Final Fantasy X - Boss Guide

Since Final Fantasy X is a fairly straight-foward journey, this guide is to give casual gamers an idea of what to expect from the bosses in the game. Warning: This Boss Guide may reveal certain elements that can be considered spoilers. View at your own discretion.

Klikk (HP: 1500) This is an easy fight. Just keep hitting it and healing when necessary. When Tidus is joined by the mystery girl, have her steal and use grenades.


- Rotate in everyone into the battle for at least one action to ensure that they get a share of the AP.
- Try to have as many people in Overdrive before some of the more difficult fights.
- Use Trigger Commands when available. Often they will either lead to helpful tactics or increase certain stats.
- Use Scan or the Sensor ability to determine any elements the boss may be weak to.

Tros (HP: 2200) Spend you first set of round just to attack and steal. When Tros swims around out of reach, choose standby in the Trigger Menu until the Pincer Move option comes up. Then attack him from both sides until he dies. Have Rikku use grenades for better damage.

Sin and Sinscales (HP: 2000/200) Kill off only two of the Sinscales and leave the third one alone. Killing all three will cause more to turn up. Have Wakka and Lulu attack Sin from a distance.

Sinspawn Echuilles (HP: 2000) You only have Wakka and Tidus, so cast Haste and Cheer on your team. Use Wakka's Dark Attack and just attack and heal as needed. Sinspawn Echuilles usually will use it's Drain Touch twice and then attack with the more powerful Blender attack. Make sure to try and heal up after each Blender attack as needed.

Lord Ochu (HP: 4649) Make sure that either Yuna or Valefor have their Overdrive gauge maxed out before this fight. Have Valefor use it's Overdrive and then have Lulu cast fire while the others attack. When Ochu poisons a character, either switch them out or have Yuna cast Esuna. Once he drops enough hit points, Lord Ochu will fall asleep to regain hit points. Hit him with a physical attack to waken him. He should fall fairly easily.

Sinspawn Geneaux, Tentacles (HP: 3000; 450) Have Tidus or Kimahri take out the tentacles before actually attacking the main body. With the tentacles gone, Lulu can cast fire magic on the main body. Piercing weapons inflict more damage, so Wakka may not be of much use, except to use Silence Attack. Keep everyone healed up and keep attacking.

Oblitzerator (HP: 6000) Have Tidus look at the crane until he asks Lulu to use Thunder to power it up. Have Lulu hit it a few times. Tidus should them be able to turn it on. Using Haste on Lulu will help speed this up. The crane will rip a huge chunk of the Boss' health off. Now, have everyone attack the boss, but be wary of any status-causing attacks.

Chocobo Eater (HP: 10,000) On occasion in this fight, the Chocobo Eater will try and knock you back towards the cliff. You, on the other hand, need to knock him on his back and push him back to the opposite cliff. Save your Overdrives (especially your Aeon's Overdrives) for when the Chocobo Eater is on his back. Use Auron's Power Break and Wakka's Dark Attack to limit the Chocobo Eater's attacking ability.

Sinspawn Gui (HP: 12,000; 6000) First thing off, kill the head to keep Sinspawn GUI from using it's Venom Attack. You'll need to have distance attackers (Lulu and Wakka) for this. Once the head is dead, have Lulu use her most damaging magic spells to kill the arms (which will regenerate over time). If you don't remove the arms, they will block any direct attacks to the body. Once the arms are gone, bring in your heavy hitters and feel free to use Overdrives. On the second version of this boss, do the same strategy: waste the head first, then the arms, then the body.

Extractor (HP: 4000) If you have weapons with Lightningstrike, equip them. Have Tidus caste haste on Wakka and himself. Use healing items as needed and just keep attacking.

Spherimorph (HP: 11,000) Before this fight, make sure no one has a weapon with an elemental property. Physical attacks will be weak and the Spherimorph will counter with a spell. Have Lulu cast a magic of the opposite element. The Spherimorph will then change it's element and you must start the process over again.

Crawler, Negator (HP: 16,000; 1000) Have Wakka take out the Negator so that you can use magic again. While the Negator is still in play, have Auron and Tidus beat on the Crawler. When magic is available, feel free to use Lulu's Thunder spells and Yuna's Ixion. The Crawler will countdown to a damaging Mana Beam attack. Try to have an aeon out and use it's Shield ability to reduce the damage.

