This walkthrough is intended to aid the player in figuring out where to go and what to do in the game. WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers. While the plot will not be discussed, certain plot surprises will be apparent from reading this walkthrough. All directions mentioned will correlate with the direction of the in-game maps. The positions of guards are from the Normal difficulty.

 Part 1 - Tanker

Deck - From where Solid Snake starts, you can choose to pick up supplies (some Rations, Pentazemin, Bandage and Stun Grenades), "Hold Up" the guards or just run for the nearest door in. You'll know when you're near an entrance when you get a call from Otacon. If you stay out in the rain too long, Snake will chance getting sick. If he sneezes, take a Pentazemin. If you wish to get more supplies or some easy dog tags, enter the deck-level west door. To skip a few rooms, enter the second level east door (Skip ahead to Deck B Crew's Quarters).
Deck A - If you entered through the west door, you be in the Crew's Quarters. Enter the locker room to get supplies from the lockers and head for the northeast door. Once in the lounge area, your main objective is to get to the east door at the top of the steps.
Deck B - (Crew's Quarters) You're goal is to get to the staircase on the west side of the area.
Deck C - Along the hallway is a camera with a huge blindspot. Flatten yourself against the wall and slip underneath the camera. Head up the stairs.
Deck D - Once up the stairs, deal with the guard who goes into the mess hall. There is ammo under the tables and rations in the kitchen. Once through, head back out into the hall and avoid being blown to pieces by the C4 trap. Shoot the fire extinguisher or use cigarettes to see the trip wires. After dealing with the guard, slip under and head up the stairs. If you head into the pantry, expect another guard to come up the steps and come into the room.
Deck E - After a few cut scenes, head out through the west-side door.

Boss Fight - Since you don't have a weapon that can cause damage, you're going to have to knock Olga out by hitting her with enough M9 darts. Do yourself a favor and early in the fight, shoot out the ropes keeping the tarp on the palettes. After causing enough damage to her, she will usually shoot loose the tarp and use is as cover. If you shoot it out before her, she won't be able to use it against you. When she yells "Take this", it means she's lobbed a grenade at you. After getting her down to 1/3rd of her life, she'll turn the spotlight in your direction. Shoot it out or you may never be able to get another shot on her. Make sure to use your surroundings as cover and try to hit Olga through the holes in the palettes when she's hiding behind them.

 C4 Trap
Here you have to shoot three green sensors. Make sure not to hit the C4 or it's Game Over. For the first one, get on the westernmost turbine and in first-person mode, press L2 and R2 to stand on your toes. Aim the USP at the blinking green light. For the second one, equip the Thermal Goggles and move as close to the next line of trip wires. Shoot the sensor on the bottom right side. For the last one, get on the ground and aim for the blinking light on the left side.

Once the fight is over, shakedown Olga for her tags and go up the Observation Tower to get the Thermal Goggles. Now that you have the USP, go pick up some more ammo for it on your way back to the Deck A Lounge. Enter the door at the bottom of the eastside steps to gain access to the Engine Room. Slowly work your way through the numerous guards to get to the third floor western door. Once you head north in the Turbine Area, a guard will come out and start to head north. Once you deal with him, you will be faced with a more complex C4 trap (see inset to right).
Deck Hall - The real challenge in this hall is that in the light you stand a better chance of being seen. Take out lights as you move and wait for the guards to make their way down to you. Once you pass through the door, be prepared for a serious gun fight.

Gun Battle with Soldiers - In the tight confines of this hall, you best bet is to stay behind the box and lob grenade or take a few popshots at the soldiers who jump out to attack you. When you hear a grenade clink down around you, get up and run towards the camera. Also, ammo and rations will be available at the end of the hall. After you kill enough guards, a group of three will rush you. Stand up and shoot them as they rush you single file down the hall.

Cargo Hold - Once in the Cargo Hold, you have seven minutes to sneak through two holds of Marines to get the Metal Gear Ray. Hold #1 - Move west and crawl under the projector. Sneak past the guard on the west side of the hold and make sure to walk, not run, over the grating. Hold #2 - In this room, there are two projectors, so the Marines will, on occasion, turn their field of view from left to right and back. Sneak east under the projectors and sneak along the east side of the room to the door. Hold #3 - Here you need to take four photos of Metal Gear Ray and then download them on the computer console on the east side. Take both the Front-Left and Front-Right photos near where the camera stations are. Take the Front Center shot from the south wall of the room. Take the "MARINES" Logo shot from the Northwest corner. Be careful not to get seen when the Marines take a stretching break. When you're through, go to the computer and hit the action button. From that point, sit back and watch what happens.

