Sky Gunner
Game Info
Playstation 2
Atlus Co.
Pixel Arts
Official Website
ESRB Rating
The Good

• Gorgeous Graphics
• Fast, and Fun Gameplay
• Totally original story

The Bad

• Terrible Slowdown
• The "Interactive Cartoon" Genre may not appeal to everyone


The 3-d shooter genre. While most consoles are littered with lame Star Wars shooters, Sky Gunner comes and breathes new life into the genre.

The Graphics: While the graphics don't blatantly rip-off Hayao Miyazaki's works, anime fans will find the graphics to be inspired by his own unique style. The aerial ship designs are also quite easy on the eyes also. Anime fans will, for the most part, dig the overall art direction of this gorgeous game. But one thing that plagues the game is the awful slow down, which make the speedy gameplay grind to a near halt. I's a shame that Pixel Arts didn't take the time to fix this annoying occurrence.

The Gameplay: The Aerial combat will be a definite treat for fans of old school 2-D Shooters. While at heart the gameplay is basically shoot everything in the sky as fast as you can, the secondary weapons adds a fine layer of depth to the game. Each secondary weapon is most effective on certain enemies, for example, enemies who bunch up in a tight group are easily taken out with some fireworks, or fast enemies are slowed down with some handy Dog Missiles. The controls also fare well with this title, (although some people complain about the games "touchy" controls) and after the well done tutorial session you will be gunning with the best of them.

The Plot: The game follows the story of three highly skilled pilots, Femme, Ciel, and Copain. Ciel and Copain are both best buds who like to take to the skies with there high flying machines. Femme is the newcomer to the group, and helps them out when the going gets tough. They all have the task of stopping the evil thief Ventre who has stolen the "Eternal Engine" - an engine that has the power to last an eternity (hence the name, "Eternal Engine"). Each of the character's interesting segments are told in Manga-esque cut-scenes which makes the games almost an interactive cartoon which can be good, or it can be bad depending on your personal preferences. All in all, the story is charming, if not a little weak.

The Replay Value: Despite the games length (about 3 hours with each character) it is crammed with extras. First off, there are two hidden characters but I don't want to spoil you by telling you who they are, two extra game modes (Time Attack and Survival), and some other nifty miscellaneous stuff (Scene Select, Photo Gallery etc.). So as you can see, there is plenty to unlock for all you hardcore types and people who are looking for a game to last them a few weeks.

So, the bottom line, if you are yearning for a console shooter that has nothing to do with Star Wars, you'll love it. If you're also an anime fan, well, all the more reason to pick it up. Everyone else, at least give it a rent, you might like what you see.

- - Grandlethal

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