This walkthrough will only highlight major battles throughout each chapter. While you will often be treated to a battle every time you visit a new location, this walkthrough chooses to only focus on the more challenging or story-relative battles. Warning: There are some minor story spoilers below. Don't worry, we won't try to spoil any major developments.

 Kharg: First Battle

Kharg's first chapter really is just a setup to ease players into the gameplay and battle mechanics.
Scrappe Plateau - This battle tosses Kharg and Paulette against some Suskle Squirrels (20-23 HP). Just let them come to you and take out one at a time. They shouldn't prove to be too much challenge.
Chaos Forest - This fight will introduce you to Maru against some Suskle Squirrels (16-20 HP) and one Wild Slothian (72 HP). The Slothian is the only real challenge as it can belch gas on you, turning one of your allies into a Slothian temporarily. Use Maru's distance attacks to keep the Slothian at bay.
Plum Canyon - Here you face both Drakyr (47-54 HP) and Wyvern (@44 HP). Take out the Wyvern before the Drakyr move in. The Drakyr have magical attacks that can prove to be damaging. You might also want to bust open the boxes for some extra money and items before the fight ends.

 Darc: Awakening

Darc's first chapter may provide a degree of challenge largely because he's on his own for a good portion of it.
Orcoth - Darc will have to face Zoram and Zugalo in the Arena. To make this fight easier, try to keep on the move, keeping one enemy in between Darc and the other enemy. Focus on taking one down and then switch to the other.
The Church Ruins - After the story sequence between Darc and Delma, they must fight some Drakyr (@ 42 HP). Get in close fast to keep them from wearing you down with magic before you can get to them.
The Church Ruins - The second fight at the Church Ruins puts you against mercenaries Ludhi (50 HP), Rapier (64 HP) and two Shotgun Hunters (40 HP). Make sure to focus both Darc and Delma on one enemy at a time and try to use combination attacks to your benefit.
Note: You'll get Densimo in your party for a limited amount of time. Don't waste too much effort to level him up as he won't be a permanent addition.
Zedora Abyss - Here you will face Spear Hunters (44 HP) and Cathena Soldiers (32-35 HP). Watch out for the distance attacks of their rifles. Outside of that, the battle shouldn't take too much effort.
Varam Barrens - Here, you find yourself against four rather easy Wyvern (48 HP). Except for the story aspect of this stage, there isn't much here to worry about. After this fight, head back to Orcoth to heal up and buy enough supplies. Also, try to acquire the Tornado Skill.
The Church Ruins - The final fight in the ruins pits Darc against Densimo (@200 HP), Geedo (120 HP), and two Drakyr (54-61 HP). Try to keep the enemy bottled up along the steps and try to hit multiple enemies with the Tornado Skill. Try to finish off Densimo early so you can pick up the Blood Anklet he drops. Then, make your way to Geedo, who waits further back. She'll drop some serious money and a Life Tree Berry. Once they're gone, polish off the Drakyr.

 Kharg: Setting Out

Kharg will be given three quests which just require you to go to three locations and finish off some enemies.
Quest 1 - Go to Banjo to be sent to Plumb Canyon to find Butch. Beware the Dancing Shells as they like to use poison attacks.
Quest 2 - Talk to Duncan to be sent to Scrappe Plateau to fight some bandits. When done, return to Yewbell.
Quest 3 - From the man in the second floor room of the bar, you'll be sent to The Edge of a Sea of Trees to fight some more Suskle Squirrels and Kuskles. Grab the pot and take it back to Yewbell. At this point, the man will reveal his name as Span and will ask you to seek out other Spirit Dictionaries around the world (see sidebar).
Dragon Bone Valley - The challenge of this fight are not the Drakyr (47-60 HP) but trying to keep Lilia alive. Try to keep a tight formation around her as she'll make a break for it if you give her enough room. Deal with the enemies as they come to you and just try to usher her away from them.
Isulo Forest - While you have a number of enemies to deal with, including Attack Dogs (41-44 HP), Foot Soldiers (44-52 HP), Riflemen (43-51 HP) and a Commander (55 HP). You need to send Ganz and Kharg to take out the post on the bridge to keep reinforcements from arriving. Also take out the Commander early to get his Amethyst Coating.
Note: In any battle with a Commander, try to kill them early as they always manage to drop something good.
Aheeda Forest - Be prepared for a couple of fights including Orcon (77-82 HP), Dilzweld Troops (60 HP) and Riflemen (54 HP), or Armored Insects (79-87 HP) and Witch Plants (38-40 HP).

