Kingdom Hearts - Boss Guide and Tips

In Kingdom Hearts, not a lot of the levels are too complex, and there is a degree of discovery that the player should enjoy for themselves. We present a tip guide for the numerous bosses in this game. Most are fairly straightforward, but a few will take some preparation and skill to win. There may be spoilers below, but we'll try to keep them to a minimum.

Darkside - This fight is relatively easy and just give you an idea of what to expect. Dodge his blasts and defeat the smaller minions when they spawn after he plants his hands into the ground. Go after his hands whenever they're within reach. You may have to jump and attack from time to time. His energy is easy to dodge as he telegraphs it. Run to the side or behind him when it happens.

Darkside 2 - Same as before. The only difference is that now he can rain down energy balls, but they're fairly easy to dodge.

Leon - You can either choose to fight this out or just let him beat you. Either way, the story will move on. To beat him, you'll need to be agile and on the move. Be wary of his distance attacks, as you'll need to dodge them. This fight can be very hard, but not impossible. If you've spent time fighting Wakka, Selphie and Tidus on the island before you left, you should have the skills to win this.

Guard Armor - The first real boss fight of the game. The Guard Armor is composed of 5 parts, each which will need to be defeated. Just keep attacking and be weary of your health. You may need to use up your stock of healing items during this battle. Try to focus on one part of the armor at a time. Each part will drop lots of health globes when destroyed, so if you can avoid wasting items, do so.

Trick Master - You have a number of options here. You can stay on the table and try to whack at his head or you can get a distance from him and shot fire at him. Or, you can stay beneath him and do a lot of jumping attacks. After a few hits, he'll come down to you and you can hit him with combos to do real damage. Repeat until he's dead.

Note: The following bosses in Deep Jungle, Coliseum and Traverse Town can be done in different order depending on which areas and objectives you complete first.

Clayton/Stealth Sneak - Whack on Clayton until the cutscene. Be sure to cross the distance between yourself and him as his gun can hit you from afar. After the cutscene, the Stealth Sneak will show up and you'll need to hit the combo until they've separated. After which, focus on taking one of them out. You might even let your allies take care of the Stealth Sneak while you go after Clayton.

Guard Armor 2 - Your friend from Traverse Town is back. Wail on him until he transforms. Take him out the same way you did before. He's a little tougher but you can defeat him the same way as before.

Cloud - At the end of the Phil Cup, you will face this boss, who you don't need to beat, but you can. He's a good challenge and you need to be on the move constantly. He likes to make a series of dashing attacks that you'll need to dodge. If lucky, you may land near him when he finishes the series of dash attacks. You also may want to use Fire magic on him from a distance.

Cerberus - This one's a challenge, even if you have been leveling up some. You'll want to attack the side heads, as it will keep you out of the monster's bite reach. When it spits fireballs, try to smack them back at it, but be careful - if you miss one, you're sure to get hit by the following fireballs before you can recover and move away. When the Cerberus rears it's heads back, get ready to do some jumping, as it will spew out dark bile that will shoot up below where you're standing. Jump and keep moving to avoid getting hit. You might consider getting up into the stands to at least keep out of Cerberus' bite and attack reach, The fireballs and dark bile can still get you, but at least you'll have a shot to avoid them.

You can come back to the Coliseum later on in the game as new cups become available.
Phil Cup - Play through it again and you'll have no special enemies to beat.
Pegasus Cup - The last fight here is Leon and Yuffie. You'll need to work on getting Yuffie out first as she has a distance attack that can wear you down. Block her attacks and then wear her down. Once gone, turn to Leon. He has the same attacks as before, so dodge his attacks and then nail him from the side or behind.
Hercules Cup - You'll have to defeat Cloud again on the way to getting Hercules. Luckily, Cloud can be beaten the same way as before. Hercules, the other hand, will need you to either hit or throw barrels at him to make his vulnerable to attack. He has a running attack and a spinning attack that you'll need to avoid. Outside of that, he's not to hard to beat.
Hades Cup - You better be ready for 49 rounds of combat. Luckily, if you die, you can start over at any 10 spot. Major boss fights include Yuffie, Cerberus and Cloud & Leon, all who can be beaten the same as before. The 10th seed is Hades, who can be beaten by beating him up from behind and avoiding his magical attacks. The final boss is the Rock Titan, who can be beaten by avoiding his attacks and jump climbing up to his head and beating on it.

