SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals
Game Info
Playstation 2
Zipper Interactive, Inc.
Official Website
ESRB Rating
Blood, Violence
The Good

• Great gunplay
• Online games are addicting
• No more Boomer
• Great sound effects

The Bad

• Terrorists AI isn’t that improved
• Terrorists have a great advantage online


Compared to the first game, SOCOM 2 is completely the same. Of course, this is half true. Yes SOCOM 2 is the same as the original but it includes a hefty amount of entities that will make you throw out your copy of the first game. The sequel throws at you so much new benevolence that you’ll wonder why the developers didn’t add them in the first game, thus making SOCOM 2 a worthy sequel and a game that lives up to the hype.

Like I said before, the sequel is basically like the first game, game play wise of course. You still lead a group of SEALs, controlling the majority of their movements via headset or without the headset, and ridding the world once again of terrorism. Of course, there are improvements now that this is a sequel. The foliage has been revamped and looks more accustomed to pertaining to the type of environment you are in. Also, loads of new weapons are at your disposal including the ever so powerful RPG. Shotguns are even an option in this game.

What the developers took out that I could definitely live without was your clumsy, goofy acting buddy named Boomer. Yes he’s gone for good and is replaced by other Seals who should act like real Seals in the first place. We no longer have to deal with his stupidity and bumbling acts. The terrorists, on the other hand, still don’t use common sense but they have changed for the better in comparison to the original game and offer some challenge and at times more.

Graphically, the game changed for the better also. The ever so lush environments from the first game have been reworked considerably. The foliage looks ten times more realistic and even the lighting effects have been reworked for the good of all. The Iris effect was added making it practically the most realistic tactical shooter of its kind [gameplay wise].

The best part of this game, of course, are its online features. You’ll simply be addicted to this game like a drug addict is to PCP. Not only have the original levels came back but they have been changed giving Vets of the first game a new feeling and a reason to replay them. New levels are a foot here also and two new modes of gameplay are also an option to satisfy your needs. The layout also has been changed and new additions such as player search, buddy list, messaging features, the ability to mute other players, the ability to conceal your own voice, and plenty more. Also the developers ensure us that this game will be cheat-resistant.

Replay wise, you’ll be playing this game for months to come and possibly years [if SOCOM 3 doesn’t come out]. If you only bought this game for its online feature, you are in luck. The developers added the feature of unlocking new characters to play as given the fact that you’ve beaten the single player game at least once along with art work and some tunes to listen to.

Final word: SOCOM 2 is a worthy game. If you happen to have your PS2 connected to the internet, it’s a no brainer that you should buy this ASAP. If you are stuck offline, then this still offers a lot of gameplay to feed you shooter needs. If you aren’t a fan of the genre or the game, give it a rent. Who knows, it might turn you over to its side and force you to get broadband. In my opinion, this is the best tactical shooter out right now.

- - Earl Ferrer

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