 Part 2 - Plant

Strut A - Once you enter the dock, dive back into the water and get the Thermal Goggles in the southeast corner of the pool. To get to the Shaver in the caged-in area, flip over the railing and "shimmy" over as far to the right as you can and then flip back over. When you're through, head to the north door, go up the hall and access the Node in the northeast corner. Once the guards awaken, hide among the supplies in the center and wait for the western guard to move far south enough to get past him without notice. Run to the elevator to get to the roof. Once one the roof, go through the hole in the fence and down the stairs. Sneak past the guard and head up the stairs back to the roof to get Chaff Grenades. Go back down and head to the northeast door to the FA Bridge. Use the Chaff Grenades to disable the Cypher and run to Strut F.
Strut F - The only thing you need to do here is avoid the guard and go to the southeast door. Everything else is locked up until later. Enter the store room, grab the M9 and ammo and head back to Strut A. Once there, head for the AB Bridge. To get past the guards, you'll need to "shimmy" past them by hanging from the railing.
Strut B - After a long series of events, make sure to use the Node inside the Transformer Room. Cross the BC Bridge and enter Strut C. Since there are no guards here currently, head up to the kitchen. Once the series of cinemas are through, head to the women's bathroom to find the first C4 bomb. Get close to the mirror to head the beeping of the bomb. Equip the Coolant and look up. You'll see the bomb reflected in the mirror. Spray it until it deactivates. Head back to Strut B and enter the east room. Close the electric panel door and spray the bomb behind it. Head back to Strut A.
Strut A - Now that you have access, enter the Pump Room. Crawl under the center north-south running red pipe to reach the area where the bomb is. Be sure not to "hold up" the guard near the northwest camera. Head to the FA Bridge, deal with both the Cypher and the guard and then enter Strut F through the upper door.
Strut F - The bomb here is on the first floor, along the west wall, tucked behind some boxes. You'll have to flip over the railing above and press the X button to release down onto the crates. Jump down and deactivate the bomb. You may want to incapacitate a few of the guards before trying this just to make life easier. Also, look around this area for supplies. (Suppressor for the Socom and Mine Detector are high on the list here.) Once through, cross the EF Bridge to Strut E.
Strut E - Be very careful when you enter the Parcel Room, because the southernmost guard has an excellent view of almost the whole area and will see you when you first enter. Your best bet is to dash along the south end of the room and down the west stairs. Wait him out until he's turned away. You might want to tranquilize him before trying to reach the node in the northeast corner. (Note: If you want his tags, you'll have to capture him from the north. He can see you coming from the south.) Head up the east set of stairs and go up to the Heliport. The bomb is underneath the Harrier, so you'll have to crawl under the wing and aim at the landing gear. Before you leave for the DE Bridge, make sure to stop in by the lookout to the west of the stairs under the Heliport. Make sure to take out the guard so he doesn't see you when you cross the bridge.
Strut D - This can easily be one of the hardest areas to sneak through, because of the patterns of the guards. Hit the node on the first level and work your way around to the hatch on the west side. Open it and spray it down to be finished with the bombs. Now, go back to Strut C, enter the Pantry, take the Sensor B and head to Strut A. Work your way to the roof, take the elevator down and head back to the pool area you entered at. The bomb is on the underside of the mini-sub. Face it from the south east corner and blast it with the coolant. Now, head back to the elevator.

Boss Fight - This one is simple. Just dodge. You have no chance to hit her, so keep running back and forth, doing flip kicks to avoid getting hit. After some time, a cut scene will take over.

Strut A - You have 400 seconds to get to the Strut E Heliport. Make sure to equip the mine detector when trying to reach the doors to keep from getting blasted. As you head down the steps, take note of a guard at the bottom of the stairs. Dispose of him and make a quick trip to Strut E. Avoid battle at all costs.

Boss Fight - Equip the Sensor A and dispose of the bombs before trying to attack Fatman. Try to get him out in the open and shoot, kick or punch him to knock him down. Then move in front of him and wait for him to try and get up. Go into first-person mode and pop him in the head with either the Socom or M9 to cause damage. When he places new bombs, take care of them immediately. If you're lucky, you can hit him before he places the bomb, disrupting him. Since Fatman is much faster than you, it's a good idea to place Claymores in tight areas and wait for him to hit them, then blast him in the head. Once he goes down, pick him up to get Stillman's dog tags and to get access to the final bomb.

Strut F - Now that you have the LVL 2 PAN card, you can go back to the warehouse and get the AKS-74u in the northeast corner of the first floor. Head to the EF Bridge and instead of going to Strut E, turn west and go into the Shell 1 Core.
 In Disguise
1. Make sure to keep the B.D.U. and AKS-74u equipped at all times.
2. Don't bump into other guards
3. Don't do anything that might make the guards suspicious (crawling, hitting lockers)
4. If a guard does reveal who you are, run into the next room and re-equip your costume. This usually works.

