Final Fantasy 7 - Easy Living Through Materia

Have you ever been in the middle of a fight and found yourself hungry or needing to use the bathroom. Use this following Materia combo to ensure that you can leave the game running while you take care of business. Come back when your done and the fight will be over.

To get this rolling, you'll need a weapon and an a armor with 8 linked slots. As an accessory, you might want to equip a Tetra Elemental so you can absorb most elemental damage. You might try the following:
Cloud - Enhance Sword
Barrett - Solid Bazooka
Cait Sith - Gold MegaPhone
Vincent - Long Barrell R

Set up you Materia this way: (White highlighted need to be linked together)

Magic Counter - linked Any Magic - linked HP Absorb - linked Any Magic - linked MP Absorb - linked Any Magic - linked Added Effect - linked Hades Summon - linked
Final Attack - linked Revive - linked HP Plus Cover Counterattack HP Plus
See Options
Option 1:
Sneak Attack - linked Any Magic - linked
Option 2:
Command Counter - linked Steal - linked


Blue 1 - Magic Counter
Blue 2 - HP Absorb
Blue 3 - MP Absorb
Blue 4 - Added Effect
Blue 5 - Command Counter
Green 1 - Magic of your choosing (Fire/Bolt/Ice)
Green 2 - Revive (At Life 2 if possible)
Purple 1 - HP Plus
Purple 2 - Counter Attack
Purple 3 - Cover (Mastered)
Yellow 1 - Final Attack
Yellow 2 - Sneak Attack
Yellow 3 - Steal

The purpose of this combo is for one person to take all of the hits and return the favor in kind. The mastered cover materia will ensure that this one person will get hit, at which point, they'll counter with the highest magic attached to the Magic Counter (Bolt 3, Fire 3, etc.). Make sure that all of your green materia (Green 1) is the same level or parts of the combo have problem working. When you counter with magic, the HP Absorb and MP Absorb will give you back some of both. Adding the 2 HP Plus Materias will ensure that this person has enough HP to last for a while. Due to the Hades - Added Effect link when your person takes a physical hit, they will counter with a hit that can leave the enemy paralysed, frozen, poisoned, asleep, etc. It'll be like hitting them with a Marbol. And, if you run out of HP, the Final Attack - Revive will bring you right back. Along with these are two options that you might consider, depending on how you like to fight.

Option 1: Sneak Attack - Green Magic 1
Want to get the battle started without even having to take a hit. Use this and get your HP and MP charge-up started before the enemy gets a shot in.

Option 2: Command Counter - Steal
Use this if you want to steal as well when you counter

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Materia is the main source of magic in FF7. It's also the main source of combos and customization.