 Darc: Ambition

Note: Now that Geedo is dead, go by her place and get the Phoenix Blood and the first part of the Ancient Tablet that Kirjath asks him to complete (see sidebar).
Orcoth Arena - Here you must fight the Lupine Volk (@100 HP). To make things easier, just cast spells at him from a distance. It beats trying to go toe-to-toe with him, which can prove to be less effective. Volk's only spell is Water Crash which has a short to moderate range.
Asheeda Forest - The soldiers here are really no more challenge than they were before. Expect Foot Soldiers (52-56 HP), Riflemen (47-51 HP) and a Commander (59-64 HP) in each fight. You will also have a fight with Tatjana (@115 HP). As with Commanders, you might want to take out Tatjana first to get a Gorgeous Ring. I would suggest wearing her down with magic from a distance.
Tindalos Woods - You'll need to go here and fight the Crimson Rhokes (43-46 HP) until they drop a Rebound Fruit to feed the Firble. It make take a battle or two to get one of these.
Varam Barrens - The challenge of this fight is just getting to the Argewalt (@250 HP). Fight your way through the boxes and dry tree stumps to get to the Argewalt, ignoring the monsters it spawns every turn, unless you really want the extra experience. In close, the Argewalt will hit you with electric and confusion attacks. Just go to town when you get in close.
The Coleopt Shrine - Just go into this fight guns blazing. The Coleopt (48-51 HP) are not all that challenging, except for their Coleopt Liquid Sphere skill that lowers your stats. Luckily, they drop Coleopt Froth, which cures this. Make sure to stock up for the next fight. After this fight, you'll have another one in the shrine with Dilzweld Foot Troops (64-68 HP), Riflemen (62 HP) and a Commander (77 HP) that proves no different than the previous.
The Coleopt Shrine 2 - Take out the two Dilzweld troops with little effort to get to the real fight here. Bebedora will send two Skull Warriors (101 HP) after you. Focus on one at a time and this fight should go by quickly.
The Coleopt Shrine 3 - The challenge here is to deal with Selkis' tentacles (180 HP) first. They like to produce Coleopt (57 HP) and Larva (100 HP) every turn, so it would do you good to take them out, one at a time. Use Bebedora's Mind Control ability to use the drones in your favor, by having them fight the other monsters while you work your way towards Selkis (@ 300 HP). Once you get to her, be wary of close range magic attacks. This will be the first fight where you will have to pay close attention to health and try to use Dual Attacks on Selkis to make the fight move faster.

