This walkthrough is intended to show you where to go next and how to solve the puzzles. From time to time, you will get chances to take photos of ghosts who only appear for a few moments. We leave these chance events to your own discovery. All directions are based on the cardinal directions set on the map. Also, this walkthrough will only mention encounters with ghosts that have an impact on moving further through the game, be it stationary or aggressive spirits.

Intro - Himuro
Once in the entrance area, head to the west door into the Rope Hallway. Take the northeast door into the Fireplace. Head up the stairs and grab the item on the other side. A ghost will attack. After the fight, head along the balcony until you see a ghost walk underneath you. Now head back to the Rope Hallway.

First Night - The Strangling Ritual - Pick up the Herbal Medicine and head into the Rope Hallway. Once you get the camera, go into the Fireplace and pick up the Herbal Medicine and the film in the back room. Go up on the balcony and take it to the end. Now head back to the first floor Fireplace and go to the folding screen next to the stairs. Take a photo and then remove the folding screen. Open the door and go into the Lamp Hallway. Take the first door on the west to the Library. Go the back and pick up the Type-37 film and then open the closet door in the northeast corner. Pick up the tape recorder and head to the now open western door. Once in the Kimono Room, head to the back window. After a ghost battle, take the white tape and move to the mirror stand, where you need to take a photo. Head back to the Fireplace to find the mirror where the photo shows you to look. Return to the Kimono Room with the mirror and place it in the stand to receive the Brass Key.
- BOSS - When this fight starts, move to the open area to allow free movement. This ghost likes to teleport, so stay near the center of the room and take a couple shots before he gets to close. Then move and take a few more. He should fall fairly easily.
Return to the second floor Fireplace and use the Brass Key on the Padlock. Enter the Tatami Room. Enter the east door to save and get a few items, and then go to the west door to the Walkway, where you need to continue west down the steps. After you fight the ghost, enter the south door to the Grand Hall to get some items. As you leave, fight another spirit and head to the Burial Room (north door in the Walkway). You will find a scroll that will give you a clue on how to open the locked door in the hall. If you wish, you can enter the north door to the Rubble Room to save. Go back to the western door and enter 1312 on the combination lock. (The symbols represent 0-9, counterclockwise, starting with 0 in the 12 o'clock position). Enter the storehouse and shoot a photo of the spirit behind the ladder to "unlock" the talisman in the Burial Room. Before you head there, go up the ladder and make sure to pick up the Type-74 film. Back at the Burial Room, go through the now unlocked door to the Cherry Atrium. Take Spirit Photos of both sealed doors and head to the north door to the Abyss. Shoot a Spirit Photo of the watermill to break the first talisman and head back to the south door in the Cherry Atrium. Take a Spirit Photo of the dolls to break the second sealed door and fight the ghost to exit. Head to the east door and grab the lighter. Use it on the Lamp in the Abyss and grab the Black Carving. Head back to the Stairway, and grab all of the items from the top floor before heading to the north door.
- BOSS - This spirit moves fast, so you'll need to take a few shots, and then move to another area before he catches you. Don't go into camera mode until you're sure you see where he's going to appear.
Once the ghost is dispatched, go to the door and solve the puzzle the same way you did the last one, except the number is now 3669. Enter the backyard and deal with the ghost. Be sure to save before moving on to the north door to the Forest Path. Solve the door puzzle by moving the pieces to their matching symbols. When the four pieces are matched up, the 5th piece will be placed automatically. Enter the Narakumishrine and go to the Buddha shrine. When the signal that a spirit is there, look up and take a photo of the Crucified Man.
- BOSS - This spirit is really fast and likes to fade in and out, often moving behind you as you try to locate him. Switch to a stronger film and try to get outside. Snap off a few shots only when he becomes visible and be sure to move your position on occasion. When he becomes stationary, shoot as many shots as you can before he starts to fly around again. From time to time, everything with go black. To avoid taking damage during this period, take notice of the strength of the light of the filament and try to move away from the ghost's presence.
Return to the Narakumishrine and shoot a Spirit Photo of the Buddha dolls. Go back out and look at the east post of the Shinto Gate. When you have the Buddha doll go back in and place it. Take a shot of the puzzle and then move the pieces as such: NW corner - Left Hand, N - Head, NE - Right Hand, SW - Left Foot, SE - Right Foot. After the cutscene, let the ghost catch you.

