Gladius: Class Breakdown

In Gladius, players are presented with a number of classes they have to face and even recruit for your own use. Since you have a limited number of slots in your school, you'll have to be wary on who to place in your team, especially early on when each of the slots should be filled wisely. Use this guide to see which classes may be the most effective and useful for you and which ones can prove to be liabilities during the heat of battle.

Ursula (Hero)
As a main character, Ursula is a wonderful character to use and will probably be one of your best fighters. Her Empower Self ability is a good way to start every battle and with decent armor and a shield, she can prove to be your strongest fighter, outlasting even the worst odds. Always be sure to give her the best equipment when ever possible. She has the ability to restore broken shields and a Kick ability which does decent damage without a power bar to fool with. Once you get Spell Blast, be sure to use it in large crowds of enemies. She also has one skill that can act as a mild healing spell.

Urlan (Barbarian)
Urlan has all the abilities, pluses and flaws of the Barbarian class. Give him a powerful weapon and Urlan can do serious levels of damage with Combo Attacks, Break Defense and the Overhead Cleave skills. He also has the ability to turn into animal form, which is a benefit when he's low on hit points. Urlan's biggest flaw is his weak defense, especially against heavy classes. Make sure he learns Riposte as this counterattack goes into effect when an enemy misses their attack on him.

Valens (Hero)
Valens likewise has the Empower Self ability and I would suggest you use it at the start of every fight. He has decent defense and attack, but can find himself at the mercy of heavy classes, especially when multiple enemies surround him. When he gets low on hit points, Munio's Spirit will kick in to give him better defense and better ability to dodge attacks. With the right equipment, he can evade a lot of attacks.

Ludo (Legionnaire)
Ludo is much like the Legionnaire class, except that he's actually useful as he comes with decent defense and can serve to be great in combat. He comes with special skills like Upper Hand, Upward Slash, Toughness, and People's Champion that set him apart from the class he's in.

Eiji (Archer)
Eiji comes across as a mix between Archers and Amazons, but can be useful because of her ability to make ranged attacks. Weak on defense and with little in the way of armor, you'll need to keep her on the move to keep her in most battles. Luckily, her Move To Attack is a distance attack. She has pretty good speed and can perform the Cover Area attack. Just keep her on the move and try to get her on high ground to make her the most useful.

Gwazi (Secutor)
This lightweight gladiator shows up late in the game but can make a great addition. He's fast and can move quickly. He taunts enemies that miss their attacks, lowering their INI and can even throw his weapon for a medium ranged attack. Gwazi can cover a lot of ground fast but don't put him up against medium weight classes as they can take him down quickly.

If you start as Ursula, this will be one of the first classes you'll end up recruiting. Strong but lacking in good defense, these troops equip heavy swords but don't equip shields or have good armor. Once you leave Nordagh, you may have trouble finding good armor for them. Barbarians can change form into either Bear or Wolf forms, which provide a great hit point boost when low on hit points. Barbarians can be weak to heavy classes.

These spear-throwers are weak in close combat, but can be a great support by using their Long Throw skills. Also, if you set them up well, their Cover Area ability can wear down enemies that are charging towards your melee classes. Some shield-bearing classes can defend well against them, so be careful who you target. Gungir also have the ability to change into animal form. Their Exploding Spear attack is great to use on crowds in Points Events. When fighting Gungir, get in close to them and they'll often change into animal form, negating their distance attacks which can weaken your forces as you move in close.

You would think this class would be obsolete outside of the Beast-required Leagues, but you'll find that they're sturdy enough to be of use in most fights. In fact, their wide array of attacks and decent damage along with a good bit of hit points may have you using them pretty often. Once they learn Hibernate, you can spend a turn or turn using this skill to heal them back up, making them quite an efficient member of your team during series battles. As with all beast classes, equipment is hard to come by.

Like the Bear, the Wolf class is actually pretty useful. They're fast and the Tear Throat attack can inflict the Bleeding effect on enemies. The Wolf class comes with enough effect-based skills and decent attacks that they prove to be a good aid. Not overly strong in attack and defense, they can't be a good backbone to your attack, but a nice addition, especially in the Beast Leagues.

This class outlives its usefulness before too long. They have no armor, weak hit points and don't do a lot of damage with many of their attacks. They are fast, have the Axe Throw attacks for distance, but can't hold their own in a slugfest. Use these if you need someone to get somewhere fast, like in a King of the Hill event, where the first person to the top gets the points. After too long into the campaign, their lack of hit points will make using them a huge liability.

