Legend of the Dragoon - Boss Guide

Legend of the Dragoon is a great fantasy-based RPG with a number of involving boss battles. Use the following guide to help prepare you for each battle.

  1. Freugel and Hellena Guards.The first fight with Freugel

  2. This is first real boss fight of the game. Just wail away on the first set of guards and then start hitting Fruegel until the second set arrive. You won't be able to hurt Fruegel until his soldiers are gone, so don't bother. Eliminate them and finish of Fruegel. This battle should be fairly easy and straight-forward.

  3. Urobolus

  4. Your best option in this fight is to equip as much stuff as you can that counteracts poison. Although defending keeps your characters from getting poisoned, you really can't win the fight this way. When Urobolus hides himself in the rock structure, just have Shana attack while the others defend until he comes back down.

  5. Sandora Elite

  6. At the start, keep your HPs high and attack with additions. If you have any light-based items, use them to weaken him. When he splits into three, systematically attack one at a time until you him him. Also, when he uses magic, attack the caster, because that is always him.

  7. Kongol

  8. The only good thing about this fight is that Kongol is slower than you are. Attack with easy additions (preferrably one-hitters), because if you miss, he'll counter. His charge attacks are mean, so keep your HPs reasonably maintained and beat on him until he goes down. Make sure not to use eart-based items, because they will have no effect on him.

  9. Virage

  10. Use Rose's Astral Drain on the Virage Head. You can attack and kill the arm to remove it's toughest attack, but remember that the arm will regenerate, so you might just want to stick with taking out the head. It's best if you just use your Dragoon magic as possible.

  11. Phoenix (Fire Bird)

  12. Because Dart is fire based, the Phoenix's attacks shouldn't hurt him much. If you have a Spear Frost or two, use them. This fight shouldn't be too much trouble. Once again, feel free to use Rose's Astral Drain. It'll help.

  13. Greham and Feyrbrand

  14. To start off, take out the dragon Feyrbrand first.It has an attack that causes various status anomalies. Use Astral Drain a couple times and focus on eliminating it first. Then focus on Greham, who likes to beat up on Lavitz. Make sure to keep his health up.

  15. Drake

  16. Use dragoon magic at the start to work this guys down. When he starts using bombs and a net, attack those first to get them out of the way and then continue to work him over.

  17. Sharlie

  18. Don't attack Sharlie just defend. She'll ask you a series of questions. Answer them as follow: 1)1st choice, 2) 2nd choice, 3)1st choice, 4) 1st choice, 5) 2nd choice, 6) 1st choice. The last three questions are up to you.

  19. Jiango

  20. Use Lavitz's wind-based attacks and keep him well-healed. He'll take the most damage because Jiango is earth-based. Use Astral Drain and try to wear him down with your best additions. You might want to protect your characters from confusion - Jiango has an attack that will cause it.

  21. Fruegel, Guftas, Rodriguez

  22. Take out the bird first. He causes the most damage and is the most bother. After that, remove the dog, who can cause confusion, and then go for Fruegel. Astral Drain will help with healing. Gust of Wind Dance will also work well in causing damage.

  23. Kongol

  24. Here is more of the same. Use additions and heal when needed. Albert's wind-based additions should help in wearing this one down. Once you use magic, he'll put up and anti-magic barrier, so makes your best shot first.

  25. Doel

  26. Emperor Doel is a fairly easy fight at the start. After so much damage, he'll turn into a dragoon. Slap him around with a few Dragoon Magics, using Rose Storm to aid in defense. When Doel casts his barrier, defend and wait for it to fall. Then, work him over with additions.

  27. Mappi and Bandits

  28. Ignore the bandits. Mappi is really the only problem with this fight, and even then he isn't that tough. Try not to lull into sleep with this fight.

  29. Virage #2

  30. Work over both the left arm and the head. Remove the arm if you don't want to get hit with instant death attacks (see my point). Other than that, go for the head. Once again, the arm will regenerate after some time.

  31. Gehrich and Mappi

  32. First thing's first - get rid of Mappi. He has an instant death attack. At times, he'll jump out of the way and not be in the fight. During this, just attack Gehrich. I would suggest either Rose of Albert as the third character. If you use Albert, have him focus his wind-based additions on Gehrich. If you use Rose, then have her use Astral Drain.

  33. Lenus

  34. Lenus is both very strong and fast. You might want to equip for magical protection. She's so fast that she'll get multiple turns in before you can attack. Have Dart use as much dragoon magic as possible. Let the others heal and attack on their own. By this time, you might want to have at least one Legend Casque. Even at 10,000 they're a deal. Having a set of these will make the rest of the boss fights much easier because of the extreme magical defense the helmet has. Before this fight, you might want to purchase one, or this fight'll be a lot tougher than you might be able to manage.

  35. Ghost Commander and Ghost Knights

  36. The real problem with this fight is that you have to waste all of them at the same time or they slowly, one by one, come back to life. Use Shana to attack the commander and have Dart use Dragoon magic to attack all on successive turns. When the soldiers fall, rush the commander in hopes you can waste him before the others come back alive.

  37. Lenus and Sea Dragon

  38. In this fight, Lenus is much slower and her dependency on the dragon is her undoing. Take out the dragon first and then works over Lenus. Dart's Dragoon magic will do fine, and haviung him change by using the special will make his magic even more damaging. Having Meru along will also help in that she takes a lot less damage from Lenus and the dragon. Have her throw magic items and heal the others.