Second Night - Demon Tag - You start the night in the Doll Room. Grab the items and take the Spirit Photo. From this point, head out and into the Burial Room to grab the scroll. Step into the Rubble Room and take another Spirit Photo of the locked door in the back. Now, go to the Stairway Room on the other side of the Cherry Atrium. Follow the boy spirit and take a Spirit Photo of the sealed north door. Now head back to the stairs and take a Spirit Photo to break the talisman. Go back to the north door and enter the Fish Tank Room. Cross over to the locked door, which has a new combination: 2611. Go to the well and defeat the ghost. Grab the Blue Carving and return to the Abyss. Cross the bridge and grab the Purple Carving. Head back to the Rubble Room and solve the door puzzle. Enter the Corridor and solve the puzzle at the end to enter the Demon Mouth. Using the ladders, go to the bottom and approach the door. After the spirit shows, speak to it and then take a Spirit Photo. As you head out, you must defeat another ghost. Once beaten, the ghost will give you matches and a clue. Head back to the Burial Room and go to the candles. Light the candles in the following order (from left to right): 4-5-4-2. Take the scroll to the Doll Room and place it on the wall when you took the original photo. Pass through to the Kimono Room and head onto the Fireplace Room.
- BOSS - After a cutscene, you'll need to be fleet on your feet. The child ghost moves fast and likes to teleport. Run to one side of the room and make sure you see the ghost before going into camera mode. If you're lucky, he'll try to run towards you along the ground, which will give you a chance for three or four shots. Once you lose sight of him, move around, even to the other side of the room. Don't try to go into camera mode until you have a good idea where he's at.
Defeating him will give you the mirror piece back. Go up the stairs and take a Spirit Photo of the sealed door. Now, go to the Rope Hallway and take a Spirit Photo of the ceiling to break the talisman. Now, head up to the Tatami Room and go to the backroom in the northeast corner. Take a Spirit Photo of the safe. Now head to the Walkway and take a Spirit Photo of the south door. Go down the west steps and take a Spirit Photo of the opening between the two rooms to break the talisman. Enter the Koto Room and grab the Bronze Key. Head back to the safe in the Tatami Room and use the Bronze Key on it. Now, go to the north door and step out onto the balcony. After a cutscene, head down to the Cherry Atrium and go for the items on the ground.
- BOSS - This spirit moves fast and like to teleport. She even likes to come down on you from above. Your best bet is to keep moving and only take shots when you can see her. If you're lucky, she'll stall for a moment and you can get a few shots in. Just keep moving and stay out in the open.
Once the fight is over, pick up the items you came out for and go to the Doll Room. Take a Spirit Photo of the dolls and go to the table across from the to locate the missing doll. You need to pick up one doll and then grab the only one facing you on the second round. Place it where the other dolls are to get the Angry Mask. Now, head to the Entrance and place the mask on the east wall. Once through the hidden door, grab the mask off the wall. Now take a Spirit Photo of the mask in the north hall and grab the Joyful Mask. Head to the east door and grab the Sad Mask once you're through to the Mask Room. Head up to the center platform and look at the Happy Mask. Dispatch the ghost and grab the mask. Use it on the north door into the Square Garden. Take a Spirit Photo of the north door and then look at the stone monument in the center of the room to get a Gold Carving. Go back to the north door and solve the puzzle to unlock it. Enter the Buddha Room and pick up the Reflecting Mask.
- BOSS - The Folklorist can be a pain. Luckily, he stays within the confines of the room, so you only need to move to one of the corners and try to locate him before taking a few shots. He moves exceptionally fast and likes to teleport often. At some point, he will use magic to draw you towards him for a cheap attack.
Head back to the Mask Room and place all of the masks into the center area. Now, go to the unlocked door and enter the Blinding Room, where you pick up the Blinding Mask. Take it with you to the Demon Mouth. When you enter you will be attacked by another Folklorist. Get past him and head down to the bottom level. Look at where the mask needs to be placed and a Blind Woman will attack. Defeat her and place the Blinding Mask in it's slot. Enter the now open door to the Banned Path. Once the ghost attacks, let it come for you to end the night.