The Bandit class is light, quick and can perform some serious backstabbing attacks. If you want to play hit and run, these guys are a great way to do it. But, be wary as they are light on the armor and can take a beating from Medium Classes. Equip them with the Revenge Armband to get some nice counterattacking action.

These lightweight creatures move fast but can only do moderate damage. Their Kick attack can cause poison damage and can actually cause good damage to lighter classes. The only real bonus of these class is that they're light and can be treated as a Beast in certain Leagues.

Mongrel Shaman
Much like the standard Mongrel, these guys are lightweight and pretty weak. It takes them too long to charge their Affinity and most of their Spells aren't worth the effort. Fungus Amongus is a good poison-based attack when trapped by enemies and Freeze Attack is useful as well. Outside of that, these guys are a liability in battle.

These witches are really only good at performing wide-reaching status spells. They don't have a good range of damaging spells and they have weak attack and defense. Get in close to them with medium class fighters and they won't last long.

This heavy class is a surprisingly strong addition to any team. They have great defense and good offense and have many skills, like Motivate and Roam, which you'll use often in battle. Equip them with a strong shield and they can work their way through a barrage of attacks from Archers, Peltasts and Gungir.

Lightweight, quick and effective, this class is a great Light troop to have. Quick combo attacks, Spear Attack, Running Attack and Sprint Attack prove to be great skills to have. These classes are especially weak to medium classes but with enough work spent in raising their evasion can prove to dodge the slower heavy classes very well.

The Peltast is pretty much like the Gungir, except without the ability to change into animal form. To make up for that, they have the ability to use Indirect Attack, which will target enemies no matter if they are behind your allies or cover. Also, their Long Throw 1 attack comes at no cost. Outside of that, their skill set, weaknesses and strengths are similar to the Gungir.

These heavy Imperial troops are a great addition to your party. They have many great physical attacks, like Blind Spot Attack and Bulldoze. Their main drawback is that they are slow and can be worn down by quicker classes. Samnite's have access to shields, like the Diamond Shield, that can cause adverse effects to attacks when you block their attacks.

The strength of this class lies in their use of their shield. In fact, most of their best attacks, like Shield Throw, require this tool. Make sure to give them high evasion skills and a very sturdy shield and this class can prove to be quite useful and versatile in battle. To beat them, use Destroy Shield to basically dismantle the best of their offense and defense.

This class is the vanilla of Gladius. They're good as standard fighters and can use the Destroy Shield attack on enemies, like the Murmillo or Samnite, who use their shields to their benefit. Since you already have a number of medium weight classes as main characters, these guys won't prove to be too useful on their own.

Plains Cat
These guys are a lot like the Bears, except that they're fast and mobile rather than sturdy. If you want a unit that can cross large arenas quickly, this is the best place to look. Just be careful not to get them into the fray with too many enemies as they can get worn down quickly.

Except for the ability to boost the crowd with Merry Jig, Crowd Pleaser or Crowd Charmer, these guys are pretty worthless. They have little defense and their attack is pretty pathetic. Except for Jug Bonk and Exploding Breath, they have no decent special attacks of note. Unless your plans involve a high crowd rating during battle, pass on these guys.

The Ogre class is heavy, lumbering and with a lot of brutal attacks. Broad Swing and Uppercut do great damage and use Fearsome Funk if you want to clear out a crowd. These guys are very similar to Samnites except a whole lot less attractive.

The Cyclops can deliver some great melee damage and their Eye Beam skill provides a decent ranged attack. Glower can Petrify enemies, allowing for a free hit. Their biggest drawback is the lack of armor, which means that they can be taken out by heavy-damage attacks.

These guys are ridiculously overpowered in that they are very strong, have great defense and are actually decent in accuracy and speed. But, to get one is a pain in the ass. Fighting them can be a great challenge as well. Luckily, you don't have to fight them too often. When you do, wear them down with support attacks and then gang up on them before they get too many turns to lay waste to your team. To get a shot at recruiting one, earn the Mongrel Butcher Badge in Cro Beska (Imperia) and go to the shop owner (Scotia) to set up the Historian's League. Return seven days later, beat the league and you'll get a 50/50 chance to get the Minotaur or the Satyr. I suggest saving beforehand and reloading if you get the Satyr.

