Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
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GameBoy Advance
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Comic Mischief
The Good

• A lot of variety
• Simple controls & gameplay
• Sweet unlockables

The Bad

• Some crappy looking minigames
• Silly plot
• Might be too simple for some


After a few years of handheld platforming, Mario's moderately popular arch enemy Wario will stop at nothing to make money. So in his latest gaming adventure, he decides to cash in on the gaming industry. After a few calls, Wario enlists several top-notch game makers to develop games for Wario's publishing company. Now it's the gamer's job to play each of these 200+ 'microgames' spanning from old nintendo classics to sports to sci-fi space shooters, and everything in between.

The key to success in WarioWare is reflexes. You have to constantly be on your toes through each of these games, they also come and go in the matter of a few seconds, and they go even faster as you keep playing. With it's blisteringly fast-paced action, and simple controls (Note: The games don't start off with an explanation of the controls, or the goal of each game, they just start with a one-word explanation (i.e. Run, Jump, Dodge etc.) and the game starts. Afterwards, the player is on their own, the controls are simple and getting the hang of things is as easy shooting a sloth in a barrel. My only gripe in terms of gameplay is that some of the instructions for the games are a little too, vague, which may cause you to fail when you are faced with a new game but after one mistake a person of average intelligence should figure out there objective and succeed the next time around. With the successful completion of a certain amount of games, the time limit is then sped up, and it up to the gamer to finish the many games faster than before, and each game lasts, at the most 5 seconds. The frantic pace offers a lot of game winning satisfaction in a fraction of the time as other games. This is perfect if you already are or are bordering on being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, it won't help your condition by any means, it will only fuel your cravings.

Yet after playing each and every single minigame, going through the game again for the sake of fun seems without purpose, except for the wonderful plethora of unlockables like a complete version of Dr. Mario (called 'Dr. Wario' in this game) and the arcade gem Sheriff, a game which I have thrown hundreds of quarters at back in ye olden days of gaming. And any true arcade fan would find this unlockable to be quite a pleasant surprise.

As for the graphics, they range from late-super nintendo quality, all the way to Atari 4-bit ****iness, which helps add to the old school flavor, but it might burn your eyes. Each of Wario's pals are well-rendered, but their minigames very much. The worlds are suitably candy-colored and use the GBA's power very nicely, the most impressive being the 3D gameplay of the classic F-Zero on par with the SNES classic. The sound effects are also just as satisfying, easy on the ears and compliment the game's sugary-sweet presentation and wacky feel.

Bottom-line, this game is an absolute keeper for anybody looking for short bursts of entertainment on their portable machines, just in case the world around you seems to be fairly uneventful, this is a great game to whip out when waiting for a doctor's appointment, the bus or any other down time you may find yourself in. The only people who may be turned off by this game is anybody who's is looking for a deep and involved playing experience, but for action and puzzle fans, this game offers plenty to keeps you busy, and is probably the easiest game to get into since Pac-Man. Just don't expect countless hours of entertainment, Tactics Ogre, this is not.

- - Grandlethal

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