Third Night - Calamity - You start the night in the Demon Mouth. Open the door to the Banned Path and make your way to the end, avoiding the ghosts along the way. Since you'll be attacked by a group of ghosts, you might want to just dodge them rather than fighting it out. After the cutscene, grab the scroll and head back to the Demon Mouth. Leave and defeat the floating face to get out of the sealed door at the other end of the Corridor. Once in the Rubble Room, take a Spirit Photo of the south door. Turn around and take a Spirit Photo of the rubble pile. Now, go back to the Buddha Room, cutting through the Cherry Atrium. Pick up the Ceremonial Ropes from the back of the room. Use the rope on the statues in this order: NW, NE, SW, SE. The altar will open. Go to it and pick up the Teal Carving.
- BOSS - This spirit will prove to be the toughest you've faced so far. He moves quickly and has a long reach with his attack. When you focus on him with the camera, he'll teleport around A LOT. You're only going to get one or two shots before he's on you, so make the best of your shots and keep moving. If you have the "Paralyze" ability for the camera, make sure to use it, as it will allow you a few cheap shots before he can move again.
Once through, head back to the Cherry Atrium. Go to the locked door and solve the puzzle. Enter the Moon Shrine, open the cabinet and take Spirit Photos of all four sides of the cabinet. Now go to each of the four areas (Monument in Cherry Atrium, Monument is The Abyss, Monument in The Backyard and the Monument in The Square Garden) shown in the pictures and defeat the ghosts. Each of the ghosts will use tactics used by previous bosses. When you beat the ghosts, you need to pick up a book that they've dropped and move on. On your way to The Backyard, you will need to defeat a ghost in the Fish Tank Room and then unlock the door by inputting the combination: 1347. Once all four ghosts are defeated, go back to the Moon Shrine and press the following buttons on each panel - South 1, West 4, North 3, East 2. Now, take a Spirit Photo of the southern panel to reveal a blood trail. Follow the trail to the Grand Hall.
- BOSS - This spirit is similar to the one you fought in the Buddha Room, except that he seems to have a lot more health. Try to use the same tactics as before and keep moving to keep out of his reach. When you see him rear back for an attack, move out of the way.
Take the Master Seal and take it to the cabinet in the Moon Shrine. Once in the Moon Well, take the Holy Mirror Piece.

Final Night - Kirie - You will start in the Koto Room. Pick up the Koto Sheet Music and return to the Koto. Once the door is open, take the steps up to the Attic. Look at the light shining through the hole in the floor and defeat the spirit that attacks (Floating Head). Move on and look through the second hole, this one in the wall. Now move on into the rafters of the Buddha Room. Be sure to pick up the Type-90 film and exit through the northeastern door to the Dungeon. Enter the cage and pick up the Holy Mirror Piece and Kirie's Hairpin. Now, exit the cage and follow Kirie. When the ghost appears, haul butt and get to the Cherry Atrium. Once there, enter the Moon Shrine and go down into the Moon Well. Place Kirie's Hairpin into the opening in the pedestal. Be sure to save before moving on. Enter the Hell Bridge and defeat the two spirits. Enter the next door to the Rope Chamber, where you'll need to defeat a spirit that stays low to the ground. Take the south door to the Baptism Path, where you'll have to defeat a similar spirit to open the next door. Enter the Hell Gate and go to the side of the stone that faces the gate.
- FINAL BOSS - Make sure to steer clear of this one. She can kill you instantly. Equip the Type-90 film and move back to the bridge so you can keep some distance between yourself and her. Let your camera max out it's charge and get a clean shot before she teleports again. Keep backing away as your build your charge. After the cutscene, run and grab the Holy Mirror Piece, and then take the complete Holy Mirror to the face of the rock that started this fight. Enjoy the ending.

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When you enter a room with a save point, go over and use it to reload your stock of Type-14 film back to 30 exposures.

Try to use the Type-14 film to shoot shots of stationary ghosts or clues. Try to save the stronger film on aggressive spirits.

Spirit Photos - When the blue light comes up in the filament, go into camera mode and look around. When the Capture Circle lights up, take a shot. Either a clue or hidden ghost will show up in the photo.

Ghost battles involve trying to decide when to hold a shot until more mystic energy has built up for more damage, and when to move for a better shot. Also, the closer of a shot you get on ghosts, the better points you'll get from the photo.

Some ghosts don't appear until you return to rooms after certain events.

Make sure the ghost is inside the Capture Circle (it will glow) when you shoot so that the shot will cause damage.

If you time it just right, you can hit the X button as the ghosts attack you and dodge for little to no damage.