 Kharg: Fierce Battle

Kassim Highway - If you want to avoid a fight here, answer the last question "Darkham Ekid na Bard". If not, you'll have a standard fight with Dilzweld troops (by now, you know how to deal with them).
Kassim Highway 2 - When you return, you'll be greeted with a large number of Foot Soldiers (60-65 HP), Riflemen (62 HP) and a Commander (72 HP) to deal with. Try to use as many area and group attacks as possible to thin the ranks in your favor. This fight may be a challenge if you let the sheer number of troops overwhelm you.
Liberate Sulfas - In this mission, you'll need to go to Parenz Ruins and the Viorav Mine, where you'll fight Shotgun Traps (42 HP), Foot Soldiers (60-70 HP), Gunners (40 HP), Gun Traps (47-50 HP) and Commanders (72 HP). Once done there, return to Sulfas a fight troops in the main plant.
The Mountain Stronghold - In this fight, you need to save the three troops by talking to them, but once you climb the steps to get near them, the cannons will start pummeling you for some serious damage. Let the enemies, Gun Traps (42-55 HP), Foot Soldiers (60-76 HP), and Riflemen (70 HP), come down the steps to you and finish most of them before trying to go after the guys your trying to save.
The Mountain Stronghold 2 - This time around, have Kharg use his first two turns to take out both cannons with the Big Owl. Then proceed to work you way through the same troops as before. Once inside, you'll have another fight with the standard compliment of troops.
The Mountain Stronghold 3 - Now you must fight a new breed of Deimos, the Lakelta (65 HP), who come with the aid of Elementals (62 HP) and Red Dragons (60 HP). They are fire-based, so be sure not to try fire attacks on them. If you keep that in mind, this fight shouldn't be too hard.
Lakelta Brothers - You have three very big, very dangerous Deimos to contend with. While Tatjana helps out, you have no control over her. Each Lakelta has a different method of fighting and they each have something nice that they drop when slain. The last one needs to have the item stolen from it if you really want all three items. You have to deal with Tsee (@ 375 HP) who swings a wide mace, Fulkrum (@ 375 HP) has a short range melee attack, while Tsaw (@ 350 HP) uses a bow for ranged attacks. One suggestion to start the battle off is to use the Big Owl to try and soften up one or two of them from a distance. The attack won't be too damaging, but any attack out of their range is a good one.

 Darc: Love and Hate

Reuloon - After some story sequences, you will have your first fight with Droguza (@ 425 HP). He comes with the aid of four Drakyr (97-105 HP). Have Bebedora use her Mind Control on two of the Drakyr and have them deal with the other Drakyr while Darc, Volk and Delma work Droguza over. Have Camellia play healer.
Dragon Bone Valley - Fight with the standard allotment of troops and then send Darc into the cave. On his way out, he'll have to deal with two very large dragons, one silver and the other gold (@ 150 HP). Have Pyron open up to whittle down the HPs of one of the beasts and then finish it off. You may need to heal, but most of this fight should be relatively easy as both beasts don't come with too much of a punch.
The Yayu Dam Ruins - Here you will fight Dilzweld and Drakyr (between 70-119 HP). Neither are too different than before, but the layout of the level may provide some instances of challenge. You will have a lot of bridges and tight spaces. Just let you enemies come to you.
Thunor Point - This time, you will face Droguza (@ 650 HP) with the aid of Gun Traps (55 HP) and Foot Soldiers (84-88 HP). Use Bebedora's Mind Control to have the lackeys fight each other while the rest of your team just pounds on Droguza. Use Delma and Camellia as healers when one of your team gets low on health.

 Kharg: Rage

There are no major fights in this chapter.

 Darc: Reunion

Chaos Forest - Here, you'll have to deal with a Sword Lady (80 HP), Sword and Whip Hunters (85 HP), and Spear Hunters (85-89 HP). The only challenge in this fight is that you don't have Darc and Bebedora. Keep everyone healthy and just attack one enemy at a time.

 Kharg: Truth

Note: Make sure to speak with Samson before leaving the Fiona. He will join you for this chapter. Don't waste too much time leveling him up as he won't stick around after the events in this chapter.
Cave of Truth - In this and the following fights, Darc will join your team, but will not be controllable. All you can do is let him take enemy attacks and revive him when he dies. Outside of that, he's on his own. The first fight pits you against some easy Evil Eyes (60-66 HP). Within the cave, you have a magically locked door with an entrance to either side. The left and right entrances will take you through three rooms, each with a set of Spirit Servants to defeat. From left to right, the group of monsters cast different effects - sleep, paralysis and silence. If you have anything that lets you resist these effects, equip it before the battle. Both the sleep and paralysis effects can make those respective fights more challenging. The silence fight can be won without magic with very little effort.
The Beach - Here you will face more Dilzweld troops (48-99 HP). More of the same.
The Slothian Village - Some more Dilzweld (54-95 HP). Polish them off with little effort.