Seymour, Guards, Anima (HP: 6000/2000; 18,000; 6000) In the first part of the fight, steal the potions from the guards to disable the auto-potion ability they have. Then, finish them off quickly. Once Anima comes out, have Yuna summon her new Aeon. Use the Blizzara spell to keep the new Aeon healed while the Overdrive gauge fills. After two Overdrives, Anima should be defeated. Dismiss the Aeon before Seymour destroys them and try not to use them unless you can use their Overdrive immediately. Have Lulu use Bio on Seymour and make sure to have Yuna keep everyone's health high. Seymour will cast multiple spells in one turn, so any one of your allies could drop. Auron's Magic Break and Tidus' Haste helps immensely.

Wendigo, 2 Guado Guards (HP: 18,000, 1200) Take out the Guado's first, as they can be the most annoying part of the battle. As they die, the Guado's caste Berserk and protective spells on the Wendigo. Use Auron's Threaten, Wakka's Sleep Attack and Lulu's Fire spells. If the Wendigo awakens, use Auron's Power Break.

Evrae (HP: 32,000) To start off, cast Slow on Evrae and Haste on Tidus and Rikku (who will have the Trigger Commands to tell Cid to move the ship back and forth). If Cid's turn comes after either Tidus or Rikku but before the boss' turn, have either character use their Trigger Command to have the ship move out, so that Cid will launch a missile volley at the creature. From a distance, let Wakka and Lulu cast attacks and try to keep the boss at a distance so that Cid can keep attacking with the ship's missiles. Once Cid is out of missiles, have him move the ship in close and bring in your heavy hitters. Evrae will cast Haste on itself and then use Poison Breath. Make full use of Al Behd Potions to heal the whole team. Also, Auron's Magic Break will help make Lulu's attacks more damaging.

Isaaru, Grothia, Pterya, Spathi (HP: 8000; 12,000; 20,000) This battle is an Aeons vs Aeons battle. It will help you to have you Aeons near or at Overdrive before this fight. You'll first come up against Grothia, Issaru's Ifrit-type Aeon. Use either Shiva or Bahamut to take him out with little trouble. Next is Pterya, Issaru's Valefor-type Aeon. Bring in an Aeon that can heal itself with magic, like Ifrit or Ixion. Make sure to use shield when Pterya gets near Overdrive. Finally, Issaru brings out Spathi, a Bahamut-type. Use either Shiva or Ixion, mostly because they can heal themselves with elemental magic. When Spathi goes into his countdown, make sure to use Shield when he reaches 0.

Evrae Altana (HP: 16,384) Well, you could do one of three things: 1) Use Trigger Commands to attack the locks on the gates and run away multiple times. 2) You could fight it out, using a lot of Softs to cure Evrae Altana's petrifying attacks. 3) Use a couple Phoenix Downs to easily kill him. He is undead.

Seymour Natus, Mortibody (HP: 36,000; 3000) If you use Aeons in this fight, make sure they have their Overdrives, because they will die on the next turn. Don't bother to attack Seymour directly, as he will counter will harsh magic (including Flare and petrification). Instead, attack Moritbody, who will drain Seymour to reheal itself when it runs out of life. Caste Reflect on Seymour to keep Mortibody from healing him with Cure spells. This will be a long battle which will require you to keep everyone healed while you slowly whittle away at Seymour's life through Mortibody.

Defender X (HP: 64,000) Use Hastega on your party and have Auron use Power Break and Armor Break on Defender X. This boss will cause a lot of damage, so keep people well healed. Keep wearing away on him, not bothering with spells like Bio or Demi. The -ga series of spells do seem to do some decent damage.

Biran Ronso, Yenke Ronso (HP: varied, but comparable to Kimahri's) Do not attack them while they are together, since one will always block for the other. Make sure to use Lancet on both to pick up any skills you might have missed (like Mighty Guard or Doom). When the two are apart, feel free to attack either one. It's probably in your best interest to whittle both down evenly, because when one falls, the other will go berserk and cause double damage.

Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis (HP: 70,000; 4000) Immediately caste Hastega on all and Protect on weaker characters. Seymour will use Cross Cleave to do around 2500 points of damage and Lance of Atrophy to cause Zombie. Make sure to use a Holy Water to remove the Zombie status before Seymour can caste curative magic on them. Silence Attack and Bio are useful against this boss. In fact, Bio usually does more damage than just attacking Mortiorchis (as in the last fight) does. Mortiorchis has a massive attack called Total Annihilation, which he will charge up late in the battle. Heal up before and after the attack. Once the attack is launched, unload you Aeon's Overdrives on the bosses.

Sanctuary Keeper (HP: 40,000) At the start of the fight, caste Hastega and have Auron use Armor Break and Magic Break. Cast reflect on the boss to keep it from healing itself and then bring in your summons in Overdrive. They'll usually only get one attack before they get wasted. The Sanctuary Keeper's pattern is often one Photon Wings (status attack - sleep, silence, darkness and confusion), two regular attacks, Mana Breath (a heavy blast attack) and two heal spells. It also counters with a tail attack. Keep your people healthy and use Al Behd potions to heal a number of the status effects. It helps to have status-proof armor.