Shell 1 Core - As you enter, equip both the B.D.U. And the AKS-74u and stop in at the Node inside the storage room. Go to the elevator in the north and take it down to B2. Enter the technician's area and grab the Directional Microphone. Now, head up to B1, where you'll have to subdue a guard and force his face into the Retina Scanner. Make sure to use the Node in the locker room to the east. Once in the room with the hostages, you'll need to locate Ames with the Directional Microphone (He'll have the heartbeat with the "beep".). Make sure not to let the guard see you use the Dir. Mic. When you find him, press the Triangle Button to address him. (Note: Ames' character model looks different than the standard looks of the other hostages. You might be able to narrow down your search just by walking around the room first.) After a series of cut scenes, you need to subdue the guard near the elevator so you can get on.
Strut F - Before heading to the Shell 1-2 Bridge, stop into the warehouse to pick up all sorts of weapons and ammo. You can find a grenade launcher, the PSG1 (sniper) and the PSG1-T (tranq. sniper).
Shell 1-2 Bridge - Once you reach the bridge, you're going to have to disable the numerous control boxes for the huge C4 trap on the bridge. Locations of the control panels: 1) Behind you above the doorway. 2) Directly in front of you on the pump. 3 & 4) On the left side of the bridge nearest you, next to the C4. 5) Behind the flag. 6) Behind where the birds are gathered to the right of the Strut L entrance. 7 & 8) One is on both the left and right side of the Strut L entrance in plain view. 9) There is a Cypher flying around with this one. 10) On the bridge in the back left corner. Once all are disabled, go onto the bridge.

Boss Fight - Prepare for a long battle. Pick up the Stinger and missiles. Use the pumps on the bridge as cover when the Harrier does flybys. At the beginning of the fight, he'll hover over the bridge. Arm the Stinger and hit him as often as you can (usually 1-3 shots). Make sure that you have a lock-on before firing or you're just wasting ammo. He'll fly off. You're best chance to hit him afterwards is after he launches a volley of missiles (which you'll need to dodge by running back and forth on the bridge). He'll hover for a few seconds. When raining down bullets, either wait him out and try to go the bottom level of the bridge and wait for the Harrier to move to the other side of the bridge. Repeat.

Once the fight is over, "shimmy" on the right-hand railing and release over the pipe. Take the pipe to the catwalk. Once on the catwalk, you're going to have to sneak past the guards by the windows and work you're way around to the KL Bridge. When you turn the corner, take out the four Cyphers and then drop down to the next catwalk. Two soldiers will come out. You must snipe them before they see you, or else you're in a lot of trouble.
Shell 2 Core - You're initial goal is to find the Nikita Rocket Launcher. Make your way around to the elevator to the north, making sure to stop by the Node in the breakroom, and go down to B1. Once there, use the Node and swim straight south to find the Nikita. There is also Night Vision Goggles floating around if you want to try and get them. Head back up to the 1st floor and line up a shot with the Nikita into one of the open airducts in the south area of the floor. You'll have to navigate the missile through the turns and then aim for the large circuit breaker. Make sure not to hit the President. When successful, run up to the entrance of the room. After a series of scenes, you're new mission is to rescue Emma.
Shell 2 B1 - Now you must swim through to find Emma in the Filtration Chamber #2. Equip the mine detector, because there are floating mines in your path. When you reach the sealed doors, you need to swim near them and hit the Triangle button to open them. Head up the stairs.

Boss Fight - To start this fight, take out all four lamps along the second story catwalk. It'll save you the hassle of one of Vamp's later attacks in the fight. When Vamp is on the second story, run around, dodging his knives. Wait for him to dive back into the water (which you should avoid at all costs). Move to the south side of the room, arm the grenade launcher and go into first-person mode. When the Vamp lands on the catwalk, blast him back into the water. When he's low on health, he start running around. Whip out either the M4 or AKS-74u and run around the catwalk, trying to nail him when he's on your level.