 Darc: Evolution

The Pyramid Ruins - After finishing the puzzle-based dungeon, you'll be faced with a group of mummies (70-76 HP) that can prove to be a challenge if you're not careful. They have an attack just like the Coleopt that reduces attack and other abilities, but if you have the froth, it'll reverse the effects of their curse. The mummies can also cause decent physical damage.
Maluise Tower - Another fight with Droguza (@ 750 HP). This time, he's a bit more powerful and can cast a stronger version of Black Out. He also has Commandos (100 HP) and Snipers (93 HP) to help him out. Use Camellia as healer and have the rest of your team just lay into Droguza with their strongest attacks. Dual Attacks will make this fight go a lot faster.
The Flying Fortress Megist - Here, you'll be forced to fight against stronger Dilzweld, including Cannon Traps (85-94 HP), PA-200s (102 HP), Snipers (97-105 HP) and Commanders (121-126 HP), and even some Altered Deimos (108-112 HP). Make good use of Bebedora's Mind Control to even the odds and make most of these fights quite easy.
Droguza's Chamber - Here you will be faced with a battle against Dilzweld Shotgun and Cannon Traps (88-98 HP). The goal is destroying the five separate energy containers. Send out your party into two groups. Each container will usually take two attacks to break, so take your time finishing this fight and removing the enemy. When you face the final incarnation of Droguza (@ 1500 HP), be prepared for some heavy-duty violent attacks. He has one attack the sends out an arc of energy and can also shoot out a ball of energy towards one person. While you take some physical abuse in close, it's a lot less murderous as trying to stay away from him. Move in everyone as fast as you can and constantly keep at least two people healing. When you can pull off a Dual Attack, do so as it will help immensely.

 Kharg: Rivalry

Peisus - Here you need to grab the red and blue gems from the dragon heads in the lobby and place them in the corresponding heads at the back of the library to find the sutra.
Mt. Lamda - After getting the sutra translated, come back and you'll be forced into a fight against five monks (100-104 HP). They aren't too hard but they do like to power their attacks up. Once this fight is over, be prepared to have Maru fight one on five with more monks. At this point, start at one side and slowly work your way down the line. Try to give him accessories and weapon parts to improve his accuracy and damage. Also, be sure to heal often. Once you get up into the mountain pass, you'll face a series of enemies that can be tough. When you find yourself in familiar locations, find the white portals to get to the end of the pass. Some locations have more than one portal, so if you show back up in Yewbell, you may have taken the wrong path.
Maluise Tower - Fight your way to the top of the tower. Inside, you'll be faced with Cannon Traps (98-101 HP), Intruders (95-99 HP), PA-200s (114-119 HP), Commandos (116 HP)
Note: If you plan on siding with the Deimos later, you may want to skip opening the chests along the way.
The Top of Maluise Tower - When you get to the top, you'll be faced with Darkham (@1200 HP) and four of his Royal Guards (179-185 HP). The Royal Guards will cause a good bit of damage, so you need to be sure to keep everyone healthy. Try to take out some of his guard before heading for Darkham. Do yourself a favor and have Maru use Venom Arrow to poison Darkham. The poison effect can do a good bit more damage than most physical attacks. Use Dual Attacks, the Big Owl and as much heavy duty magic as you can throw at him to finish this fight.

