Super Dodge Ball Advance
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GameBoy Advance
Atlus Co.
Atlus Co.
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The Good

• Good, simple fun
• Control is relatively easy and responsive

The Bad

• Very repetitive
• Championship mode is too short


The company that's responsible for many quirky, and most of the time bad, Japanese games brings us a rehash of a once fun and exciting game based on a famous school yard activity - dodge ball! Some of you ancient "old-schoolers" may remember the Super Dodge Ball for the Nintendo Entertainment System to be fun and original back in the day. Does this new sequel retain the magic this game once had?

The answer to the previous question is both a yes and a no. First of all, for who remember this title and really loved it for it's simple, yet fun gameplay will be in for a real treat. But those whose first consoles included the Playstation will not care much for the shallow and repetitive gameplay, but still enjoy it for a few hours. If you are looking for a nice kick of old sports game nostalgia, this will be your GBA for a short time.

One of the most significant problems comes from the game's appeal - it will only squeeze out about 6 hours of game time for those who want to finish, and unlock every thing in the game. If your buddy just so happens to have the same game and a link cable, you guys are in for a extravagant good time! I have found myself, numerous times, playing this with a pal till the early hours of the morning. There is plenty of trash-talking and fun to be had between your partner in the well-done multiplayer portion. A little feature that adds a bit to what little depth the game has are the "Super Throws", which are special moves that each player on your team possesses. They are fun to toy around with and in some of the later matches are very useful.

While there are only a few different sprites in the entire game they are bright and humorous which fit the title's style with ease. But on rare occasions, you may find yourself accidentally walking through another character's body. A very common, but strange, glitch that Atlus forgot to iron out. All in all, the graphics are on par with your average 16-bit title. The sound also tends to be annoying after playing this game a couple of hours, but the sound effects are spot-on and easy to listen to.

The difficulty, while configurable, is just never enough to keep you challenged. After a while you'll find the A.I. to be just plain stupid. You are better off playing multiplayer with an experienced dodge ball player than playing an exhibition match with the computer. Without any difficulty, I found myself to get bored after a few minutes of playing, and that's not a good thing.

While the game did keep me entertained for a short while, it is riddled with many holes and is not worth your money. A rental may be in the cards for some people looking for some age old nostalgia, but any one else is better off staying away.

- - Grandlethal

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