Morrowind - Tips and Cheats

Morrowind is an open-ended role playing game that is best enjoyed by self exploration. To give the played a straight walkthrough would kill the experience. In this game strategy, we hope to provide some basic tips that experienced players may already know, but new players to the game may find helpful.

Starting Out
+ If you plan on making a custom class, be sure to have skills you will use as your major and minor skills. Speechcraft and Mercantile may seem nice, but unless you wank to do a lot of talking and buying/selling of items, they won't get much use. Get an idea of what you want to focus on, be it combat, magic, stealth or a mixture of the three.

+ When you decide to take a walk ANYWHERE, make sure to keep a few Restore Health, Magicka and Fatigue potions with you. When going into caverns and tombs, make sure you have Restore Strength and Endurance Potions, at the very least. There always seems to be a Ghost, Bonewalker or magic using NPS that likes to cast disabling spells that affect yout abilities. While most of the abilities can be ignored, weakened Strength and Endurance will cause you to be unable to carry your own equipment.
+ Later on, you'll want to keep a Cure Common Disease and Cure Blight Potions on you as more and more of the regular creatures will become infected and can infect you with an attack.
+ Sujama - This lovely drink is always nice to have around if you aren't dependent on magic. It raises your strength but lowers your intelligence for a limited amount of time. What is that good for? Well, take one of these when you're in a dungeon and you can lay some serious damage on your enemies. If you have a decent weapon, you can potentially take out the average enemy in two to three shots.

In need of cash
If you're running a little low on cash, there are some things you can do:
+ Go find a bandit cave, Dwemer Ruin or just some people out in the wildness. Hopefully, you'll be strong enough to kill the local rabble. Early on, you may want to stay near Seyda Neen, as the enemies around there aren't as tough as they are in other areas.
+ If you pick up Skooma or a Skooma Pipe, good luck selling it. Most people won't buy it and won't even deal with you if you have it on you. Ra'Virr in Balmora will buy it, no questions asked.
+ Go to Vivec. There are store rooms in the lower levels of most Cantons that you can raid.
+ In Caldera, in Ghorak Manor, theres a Scamp called the Creeper. He will buy a lot of stuff, Armor and Weapons mostly, for market value. He also has a lot of money. 5,000 drakes to be exact. "But I have X item that's worth 12,000 drakes." Well, then, you can sell him the 12,000 drake item and then buy back 7,000 drakes worth of stuff from him. Come back later when his money is restored and sell off another 5,000 worth. Return the next day for the 2,000. + Money and stock for all sales people regenerates every 24 hours. If you're trying to sell stuff off and you've emptied the local guy out, go take a long nap and come back later.

+ First and foremost, you will need a few things for your own benefit. Either learn Divine Intervention and Almsivi Intervention or pick up a few scrolls so that you can teleport back to the nearest Fort or Shrine. This allows you to get out of trouble when you're deep in a dungeon or just lost out in the wild. Also, if you have the spells learned or have amulets for either, you can use the spell as quick travel.
+ Levitation - Trust me. You will need this spell. Whether it be by Rising Force Potion or just learning the spell or getting an enchanted piece of equipment. There are a number of places in the game where having levitation will be helpful. Also, in some of the dungeons, having levitation will get you to places where all the good loot is hidden.

Yep, you're going to need to get places. Fortunately, a lot of places can be reached by Silt Strider, Boat, teleportion at the Mages Guild or on foot by the standard road. Some places, though, you can only get to by foot through the brush.
+ Early on, you may want to stick to the roads. If you get out into the wild too far, you will invite attacks from the local beasts.
+ Get both the Mark and Recall spells. They will be very helpful. Cast Mark at a remote location you know you'll have to return to and then cast Recall to get back there later. Note that the Mark spell should only be used once until you're through with that location. You can keep using Recall to go back, but once you cast Mark again, you won't be able to return to the original location.
+ Learn where the regular transports go. They'll save you some time, even if they cost some money. You might even try to up the drivers Disposition to get a reduced price.
+ If you plan on sleeping out in the wild, remember that monsters respawn after around 6-8 hours. You may wake up with something at your feet if you sleep too long.

Stealing is a dicey proposition as you will most likely need to do it just to have enough money to do most things, but you can get into varying degrees of trouble over it. Remember that stealing is taking anything that isn't on your person, so don't go grabbing stuff out in the view of public.
+ When in a room or area alone, feel free to steal away. Since no one can see you, you're not going to get in trouble. If you're in a room with a door, close it to keep people from walking by or into the room. If you're in an area where a guard passes by, make sure to time your theft accordingly.
+ When in room with someone else, either try to steal when they aren't looking, or swipe something cheap to get them to fight you. When you pay the fine for stealing, it'll be for the cheap item you stole, not the more expensive thing you wanted.
+ When you steal in front of people, you'll get one of three reactions, depending on the person and the item stolen - 1) They'll report you and leave you be; 2)They'll attack until you leave the building and pay your fine; 3) Some items, like stealing the Sword of White Woe from the East Guard Tower in Balmora, will garner you a death sentence and the guards will attack on sight.