Spectral Keeper (HP: 52,000) In this fight, you're going to have six floating platforms to move your characters around. Cast Hastega first thing and move two people behind the boss, leaving someone with good defense to take the counterattack. When the Spectral Keeper takes a hit, he'll counter attack in front of him. The boss likes to hit with an attack that causes berserk, so be prepared to use Esuna often. The boss will also plant Glyph Mines on the platforms. It is in your best interest to move your characters before the mines have their turn come up, as they cause instant death. If you summon aeons, make sure they get in their Overdrive attack.

Yunalesca (First form - HP: 24,000; second form - 48,000; third form - 60,000) You might wish to equip armor that protects against Darkness, Silence, Sleep, Death and Zombie. The first form is fairly straightforward, so don't waste Overdrives on her. She'll counter every attack with a status causing spell. In her second form, she uses and All-attack called Hellbiter, which causes the Zombie status. Either rotate those characters out or use Holy Water on them before she casts cure spells at them. You might want to keep at least one or two of your active characters in the zombie state, but make sure to Dispel any Regen spells cast on them. When an ally is low on hit points, cure them of the Zombie status and heal them before the next Hellbiter attack. When the third form turns up, lay into her with all of your Overdrives. Often, she'll cast Death-All, which will kill anyone who isn't in the Zombie state. If you bring in Aeons, make sure that they use their Overdrive, or else they won't get the chance before they get the Curse effect. This will be a long fight, but it can be won with patience.

Sin (Left Fin, Right Fin - 65,000; Sin - 36,000; Sinspawn Genais - 20,000; Sin (second form) - 140,000) The first two fights involve fighting both fins of the beast. Both Tidus and Rikku have Trigger Commands to move the Air Ship in close to Sin. When the Air Ship is in close, Sin can slam into it causing damage to all of your fighters, so you'll need to time it so that you can move it, use Armor Break, attack and then try to move out before Sin's next move. Sin won't attack when the ship is far away. When away, have Lulu Doublecast Flare or Ultima and have Yuna cast Holy. Both Fins should fall with very little trouble.

When you go against Sin and the Sinspawn, focus on taking out the Sinspawn first, as it will absorb any magic attacks on Sin. Use Silent Attack or Silence Buster to keep the Sinspawn from cast cure spells. When the Sinspawn falls, use Armor Break on Sin and start wailing away. Doublecasting Flare or Ultima will help this fight move fast.

The final version of Sin is going to require a lot of speed and damage. Equip armor that prevents zombie, confusion and petrification. You'll notice that Sin has an Overdrive gauge. You're going to want to kill Sin before the Overdrive Gauge fills. If it does, Sin's Giga-Graviton attack will basically kill your team. Cast Hastega and start out with Lulu Doublecast Flare or Ultima and have Yuna cast Holy. Also have Wakka attack until Sin draws the team in close enough as to allow your heavy-hitters in. Once this happens, try to use up everyone's Overdrives to finish the monster off. If Sin gets close to Overdrive, bring in your strongest Aeons in hopes of finishing it off.

Seymour Omnis (80,000) The four wheels behind Seymour are the elements of the four consecutive spells he will cast at one time. It may do you best to equip element absorbing armors. Use Armor Break and Mental Break to make it easier to hurt him. If you don't like the elements facing in on Seymour, have Wakka attack one of the elemental wheels. Also, cast a couple of the Nul spells to counter some of his spells. Use your strongest attacks to take him out.

Final Boss (First form - 60,000; second form - 120,000) While the Yu Pagodas do heal the boss for 1500 at a shot, it's not worth the time to attack them directly. Instead, Doublecast Ultima (all attack) a couple times to disable them for a time. Just attack the boss with the same attacks you've been using. The first form won't cause extreme damage, so just keep attacking. When the boss' Overdrive gauge fills, bring in Tidus and have him Talk to the boss to reduce the gauge. Once the second form comes out, bring in your Aeons to hit with their Overdrives. The second form will cause a lot more damage, especially with an All-attack and occasionally with it's own Overdrive. Protect and Auto-Life will help.

After the boss dies, you'll have to fight your own Aeons, one at a time. They won't have much in the way of hit points, so taking most of them out will not be a problem. Only the stronger ones, like Anima or The Magus Sisters may prove to be a challenge. After finishing off the Aeons, you have one last boss. Since your characters all have re-raise on them, all you have to do is wear the final boss. Use Zombie Attack to keep the boss from healing itself for 9999 every turn. Doublecast Ultima a couple times to disable the Pagodas and just keep attacking the final boss.


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