Once the fight is over, swim on, making sure to grab the Body Armor in the far northeast corner. Go up the north set of stairs, use the Node and open the lockers to find Emma. Now, you must swim back with her the way you came. Remember that she can't hold her breath as long as you, so make sure to stop at every skylight. Once you reach the elevator, drag her close to initiate a scene where she'll refuse to go to the elevator while the sea lice are on the floor. Either knock her out or use the coolant on the bugs. Get on the elevator. On the 1st floor, you're going to have to be aggressive in removing the numerous guards before taking Emma out of Shell 2.
KL Bridge - Take out the two Cyphers and then deal with the guard before dragging Emma out. Head to Strut L.
Strut L - These two guards are tough, period. You're best shot may be to use the PSG1-T. Take out the one furthest away when he comes into view and hit the second one when he tries to wake the first.
Strut L Oil Fence - Get ready to use your sniping skills. Equip the Thermal Goggles and take out the Claymores on the walkway before Emma reaches them. Then, aim for the guards on the nearest connector. Be weary of the gun Cyphers. When you're notified that assistance is ready, call back and let the other sniper take out the enemies. You're only focus at that point is to take out the remaining Claymores on the bridge to the right.

Boss Fight - Switch to the PSG1-T and aim for either his head or shoulders. You have to take him out before his strangles Emma to death. Try not to hit Emma yourself. If you aim at the center of his chest, you can hit him when he turns Emma to the side. Often, this will make him turn her to other way, leaving the same shot open on his other side. Exploit this as much as possible if you can line it up.

Now rush back to Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room. Be sure to avoid the soldier in Strut E. Once the series of scenes are over, you'll find yourself naked and cold, unable to fight. You have to sneak past the heavy security up to the exit on the second floor, northeast corner. All the while, you be getting a number of odd messages from Campbell. If you sneeze, take the Medicine quick and hope that none of the guards heard you. Once in the hall by yourself, run back and forth until you get a message from Rose. Then a friend will appear and give you your gear and a cool new sword. Enter the next area and join in a serious gun fight. Follow your ally's lead. After disposing of all of the enemies here, move to the next area, where you'll be surrounded. On occasion, a "Mission Failed" screen will be thrown at you. Ignore it and continue the battle in the mini-screen available to you. Once through, you must continue on.

Boss Fight - Here's the challenge, take out an army of Metal Gear RAYs. But seriously, you only need to take out a couple of them. Start by throwing a Chaff Grenade. Make sure to dodge the different volleys of missiles and machine gun fire. When you have a few seconds, arm the Stinger and aim for the knees. When the missile hits, the RAY will lean down, opening up it's head. Aim and fire to cause far more damage there than anywhere else. When the first RAY enters the center area, focus on him. When he's disabled, another will move in. Keep focused on the RAY in the center. After disabling enough of them, another series of cut scenes will take over.

Boss Fight - Now, it's just you and Solidus and you have the sword as your lone weapon. Make sure to use the L1 block a lot. Try to get in as close as you can to Solidus and lay in a couple hits before he moves on. When he starts blasting fire streaks, do your best to dodge them. After Solidus drops the tentacles, he becomes even faster. Stay in one place when he's streaking around the area and wait to dodge his final lunge at you. Then, counterattack. You must keep in close range of Solidus when at all possible.

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To perform the "Hold Up" technique, you need to draw a weapon on a guard from either behind them or to the side, but outside of their cone of vision. If you attempt to hold them up from inside their cone of vision, they will open fire on you.

The best time to catch a guard is after they stop at the end of their patrol. Take time to pay attention to the guard's patrol pattern. When they stop and turn to head back, come up behind them and draw a bead on them. You have performed the "Hold Up" successfully when Snake yells "Freeze".

Hold down the L1 button to be able to move while the weapon is drawn and get in front of the guard. Even if you have to squeeze in front of the guard, as long as you're facing the guard, you can keep them pacified.

To shake the guard down for Dog Tags and extra supplies, aim at his head and then his crotch. He should start to wiggle and drop the item. After he shakes free the items, shoot him in the head with your weapon and drag the body off.

Since dead guards are less likely to drop items when you shake down their bodies, it's often beneficial to shoot them with the M9. Pick up and drop the body either by the head or legs to get them to drop items.

Some guards won't be intimidated by your M9, so you'll need to bring out a more lethal weapon, like the Socom Pistol or the USP. Shoot a warning shot by their head. If that doesn't work, shoot them in the hand. If that doesn't work, bring out a bigger weapon, like the grenade launcher to scare them into submission.

When dealing with the surlier guards, you need to work quickly, because they often will try and attack you if you don't act aggressively.

When using a more lethal weapon, you might want to make sure that other guards in the area are unconscious or out of range. If they hear your gun shot, they will come and investigate. Also, take note of where other guards are patrolling. If they see you with the other guard, they will attack.

Part 1 -
Otacon - 141.12
Save - 140.96

Part 2 -
Colonel Campbell - 140.85
Rose (Save) - 140.96
Pliskin - 141.80
Stillman - 140.25
Ames - 140.72
Otacon - 141.12
Mr. X - 140.48
President - 141.37
Emma - 141.52