Tiger Entrance - This guy will tear you apart. He spews out enemies and fire and shoots homing eye-beams. When he buries his head into the sand, jump up on him and start beating on the eyes. You need to destroy both to defeat him. Stay on his head as long as you can.

Jafar/Genie - Both Jafar and Genie will be flying around, which will leave you to dodge both of them and their attacks. Luckily, there's a lot of space and Genie tells you when he's nearby. Jump up onto the pedestals that encircle the room when Jafar lands from time to time.

Jafar/Iago - Your goal in this fight is to get the lamp that the parrot Iago carries. Unfortunately, though, Jafar is now big, bad and rising out of the fire to throw boulders at you. Leave your allies to chase down Iago and eventually take the lamp. You'll need to focus on Jafar. Don't waste magic and attacks on him. What you'll need to do is wait until rises up and hit the boulders that he flings at you. From time to time, Iago will fly near and you can take a few swipes at him, but always keep an eye on what Jafar is doing.

Parasite Cage - This fight is fairly straightforward. Lock onto the monster and jump attack it or use Fire until you run out of MP. After a while, he'll fall.

Parasite Cage 2 - This time around, you need to be aware of the dangerous flooring to each side of the monster. If knocked into it, you'll take damage. Do your best to get up on the higher platforms and jump attack it's head.

Ursula - You have four things to worry about here: Ursula, her cauldron and her two eels. Ignore the eels until you have a need for some MP (smacking them around will slowly build your gauge). Dodge everyone and wait for Ursula to throw a potion into her cauldron, changing it's color. If you pay attention to the color of the potion, you'll know what type of spell to cast on the cauldron. Cast the right one and a shockwave will blast out that both harms and knocks-out Ursula. Rush to her and start wailing away until she regains consciousness. Repeat until she falls. This fight will take you some time.

Ursula 2 - This time, you just need to keep a lot of healing items on hand as you really won't be able to do much other than attack her head and try to dodge her magical attacks. Go around to the sides or even the back of her head to avoid some of her magic.

Oogie Boogie - You have to be patient and agile here. Boogie will run around up top while you're left on the roulette wheel. Lock onto him and throw fire his way. When the light panels light up, get to the slice of the wheel that Boogie is moving into and run over the lighted switch. This will raise that slice so you can jump up to get to him and lay a few attacks in. Repeat until he falls.

Oogie Boogie 2 - Wow, this guy is big. Use your platforming skills to work your way to the top, smashing the magical orbs as you go. From time to time, he'll swing his lantern, shooting fire everywhere. The hardest part of this battle is just finding your way to the top from the ground.

Shadow Sora - Cast Aero on yourself and just go after him. Keep yourself healed and when he splits up into three parts, focus on the one with the larger health bar. The other two are decoys. This boss has a lot of your own moves, so you might want to do a lot of blocking and rolling out of his attacks.

Captain Hook - You're going to want to avoid Hook's sword as he can do some damage with it. Your best bet is to stay airborne and attack him with magic or to zoom in and hit him a couple times and then fly out. He'll get support from flying ships that like to shoot off a volley of fire and have a ramming move. Do yourself a favor and get rid of them to ease up the support fire they give. Hook will give you a challenge in direct combat, but he is beatable.

Boss (Hollow Bastion) - Don't waste magic on this guy as it'll do you no good. Keep Aero going and just work him over, hopefully from either the side or the back. Make use of the dodge roll and block to keep him from causing too much damage to you. Make sure to avoid his dash attack and be careful of his counter attack.

Malificent - Let your buddies handle her minions. Just jump up onto her platform and start working her over. Cast Aero and occasionally polish off your health while giving her the relatively easy beat down.

Malificent 2 - Make sure to equip items strong against fire before this fight. You'll want to stay under her head to avoid her fire breath, which can be devastating. Run around behind her and climb up onto her back. From there, you can work her head over without worry of direct attacks.

Hollow Bastion Boss 2 - This time, you're on your own. This boss is fast and can do a lot of damage to you. He has a charged magical attack that he telegraphs. When you see him rise up, jump and glide around to miss the magical blasts. You can also glide to avoid his dash attacks. Try to get in close and block his attacks to get an open shot for a combo. Be sure to dodge his energy blade attacks and just keep getting in combo attacks when you can.

