sound effects sound like typical cartoon sound effects but they get the job done.

Overall: This game is like Grand Theft Auto light. It's the Simpsons theme that gives it so much spunk and even though you can't kill people the game is still a blast to play. If you've been looking for a great Simpsons game since the arcade version then look no further. The time has cometh for a good Simpsons game once more.

- - Justin Celani

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