Final Fantasy 9 - Mognet

Where the Mogs Are

One of the side quests in FFIX is the Mognet, where you can deliver messages to the Mogs that you save the game with. Since you can only carry three letters at a time, you might want to off-load some by finding those Mogs along your path. Later in the game, you get Kupo Nuts for delivering specific letters, which you can give to the Mog family hidden in Gizamaluke's Grotto for special items.

Kupo Alexandria, in the church steeple. He'll turn up when Vivi and Puck try to head up with the ladder they stole
Mosh Inside Alexandria Castle, in the Guardhouse. Later, down in the ceremonial room.
Mosco Prima Vista crash site, just before you head into the Evil Forest
Monty Hiding in the tree stump at the spring in Evil Forest before you confront the Plant Brain Boss. Later, at the Pinnacle Rocks where you meet Ramuh.
Mogster and Moggy Qu's Marsh. They give you basic tutorials on the game, nothing more.
Moguo Anywhere on the world map. Just don't expect any mail from him.
Mois Ice Cavern. Mois'll be frozen in a block of ice and you'll have to have Vivi melt it free. On disc four, Mois will be at the entrance to Fossil Roo in Qu's Marsh (since you can't get to the Ice Cavern then).
Gumo At the inn in the Village of Dali
Kumop In the underground tunnels below Dali
Mogki Guest bedroom in Lindblum Castle. Later in Fossil Roo.
Moodon In the upstairs bedroom of Lindblum Inn
Moonte Dragon's Gate, hiding in the front left corner.
Mene Chocobo Forest, Chocobo's Lagoon, Chocobo's Paradise and Chocbo's Air Garden. He's responsible for maintaining the Chocobo Hot or Cold mini-game.
Moguta and Mogmi Inside Gizamaluke's Grotto. You'll help them free Moguta from under the large bell. Come back with Kupo nuts every time you get one to get a free item.
Grimo At South Gate, just before you board the cable car.
Atla In Burmecia, behind the right-hand door in the courtyard under the castle.
Nazna Summit station, in the courtyard
Mogrich In Treno, floating around outside of the weapon shop
Mochos Gargan Roo entrance area
Monev In the trunk of the Cleyra tree
Mopli Cleyra, inside the inn, and then at the entrance of the town, and finally inside the cathedral.
Serino On the Red Rose
Kuppo In Fossil Roo. You have to give the last treasure hunter a potion to dig in the area. Go to the top right and pick at the right wall until the rocks fall down. Kuppo will be right behind.
Mogmatt In the grocery store in Conde Petie
Mogryo Outside of the Chocobo hut in the Black Mage Village
Suzuna On the Mountain Path after you run across Eiko.
Momatos, Morrison, etc. Moogles that live with Eiko in Madain Sari
Madeen Eiko's personal Mog.
Mocchi Iifa Tree
Mimoza Outside of Oeilvert
Mooel Inside Oeilvert before you fight the Ark
Mojito Kuja's Desert Palace - inside the hourglass room
Mogsam Kuja's Desert Palace
Mogrika On the platforms between Esto Gaza and Mount Gulug
Moolan Inside the settlement in Mount Gulug
Mogtaka Mount Gulug
Noggy Daguerreo, next to the Synthesis shop
Kumool Courtyard in Ipsen's Castle
Moorock Trapped in a basket in a storage room in Bran Bal, later in Pandemonium
Mozme In Pandemonium, before the three boss battles
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Mognet is a great little diversion that can get you some extra items for free.