Behemoth - This guy is huge. But, he's also a joke. Except for some magical attacks, he doesn't have much to give you trouble. Get on his back and combo his horn until he falls. You'll face him a couple more times in the last area, but those fights will be as easy as this one.

Black Demon - Much like the second Ursula fight, you just need to fly about and smack him in the head over and over. Keep Aero going and keep your health gauge up as he likes to use a lot of magic.

Main Boss - While not too tough, this guy will take some time. Your biggest problem is that from time to time, his dark bodyguard will protect him. And when it isn't you'll have to sneak in attacks before the boss raises a magical shield. This boss only uses magical attacks, and since he tends to move away, his own rebuttal attacks will miss you if you just don't immediately rush after him when he moves. At the end of this fight, load up Sore with all the Elixirs he can carry as you will not get the opportunity to access the menu again once you start the next fight.

Main Boss 2 - Same as before, except you're on your own this time. Not much different except that you don't have Goofy and Donald to run interference for you.

Darkside 3 - This is THE SAME FIGHT as the first two. Don't fall down laughing as you pummel this joker into the earth.

Main Boss 3 - This one will take you some time as it has multiple stages. Go after the boss and avoid his staff. When things start to get dark, get the heck out of there and try to dodge his magical onslaught. You should be able to wear him down without too much trouble. After a scene, he'll be protected from damage, so take out the spines to create a portal in which you need to enter. After fighting the darkness in the chamber, you'll have Goofy by your side. Back out with the boss, you be in front of him. Wail on the monstrous face until another portal opens up. Defeat everything there and Donald is now with you. You'll have to defeat another part of the boss' form and enter one last portal before you get the shot at attacking the main boss himself. Once he comes loose, just go back to the attack pattern you were in before. From time to time, he'll open u a black hole to shoot comets at you. Heal yourself up and keep Aero going until you drop him.

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Donald - Strong in magic, Donald is weak in attack power and HPs. He tends to take a lot of damage, so you may have to watch his health. Also, he tends to have fewer item slots, so he may run out of items during a boss fight. Luckily, though, he does throw the occasional healing item your way when you need it and will cast Aero often.
Goofy - Carrying a shield, Goofy is strong in both defense and attack. He uses no magic, but has a lot of attack skills and a lot of slots for items. With the right amount of development and A.I. tweaking, he can be nearly as much of a damage dealer as Sora.

Special Allies

Tarzan - Strong in attack, special attacks and mobility, Tarzan is a good swap for Goofy as he seems a lot more agile.
Aladin - A lot like Tarzan, Aladin is strong in straight combat. His sword will be helpful in taking out the heartless.
Ariel - Her focus is on special attacks and magic. She's weak in attack and defense. I would suggest not using her unless you really want to.
Jack Skellington - Jack's got lots of skills to use. He's quick and can do a fair amount of damage that may even put Sora to shame. If you keep throwing ethers at him, he's more than worth the effort to use.
Peter Pan - Peter's weapon strength is horrid. Fortunately, he's got so many skills and stat bonuses that you might want to use him. He's fast and being airborne helps his attacks.
Beast - Beast is an awesome killing machine. You'll be glad to have him.

• First thing you need to do when your allies join you is go into the menu and manually customize their actions. If not, they'll waste a lot of healing items when you don't need them to.
• Don't go out of your way to heal your allies as they will automatically revive in a little bit if they fall in battle.
• Try to have Aero cast during fights against heavy hitters as it will take the brunt of most damage.
• Equip 2nd Chance on yourself and allies so that if one of you falls in combat, there's a chance you'll be automatically revived.
• Early on, run around and pick up as much Munny as you can, so that you can continue to buy new items and equipment.
• Don't waste too much money on weapons and accessories as you can usually find or earn better stuff not much later in the game.
• Some areas and chests will be out of your reach until you gain news skills later on in the game, such as the High Jump and Glide. When you gain these skills, you can return to previous areas to try and access these areas.
• Certain large enemies are hard to hit from the front, as your blows will deflect off of their chests. Move in behind them to get your shots it. Or, use gravity magic to weaken them.
• Before boss fights, load up your allies with tons of healing items. Usually, they'll at least throw you some healing items during the length of the fight.
• Be careful when fighting near ledges. You can fall off when fighting an airborne enemy. You might have to cut your combos short and even stick with magic.