 Final Battle

When this chapter begins, you will get the choice of which side you want to take - Deimos or Humans. Don't worry about how you've leveled your own characters up as the HPs and skills are pretty much preset (HPs range from 225-375 depending on the characters). Either team will be sporting their standard set of good attack and healing spells. Even so, this fight isn't too difficult. After the fight, both sides get a chance to go down to the Flying castle. Before entering, make sure you've loaded up on items and equipment.
The Flying Castle - After a fight or two, you teams will be shuffled up and your separate teams will have to meet up. With Darc, Maru, Tatjana and Camilla, you'll be forced to fight Bebedora (@ 225 HP) and two Altima (@ 900 HP). To survive this fight, stay along the thin paths and try to focus on one of the Altima, hopefully keeping the other at bay. These beats can fly anywhere, but can only land on the large platforms. They have a long range blast attack. Once you finish both off, go after Bebedora, who will teleport after taking a hit. Spread your team out so you don't have to waste turns chasing her down.
After you get both teams to meet, you'll be able to pick six out of roster for each fight for the rest of the game. At this point, you'll have to fight your way to the top. You will be faced with a litany of enemies from before and even a few more challenging versions of them to fight through. If you want to, you can spend some serious time gaining levels by scouring through the Castle and picking fights. Luckily, there are a few save points and Quorups to buy items. Feel free to use spirit stones to take out enemies quicker as you'll be able to load up before the last series of battles. Don't waste time loading up the Big Owl and Pyron as you won't be able to use them for the last boss fights.
Meshimgen - The six Meshimgen can only be hurt by one of the members of your team. When you attack one, it will show an image of a character that is important to one of your team (example: Windalf for Darc, Darkham for Tatjana, Nafia for Kharg, etc.). If the person who attacked it is the appropriate person, they'll do damage. If not, they'll be temporarily turned into a Meshimgen and attack the others. When you do find the right enemy for you allies, this fight will become a breeze as it only takes three hits to take the enemy down. Be careful as you can not use items or magic in this battle.
Lilia Getmann - Your goal is to take out Lilia (@ 1200 HP), who has six Meshimgen (@ 200 HP) guards. Only spend time on the Meshimgen as you head to Lilia and try to hit them with area and multiple target attacks to kill two or three at a time. Since Lilia can reproduce the beasts one at a time, there's no real reason too much waste time on them. Once you get to Lilia, hit her with as many Dual Attacks as you can to make this fight over quick. Be sure to heal up as she can also cast area magic and the Meshigen have a flop attack that does some nasty damage.
Lord of the Black Abyss - I'll be honest, this guy can be downright brutal. Throughout most of the game, elemental attack and defense has been negligible, but with this guy, it's in your benefit to get as much Dark protection as possible. The Lord of the Black Abyss (@ 4500 HP) will have a shield of dark fog around him and spawns off Brain Cells (130 HP). While you need to take out the brains to weaken the shield, but if you kill too many, he'll retaliate with a blast attack that does a ton of damage, potentially killing weak members. Plus, the small brains can be annoying with their constant attacks, so you'll need to decide whether to weather their attacks or try to waste them, forcing him to start over with a new dark shield. He also has a vampiric attack that will hit anyone close and refill his health. Your best bet is just to keep wailing on him with Dual Attacks and use Rescue Kits, group healing magic and revive fallen allies as soon as possible. If you're not at a high enough level, this fight may prove to be too hard. Even still, it will take a long time to finish.

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- Always try to attack enemies from behind. It causes more damage and reduces their ability to counter or dodge.
- If possible, try to get in attacks on multiple enemies when they're bunched together.
- Most times, spend the first turn waiting to let the enemy come to you. Use this turn to use stat-boosting skills and items.
- Heal up and make sure everyone has enough spirit stones before each battle starts.
- Use Helas and Quorups while in town. Even when they get a little more expensive later on, they're still cheaper than than items or spirit stones needed to do the same thing.
- There are four arenas in the world, two for Darc and two for Kharg. Each arena has different rules and three prizes to win. These are great places to gain experience.
- Don't forget to break up boxes during battles. From time to time you can get money, spirit stones and even some useful items.
 Spirit Dictionaries
The locations of the Spirit Dictionaries are:
Volume 1 - Yewbell, when you bring back Span's pot.
Volume 2 - Cathena, Assembly Hall after speaking with Savina.
Volume 3 - Sulfas, Main Plant in the hangar after liberating Sulfas.
Volume 4 - The Mountain Stronghold, near the wireless radio once you enter the building.
Volume 5 - Milmarna, Fortune Hall on top of one of the barrels.
 Ancient Tablets
The locations of the Ancient Tablet Parts are:
Ancient Tablet 1 - Geedo's house after her death.
Ancient Tablet 2 - Drakyrnia, on the ground outside.
Ancient Tablet 3 - Dragon Bone Valley, outside the cave before the Dragon Ordeal.
Ancient Tablet 4 - Inside the Coleopt Shrine, after fighting Bebedora.
Ancient Tablet 5 - Rueloon, in the alleyway above the item shop.
Ancient Tablet 6 - The Pyramid.
Ancient Tablet 7 - Chaos Forest, near the left exit just after you take control of Bebedora.