  39. Kamuy

  40. Don't waste magics on this guy because they won't dent him. Just use additions to work him over. Be careful of his stun attack, which can leave one or many or your characters in danger. If you turn Dart and company into dragoons, stick with the attacks.

  41. Virage #3

  42. For an easy victory, just block. He'll die within 10 turns. If you do attack, make sure to block just before he dies. His deathblow causes severe damage.

  43. Grand Jewel

  44. Don't bother turning into Dragoons. The Grand Jewel will nullify your power and leave you weakened. Just use additions and heal regularly. It'll attack with all sorts of magics and use a spell that will reduce your characters' levels. Once it's done this a few times, it'll start doing the reverse of this and adding those levels back. Just be patient and work this guy over with your most damaging additions.

  45. Divine Dragon

  46. Do not use Miranda! She can cause next to no damage and since Dragoon magics are useless in this fight, she won't be able to heal well either. Bring Kongol and Albert (or Haschel) along to physically wear this guy down. Attack the Dragon Ball first to remove the most damaging attack that the Divine Dragon has. Then go after the Dragon Cannon and finally the dragon itself. Expect to be fighting for a long time. Hopefully, you have at least one or two of the Legend Casques by now. If not, good luck.

  47. Windigo

  48. Use Dart's Final Burst and other fire magics to wear this boy down. When the windigo grabs one of your people, attack the cannons to release them. DO NOT attack the Windigo or you'll kill that person. Once they're free continue beating on the Windigo. Also, you can choose to attack it's heart once it sets your people free. With the heart having only a few HPs, you might find that a quicker way to kill it.

  49. Lloyd

  50. Do not transform into Dragoons unless you only have enough energy to do it for one turn. If not, Lloyd will use an instant-death attack on you. One suggestion is to give Dart a Talisman (protection vs. instant-death attacks) and have him turn into a Dragoon. Lloyd will attack him while your other people can wail away on him.

  51. Last KrakenDart's Final Burst

  52. Once again, use Dart's dragoon magic to work this water-based enemy over. (How many water-based enemies can one game have?) Most additions work (except Meru), so just wail away and heal often.

  53. Vector, Kubila, Selebus

  54. Waste Kubila first. He has an instant-death attack that will prove to be a problem. If at all possible, remove Vector before Selebus kisses him and makes him grow big. After removing him, just use physical attacks to wear Selebus down.

  55. Lavitzs' Spirit/Zackwell

  56. Before this fight, equip items that defend against confusion. Do not turn into Dragoons. Defend while Lavitz is facing you and attack him when he turns away. When Zackwell immerges, slap him around with Dragoon magic and he'll fall pretty soon.

  57. Caterpillar, Pupa, Imago

  58. Equip something to defend against poison and just start working the Caterpillar over with physical hits. Next, work the Pupa over (which shouldn't take that long). Finally, just beat up on Imago. Be careful of its instant-death attack.

  59. Death Rose

  60. With just Miranda, you'll fight this boss. Just attack and try not to laugh too hard. Occasionally, have her heal and this boss should fall. You might also consider giving her a Survival Ring to heal her automatically.

  61. Claire

  62. Claire will attack Haschel with decent attacks and then perform a strong single attack, nearly killing Haschel. After that, heal up and continue to pound on her.

  63. Indora

  64. Kongol must fight Indora by himself. As with previous Kongol fights, if you miss an addition, he'll counter you, so use the addition you're most familiar with and this fight should go your way pretty easily.

  65. Michael

  66. Since your attack won't do any damage, just defend until Rose coughs up the info that Michael's weak-point is that his heart is open after his special attack. Wait until he does it and attack his heart. When the armor closes up, just defend and wait for your next opening.

  67. Dark Doel

  68. Attack the swords first. Destroying them will ease your burden of wasting this guy. Plus, you can't hurt Doel unitl they're gone. Once the swords are gone, all Doel has is some weak magic.

  69. Archangel

  70. Equip Meru with a Gigantos Ring to help her with her poor physical attacks. Continue to attack and heal alternatively. When the Archangel attacks with it's special attack, having Meru defend and heal until your confident to continue attacking. You might want to equip her with a Survival Ring to aid in her healing.

  71. Super Virage

  72. Just attack the head and try to stay in Dragoon form. It'll allow you to survive the magical attacks better. Keep your HPs at a decent level or the final deathblow might kill you too.

  73. Zieg Feld

  74. Have Dart wear the Red Dragoon Armor to absorb Zieg's fire-based attacks and have the others just beat on him. He shouldn't be too much trouble if you're prepared with Legend Casques and healing equipment (Survival Ring).

  75. Meblu Frahma

Welcome to the hardest fight you'll have from the regular bosses. If you don't already have two or three Legend Casques, you can go ahead and turn the game off. Melbu Frahma uses a LOT of magic. I would suggest Kongol and Albert, as they can cause the most physical damage and have the highest HPs. One suggestion is to have Dart turn into a dragoon and use the Dragon Cannon to tear off chunks of HPs at a time. Feed him items to refill his MPs until he turns back into a human and then use Spirit Potions to get the process started all over again. Just make sure to keep everyone's HPs up.

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Deciding when to use (or not to use) Dragoon magic is essential to beating most bosses in this game.