Front Mission 3 - The Wanzer Guide

I've listed the skills for each body part and put a rating of how useful I think each skill is. The next item is what the skill does. After that is my own comments on the usefulness of the skill.

Also, due to the number of wanzer's in the game, this is a two part strategy. Click here for page 2.

Drake M2C
Excellent for missles - weak on everything else
Body Chaff 4/5 Diverts attacking missile Since a number of your enemies use missiles, this is an extremely useful skill
Arms Pilot Damage 1 3/5 Damage to enemy pilot Decent skill for eliminating enemy pilots. Once you can get Pilot Damage 2 or 3, go ahead and do so.
Legs Experience X2 2/5 Doubles experience There are better skills out there, like Exp X4.
Enyo MK109
Decent wanzer to start out with. You'll upgrade before too long.
Body Auto 1 2/5 Counters while stunned This skill will save you on the few times your person is stunned. But, it still won't save you from the attack.
Arms Leg Smash 3/5 Destroys enemies legs Great for immobilizing the enemy. Problem is, though, it still lets them attack. Only really works real well on melee opponents.
Legs Prevent Loss 2/5 Saves lost part The major problem with this skill is that it leaves the part with only 1 hit point, which really doesn't save the part for long.
Foura M12A
Decent with burst weapons - Can't take too much of a beating
Body Pilot Eject 3/5 Ejects pilot upon destruction of machine This skill can work for you if you use a lot of attacks that kill or eject enemy pilots from their wanzers. If not, it's basically wasted.
Arms Arm Smash 4/5 Destroys enemy's arm This is a coin-toss. Either, you waste the wrong arm, or you take your opponent out of the fight.
Legs Escape 3/5 Escapes destroying attack to part Much like Prevent Loss, it usually will only save the part for one turn.
Excellent for missles - weak on everything else
Body Def-C +1 1/5 Defensive Upgrade +1 There are better skills to have. If you have a person who has no other skills, then, by all means, use it.
Arms Pilot Damage 3 5/5 Damage to enemy pilot If you can combo this twice, you'll almost assuredly kill the enemy pilot.
Legs Auto Counter 2/5 Counters when part destroyed Counters with a regular attack and you still lose the part.
Always equip with a gun - Great for mid-game
Body Revenge 3 4/5 Returns 2x damage Consider this a power-up to your counterattack. A big power-up.
Arms Firing Squad 3/5 3 on 1 gun attack Hard to pull off, but Firing Squad is excellent. It allows two allies to join you in firing on an enemy.
Legs Enemy Skill -2 1/5 Enemy Skill -2 levels Big Whoop. Find something else to use. Please
Grapple M1
Melee Wanzer! Excellent until late of game because of lower HP
Body Melee 3 4/5 Doubles melee skill Essential for any melee wanzer. Does major damage.
Arms Double Punch 4/5 Combo w/both melee Dual melee attack will basically wipe out most weaker enemies. Drawback is that your wanzer will have no distance attacks/counters.
Legs Skill +2 3/5 Skill up 2 levels One of the best Upgrade skills. Can add a little extra damage to any regular attack.
Average wanzer - you'll upgrade to something better when you can
Body Zoom 3 3/5 Accuracy X2 Excellent Skill when using rifles.
Arms Aim 1/5 All attacks to one part Kind of counteracts the usefulness of burst weapons.
Legs Hard Knocks 2/5 Skill up when weakened Your Wanzer must be in a dangerously weakened state for this to work.
Hoshun Mk112
The best wanzer, hands down.
Body Revenge-Body 4/5 Destroys body when part destroyed The only drawback to this skill is that you have to lose a part to get it to activate.
Arms Body Smash 5/5 Destroys enemy's body Make your life easy. Give this skill to everyone.
Legs AP-0% 4/5 AP cost is 0 Priceless for anyone who uses missiles or the Laser Rifle.
Jinyo MK110
Average wanzer. The skills make this wanzer good
Body Revenge 1 3/5 Counters 1.2x damage Decent skill. Useful until you can get Revenge 2 or 3.
Arms Rate of Fire Up2 3/5 1.5x ammo Great for wanzers carrying shotguns and machine-guns.
Legs Fast Attack 5/5 Attack w/o enemy counter Possibly one of the best skills in the game. Allows you to attack without a counter. Also, you can counter an enemy's attack using this, thereby robbing them of their attack.
Kasel M2
Strong Melee Wanzer
Body Melee 2 3/5 Melee damage x1.5 Not as good as Melee 3, but will do in place for a melee-type wanzer.
Arms Stun Punch 3/5 Melee attack stuns Not as good as Eject Punch, but will do until you can get it.
Legs AP -30% 1/5 AP cost -30% This skill is only useful for missiles and the laser gun. Other than that, it won't help much.
Kyojun MK107
Average wanzer to start game with
Body Zoom 1 2/5 Raises Acc. x1.2 Only useful for rifles. Pass it up once you can get Zoom 2 or 3.
Arms Rate of Fire Up1 2/5 1.2x ammo Decent for wanzers carrying shotguns and machine-guns.
Legs Brace 1 2/5 Reduce enemy damage A decent skill until you get Brace 2 or 3.
Kyokei Mk108
Decent wanzer. Learn Damage Fix and move on.
Body Melee 1 2/5 Melee damage x1.2 Decent skill until you can get Melee 2 or 3.
Arms Hit or Miss 1/5 Shots all hit or miss Avoid like the plague. This skill will screw you when you least expect it.
Legs Damage Fix 100 3/5 Damage reduced to 100 This skill reduces any attack from 200 to 100. Good for missiles and early melee assaults.
Laiying Type 1
Probably better missler than what you have when you get one.
Body Def-C +2 2/5 Def-C Upgrade 2 levels Sometimes this is useful. Other times, it doesn't seem to help.
Arms Pilot Damage 2 4/5 Damage to enemy pilot Good skill for eliminating pilots.
Legs Skill +3 4/5 Weapon skill up 3 levels Great for wanzer pilots that rely on one type of attack.
Great melee - weak with most other weapons
Body Tackle 3 4/5 Attacks by tackling enemy One of the best skills for melee wanzers.
Arms Shield Attack 2 3/5 Attacks with shield Great amount of damage but forces you to use melee wanzers to activate.
Legs Avoid 40 3/5 Reduces damage to 0 Great against machine gunners early on, but becomes obsolete later in the game.
Lenghe 1
Ultimate melee wanzer - good for high damage
Body Initiative 3 3/5 Player attacks first Put this skill on a melee that can do severe damage to keep the enemy from getting their attack in.
Arms Shield Attack 3 4/5 Attacks with shield Severe amount of damage but forces you to use melee wanzers to activate.
Legs GangBeating 3/5 3 vs 1 melee attack High-damage skill that's hard to pull off. Firing Squad is much better.
Mingtian 1
Good all-around wanzer, even with weaker HP totals.
Body Def-C Max 3/5 Def-C Upgrade Maxed If you're going to have a Def-C upgrade, this is the one.
Arms Random Smash 3/5 Destroys one part The randomness of this skill makes it unreliable. Use it if you don't have Body or Arm Smash.
Legs Blackout 4/5 Disables enemy skills Excellent one-slot skill for later boss battles.

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With a large number of wanzers in the game, you need to know which ones to avoid and which ones to keep around for the long haul.