Ephemeral Fantasia is the story of Mouse, a bard-by-day/thief-by-night invited to the island of Pandule by Xelpherpolis to perform at the wedding of Xelpherpolis and Loreille. Once there, Mouse and his talking guitar Pattimo slowly discover that things are not what they seem.

The bulk of Ephemeral Fantasia is spent gaining new allies, new map pieces and working your exploration around preset events that occur during the five day period. In this online guide, we'll try to give you the tools to schedule your activities to get the most out of this game. Don't expect to be led through by hand. This guide is just a reference to help you through.

For more information of the story and characters, visit Konami's Ephemeral Fantasia site.

Note - All references to map numbers are based on the world map.

Thanks goes to the following contributors for providing information:
Konami - For making such an enjoyable game.
Brad Flikeid - Kyte's fish weapons/Character recruitment
James Iben - Helping out with a number of map locations.
Dan Clark - For providing the monster stats.
Kurt Landrus - For providing monster stats, the monster chart order, character skills and magic.
Rurik Hazell - For finalizing and making a number of corrections for character skills and magic.
GameFAQs - The gamers on the Ephemeral Fantasia board for providing suggestions and info.
Note: Other contributors are noted in the sections they provided information for.

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Gameshark Codes

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Quest for 12 Flowers

Kyte's Dungeon

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