Final Fantasy Tactics - The Math Class

Where the Mogs Are

Most people don't bother to try and cultivate this skill because the character has such a slow AT and low HP, but that's where they're missing out on one of the games best quick-kill tricks. For this to work, you need to have the Calculator to learn all of the basic skills: Prime Number, 3, 4, 5, Height, etc. You can live with one number and one option to calculate by. If you do this, stick with CT and 4 or 5 (Since most characters will have a CT count that's divisible by 4 or 5). If you want to get all the skills, either use the Throw Stone cheat or send the Calculator on a lot of Proposals. Once you've learned all of the skills you want, make the character anything else and use the Math Skill as your secondary ability. Now you can cast any spell that can be calculated for free and cast at that moment. Here are some tips for using this potentially dangerous Job Class:


Always check the area before you cast. Just before you select "Yes" to cast a spell, rotate and move the camera around with the D-Pad to see who is standing on a green highlighted square. Those people will be hit with the spell. If you don't like who's going to be targeted, change the parameters of the spell.


Put Accessories on your characters to counter spells you plan on casting. If you plan on casting Death, equip you characters with Angel Rings, Chantage (female only), Barettas (female only), or Ribbons (female only). If you plan on casting elemental magic, equip your people with armor and accessories to absorb the damage (or use a reflect ring to have it bounce off of them all together).


Use Math Skills to "Raise" your Characters. If a character is out of reach for a Phoenix Down, cast Raise (making sure that person is targeted) to bring them back. If you accidentally Raise an enemy, don't worry. They won't have much life and you can kill them the next turn. Also, most creatures will run and hide if at a critical state. Also, using the Raise magic on a stage full of undead is just as good as casting fire spells on them. The same goes for Cure Spells.


The Holy Knight Trick. You want to kill a lot of people while healing your own people at the same time? You want to get through the Dark Dungeon without much effort? Here's how: Use the Sword Duplication Trick (you know, the one that you can find on any website) to make Excaliburs for everyone in your attack party. You see, the Excalibur gives your character Auto-Haste and the ability to ABSORB HOLY. Make everyone a knight, Holy Knight, Temple Knight, or whatever they can be. Knights are the only class that can carry the Excalibur, so make sure your person with the Math Skill is a knight. Now, once in battle, have the Knight with the Math Skill cast Holy, repeatedly. You'll be doing ridiculous amounts of damage to whole groups of enemies while healing your own people up. I've seen damage from this range from 60 to 400+ and your own people receive as much as 250 HPs.


Great Spells You Can Cast:

Holy (as described above)
Flare (be careful with this one)
Death (as described above)
Any of the Mediator spells (This is the only useful way for this skill class. Imagine hitting a number of monsters for heavy damage and then casting Invitation the next turn to convert two or three to your team.)


Spells You Can't Cast: This includes a number of high MP spells that take forever to cast as it is. Spells you wouldn't have cast anyway.

Summon Spells
All Level 4 Spells (Fire 4, Ice 4, etc.)

Enjoy and good luck.

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Yeah, they look goofy and are slow as hell, but if you know how to use one, you'll never go into a battle without one.