Final Fantasy 9 - Hades - Secret Boss and Synth Shop

The best Synth Shop for specialty items is near the end of the game, when you travel through Memoria. The only problem is that you have to find an optional Boss, Hades, to get it. When you defeat him, Hades will "open up" a synth shop offering the following items:

Name Items Req. Gil Info
Robe of Lords White Robe, Black Robe 30,000 Teaches Reflect-Null and Concentrate. Highest defense for magic users: +46 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, +1 Strength, +1 Speed
Tin Armor Hammer, Ore 50,000 Highest overall defense for a knight/lancer: +62 Defense, +32 Evade, +27 Magic Defense, +17 Magic Evade
Protect Ring Dark Matter, Rebirth Ring 40,000 Teaches Mag Elem-Null, Long Reach and Half MP
Pumice Pumice Piece x 2 50,000 Teaches Ark
Garnet Ore, Remedy 350 Teaches Bahamut and Healer
Amethyst Ore, Annoyntment 200 Teaches Atomos and Demi
Peridot Ore, Soft 100 Teaches Ramuh and Thundara
Sapphire Ore, Antidote 200 Teaches Fenrir and High Tide
Opal Ore, Potion 100 Teaches Shiva and Blizzara
Topaz Ore, Eye Drops 100 Teaches Ifrit and Fira
Lapiz Lazuli Ore, Dead Pepper 400 Teaches Ability Up and Accuracy +
Pumice Piece Hammer, Pumice 25,000 Teaches Boost. Absorbs Shadow Damage.
Save the Queen Javelin, Silver Gloves 50,000 Beatrix's Sword - teaches nothing and cannot be equipped by anyone else. Merely a novelty.
Phoenix Pinion Phoenix Down, Gysahl Greens 300 Teaches Phoenix.
Ether Echo Screen, Vaccine 500 One of the few places you can actually purchase Ethers (along with Stilzkin)

You dare wake Hades up?To find Hades, you have to go to the room where Quina thinks s/he is swimming underwater. Go into the alcove behind the coral on the right and face Zidane towards you, as if walking forward. You'll have to repeatedly tap the X button while moving back and forth along the wall until you get a response. You'll get one opportunity to refuse to fight.

In this fight, you'll probably want to stick with magic or special attacks. If so, place everyone in the back row to take some of the brunt off of his devastating Cleave attack. The best skills to have equipped include Clearheaded, Loudmouth, Antidote, Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Potion. Since a number of Hades' attacks have to be charged up with his sword, Auto-Haste is also a good idea. It'll allow you even more turns between attacks. Equip everyone with equipment that will absorb Shadow Damage, like the Ninja Gear, Egoists Armlet or Pumice Pieces.

Level: 92
Type: Demon/Flying
HP: 55,535
MP: 9,999
AP: 30
Experience Gained: 65,535
Stolen Items: Robe of Lords, Battle Boots, Running Shoes, Reflect Ring

Hades likes to charge his sword to cast either Curse or Doomsday. With you Shadow-enhanced equipment, Doomsday shouldn't be much of a problem. Curse, on the other hand, will leave you with every bad status in the book. Equipping as many of the status-canceling abilities will help, but you'll still need to use Remedies or the Mini Spell to cure the Mini Status. Having Quina cast Angel's Snack will do this all in one shot.

Your main goal is to have Zidane stealing at all times. Equip him with Master Thief and Bandit to aid in stealing some great items. If you use Steiner, equip him with the Ragnarok and use Shock, which should cause around 8000 - 9999 points of damage each turn. Another plan would be to have Vivi and Garnet/Dagger in together. Have Garnet/Dagger cast Reflect on herself and give Vivi the Reflect X 2 ability. Have him cast Flare on Garnet/Dagger and bounce it at Hades for double damage (anywhere between 6000 - 9000).

The whole battle comes down to causing as much damage as possible initially and then recovering from castings of Curse and Doomsday. If you keep either Eiko or Garnet around, this shouldn't be too hard. Just make sure to equip Shadow-proof equipment!

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Hades makes his return to FF
Defeating Hades nets you two things: Bragging Rights and the final Synthesis Shop where you can pick up a number of rare items.