+ When you start a fight with some one in town, ALWAYS let them hit you first. That way, you're defending yourself and killing them won't get you a hefty fine.
+ If you want to start a fight with someone (for whatever reason, be it to steal their stuff or take their home), try to pickpocket them, insult them until their disposition drops and they attack you, or just steal something from in front of them.

+ While you can pay to train up levels, you won't gain experience towards new levels doing this. I would suggest only doing this if you need some of your lesser used skills up to a decent enough level to be useful. Boosting Restoration, Security and Alteration are good ideas if your weak in those areas and want to make the best out of everything.
+ There are easy ways to train certain skills. Most can be done just be performing the tasks on your own. Athletics goes up by just walking, Acrobatics by jumping and landing a lot. Your weapon skills go up from landing hits and you armor skills go up from taking blows from enemies. You gain experience for Security through using lockpicks and probes and the Armory skills goes up by using Hammers and Tongs to repair your equipment.

Doing jobs for guilds and houses is a great way to earn money, equipment and new items. Many jobs will take you to new places and get you to explore the world at large. Join as many as you can, but be aware of a number of things:
+ Some guilds are at war with each other, so if you join both, like the Thieves Guild and the Camona Tong, you will have to make a decision as to which guild you favor, because at some point, you may get kicked out of one for performing a task for another.
+ Do not, I repeat, do not, commit a crime on your fellow guild member. It will get you expelled. To get back in, you'll have to either pay a fine or take time off from the guild after speaking with the headmaster. Either way, you won't be getting new jobs until you've made amends.
+ Join guilds which focus on the skills you're good at. The higher level of skills you get, the higher in the guild you get and the more jobs and services you can achieve. If you have a magic-poor barbarian join the Mages Guild, don't expect him to raise to high too soon. In fact, you may need to pay some people to train your character just to get new jobs.
+ You can not join all the Guilds and Houses and perform all the jobs in Morrowind in one game. It just isn't possible. In fact, you can only join one of the three Houses: Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni.
+ Most quests don't have one solution to them. If you are asked to get certain items, like Dwemer Artifacts or spell ingredients, you don't have to travel all over the place to get them. If you can find them in a crate nearby or if you've already pilfered them from previous dungeon treks, you can just offer those up. Also, in some quests, you'll be told to kill someone. You'll find that certain quest givers are blood thirsty, so you may need to talk with other quest givers in the Guild or even the prospective victims. Often, you can talk your way out of killing them and even get them to leave, so you can tell your quest giver that they're gone.

+ Acquire a place to store your extra loot. You know, the stuff you want to keep for a rainy day, but are afraid to sell off. The best places are empty houses (often with locked doors). If anyone lives there, whack them for good measure. Do not try to put your stuff in chests or crates. Especially crates, as they have a tendency to "refill" over time, deleting anything you tried to throw in there. To be honest, though, you could just ditch your stuff in the middle of town. None of the NPCs are going to swipe it.
+ Save often and in multiple files. The game does have an assortment of glitches, ranging from the map turning blank to items disappearing from your menu. Also, save before trying to start fights or steal in front of people, just in case something goes horribly wrong.
+ Be prepared to pay to bribe people on certain quests. Often, if you get their disposition up by any means (bribing works well for most), you can get people to give you items, info or even guild dues.

If you don't want to "cheat", skip this, because these are true tricks and cheats that will make this game seriously easier.
+ Restore Health - Enter the menu and go to stats and place the cursor on the Health Attribute and enter the following code - Black, White, Black (x3). Now, hold the A button to recharge your Health.
+ Restore Magicka - Enter the menu and go to stats and place the cursor on the Magicka Attribute and enter the following code - Black, White (x2), Black, White. Now, hold the A button to recharge your Magicka.
+ Restore Fatigue - Enter the menu and go to stats and place the cursor on the Fatigue Attribute and enter the following code - Black (x2), White (x2), Black. Now, hold the A button to recharge your Fatigue.
+ Super Skill Cheat - This trick will allow you to increase any one of your weapons skills to ungodly levels. First thing's first. Go buy a Bound "Weapon" Spell. This spell will allow you to summon a weapon with a +10 bonus to that weapon's skill. Drop all of your weapons except one and then cast the spell. Ready your summoned weapon. Now, hold down the X button and pull both the L and R triggers. This will cause you to switch between weapons superfast. If done right, this will cause the player to continue to receive +10 bonus on top of bonus on top of... well, you get the point. After a minute or so, you should be in the thousands in skill level.

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