These units can summon desert beasts or skeletons by drawing in affinity. Along with this is the ability to cast some pretty powerful spells. Too bad they're really weak on defense and attack. To defeat these enemies, move in close and fight them hand to hand, keeping them focused on nearby troops rather than summoning allies. Once they drop, any allies summoned disappear. To get one, finish your battle in Qaa Rah then leave and head toward Akar An. This will trigger a scene. Enter Akar An and recruit the Summoner from the Palace Iblis Recruiting Office.

Undead Summoner
These guys can be dangerous in that they tend to sacrifice their own hit points to summon Skeletons to their aid. Pass up the Skeletons and deal directly with the Undead Summoner. Once they drop, their summoned monster goes away as well. Undead Summoners can cast powerful Affinity spells, but to do these, they have to sacrifice hit points to power up their Affinity, which can leave them weak. To counter this, learn Steal Life to gain hit points from enemies. If you can keep them out of physical combat, this is a great class to have. To get one, you need to go to Mördare's Den (Nordagh) at night and enter the Dead of Night League. Beat it and go to the recruiting office, which you can recruit an Undead Summoner.

These magic heavy classes have to spend a lot of time using their Steal Affinity skill to get enough affinity to unleash some of their more powerful attacks. Physical attacks are poor and they can't take hits too well. They do have the ability to Teleport and their Tornado Skill scatters nearby enemies. If you go against Affinity-weak enemies, they can prove to be a good source of damage. Also, Channelers are one of the few classes with healing spells.

Undead Legionnaire
These guys are just a little bit better than the standard Legionnaire. Mostly expendable, these troops are hard to find good equipment for as Dark Affinity equipment can't just be bought at any old store. To equip them, you'll have to pick up equipment off of fallen Dark Affinity foes in later battles. To get one, you need to finish the first quest the shopkeeper in Mördare's Den (Nordagh) gives you and attempt the Dead of Night League. Go to the Dragonslayer and ask the shop owner how he's doing. He'll tell you of a hill that you'll of course have to visit at night and defeat the Skeleton producing tombstones. This will earn you the Talisman of Unlife. Use this on the tombstone in each region to get an Undead Legionnaire to join your team.

The strength of the Scorpion is that it has many attacks that inflict poison damage, including Venom, Poison Flick, and Tail Whip. Outside of that, they are light on defense and only have decent offense. Luckily, though, they can learn Riposte as a wonderful way to counterattack. To be able to recruit these, you need to defeat the Insect Ze League in Qaa Rah. After that, you'll be able to recruit Scorpions on occasion in the office in Qaa Rah.

These guys can prove to have good defense and have some nice ranged attacks that spit poison and fire. They can also burrow into the ground and pop up elsewhere, like a medium-range teleport, have the ability to ram with their carapace and have Crippling Blow. With good attacks and a hard shell, you may have to work on Affinity attacks to do some serious damage against them. To be able to recruit these, you need to defeat the Insect Ze League in Qaa Rah. After that, you'll be able to recruit Scarabs on occasion in the office in Qaa Rah.

The Archer class is a good upgrade to the spear-toting Peltast and Gungir classes. They can Move To Attack from a distance and have the ability to do plenty of Long Attacks. They also come with the Cover Area ability and work wonderfully in softening up enemy units from a distance. Keep these guys on the move and away from physical attacks as they don't equip armor, which leaves them at a severe disadvantage in defense.

Much like the Archer class, these ranged warriors (females only, duh) work great as support. Where they excel is in their status effect skills that they can use on male opponents. Use Amazons when facing large groups of men to hamper the opponents long enough to let you're allies wear them down. Also available is the ability to hit targets at point blank range and they generally have better accuracy.

This class shows up later in the game but can prove to be pretty effective if used right. Immune to Air Affinity attacks, they move quickly and strike with vicious attacks like Bloodletter, which inflicts Bleeding on opponents. If your opponents feature Air Affinity weapons, the Dervish are a wonderful means of handling these opponents, no matter the difference in size. Be careful, though, as they can take some serious damage as well and the right type of opponent will waste them quickly.

This class is a rare treat that is hearty when it comes to defense and damage. Thick Hide is great for upping defense and Heavy Claw and Numbing Blow are both excellent attacks. When fighting them, you really need to wear them down from a distance and then take them on with Affinity Attacks. To get one in your school, finish the Trial of the Elders League in Vargen and then visit the recruiting office to get the Yeti.

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