Final Fantasy 8

How to get an awesome hand by the time you leave the Garden for Timber

1. Defeat Ifrit to receive the Ifrit card.

2. On the way back through the Fire Cave, use the Card ability to convert at least three Bombs into cards. These are the best creatures around to turn into cards at this point.

3. Go challenge the Trepie in the Cafeteria (The man at the back of the table) and play him until he coughs up Quistis. Of the three Trepies, he's the easiest to beat and they all carry Quistis' card.

Now, your hand should consist of Ifrit, three Bombs and Quistis. As if I had to tell you, when you win a new card, replace one of the Bombs with it.

4. Once you're through with the Dollet Mission and back in Balamb, go challenge Zell's mother while Zell is in your party. It should be a matter of time before she loses his (Zell's) card.

Afterwards, you'll go through the graduation. Once you meet with Cid out in front of the Garden, talk with him about your next mission until he gives you the Magic Lamp. Inside is Diabolos, but don't worry with that, yet.

5. Go back inside and find Cid in his office. Challenge him to win the Seifer Card. On the way out, you might want to win the MiniMog card from the kid jogging around the 1st floor. The MiniMog card isn't all that great, but doing this saves you from having to hunt him down later.

Now, your hand should consist of:Ifrit, Quistis, Zell, Seifer, MiniMog (or a Bomb).

6. The final step in this awesome starting hand involves defeating Diabolus right after you leave the Garden. This is actually the best time to beat him, because he is at a low level. Remember that all creatures in this game grow stronger as your party does.What you'll want to do is just attack him straight out. Have Squall and anyone else who can Draw Demi from him. Cast Demi from your stored spells, not from the Draw option. If you hit Diabolus this way, he'll cast Curaga on whoever hit him thusly. Also, when he casts Gravajia, use everyone's Limit Breaks to wail away on him, finishing up with Selphie's Full-Cure. It should take a little time, but he'll fall, giving you the last piece of your new and improved hand: the Diabolus Card.

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Triple Triad is probably the singlemost enjoyeable minigame yet to be seen in a Final Fantasy game.