Onimusha Tips/Mini-Walkthrough

Since Onimusha is basically a straighforward game, we here at ILS have decided to do a basic walkthrough, detailing enemies, Boss Strategies and how to get past the puzzles.

The Weapons

Sword - Your basic weapon and the one you start with. By attaching the magic orbs, you can get great weapons.


Magic Orb






The lighting blade is a katana. It's magical attack does severe damage to one enemy.




The fire blade is you standard European sword. It's magical attack sends out a stream of fire that hits anything in it's path.




The wind blade is like a staff with two curved blades, one on each side. It's magical attack is an area wind attack, hitting everything within a certain range of your character.

Bow - Excellent weapon to use against archers and enemies from afar. A liability against larger creatures.
Matchlock - Excellent weapon, especially with Burst ammo. Use sparingly, though.

Easy Mode

Apparently, Capcom decided to give gamers a little break if they were having too hard of a time with the game. If you die too many times, the game will tell you that Easy Mode has been opened up and you can restart the game and use this mode. There aren't any fewer enemies, they're just a little easier to put down.

The Enemies

Basic zombies, archer zombies - The easiest to remove. A couple firm slashes will rid you of them. If archers are on a roof or ledge above you, remove them with the bow or get under them and use your wind magic.
Three-eye Ninjas, Dark ninjas - Keep these guys in front of you at all times. They like to jump over you and attack from behind. If they do, spin around or block. Later in the game, the dark ninjas will start throwing knives at you from a distance.
Armadillo demons - Rush these beasts and knock them down. If you see one spinning, block. Their spinning attack lands three consecutive hits that really can damage you.
Ogre demons - Block when they attack or jump back out of their range. The best way to get rid of these is to charge them and hit them with a Lightning or Fire attack and then stab them while they're on the ground.
Samurai demons - Like the Ogres, you best best is to use magic to knock them down and stab them while they're on their back.
Tentacled demons - These guys are dangerous, because if you cut them in half, both halves will regenerate and attack you. Your best bet is the fire sword. Knock them down and stab them in the heart. Also, watch out for the tell-tale signs that they're sending a tentacle at you through the ground. If they do, rush them while they're occupied.
Blue Orbs - These pains steal the demon souls from you. Your best best is to either waste them early, or let them suck up all the souls and take them out last.
Disappearing Ninja Demon - The creature you fight as a mini-boss with Kaede will later turn up, especially outdoors. Your best bet is to block until they become visible and then slash away. The Shippuu (wind blade) is fast enough to get in a few slashes before they slip away.
Insect Demons - These creatures are fairly straightforward to deal with. Don't get caught between two of them and if you can, attack them from behind. They have a hard time turning around compared to some of the other creatures.

General Tips

1. Slash the background. Items will be hidden behind partitions and in crates.

2. Until you receive the Vision Staff, you'll have a hard time finding Flourites. Check every nook and cranny until that point. Once you receive the Vision Staff, you might want to do some backtracking to get the flourites you've missed.

3. Enhance your orbs to continue on through the story. If you're going to enhance your orbs, do it in the following order: Lightning, Fire, Wind. This is the order in which you will most likely run into magically sealed doors. Enhance you weapons to make fighting easier. Enhance herbs into Medicine to get the most bang for your buck.

4. If you are near a save room with a "magical well", feel free to workout on the nearby monsters, especially with magical attacks. You can always go back and absorb enough energy to replenish your resources.

5. Save others. If you kill demons that are attacking fellow humans, the humans will give you items, like shells and herbs.

6. When you fight Bosses, feel free to use everything you have, magic-wise. When they fall, you'll be able to absorb enough energy to usually replenish your magic stock.

Simplified Walkthrough

Trick Box 1 - You'll find this one after getting the Lightning Orb. All you have to do is turn the numbers so them line up in order. Do as follows: X, right, X, left, X. You'll get the Rope Ladder.

Trick Box 2 - The box depends on being able to understand the symbols in the books you'll find along the way. At this point, you won't have enough info to figure it out on your own. Here's the solution: (from left to right) 1, 3, 6

Boss - Big, Ugly Ogre

This guy is tough for anyone. Unless you've been building up your skill and weapons, he'll give you one heck of a fight. Don't attack him from the front if you can avoid it. Run past him, spin around and attack him from behind. The more you damage him, the more soul energy he'll give up, so feel free to back off and absorb enough to get you back to a comfortable level. One trick, which is a little risky, is to charge in and use the lighting attack and then tap down to quickly back out. If he blocks your initial attack, back out and try again. Also, he likes to charge you. If he does, dodge and then wail away on his back while he catches his breath.

Mini-Boss - Reynaldo

Reynaldo is your basic tentacled monster. Since you don't have the fire sword yet, just keep slashing and hope to knock them down and stab them to finish them off. Grab the fire orb after you're through to get the fire sword.

Trick Box 3 - Like trick box 2, this one asks a question that you have to answer with the runes. From left to right: 6, 1, 4.

Trick Box 4 - Like trick box 1, just line up the numbers. Do as follows: X, right, X, left, X, right, X, X.

Levers trap - This one involves using Samanosuke and Kaede to pull levers. Do as follows:

Samanosuke - only lever
Kaede - right lever
Samanosuke - left lever
Kaede - left lever (avoid the center lever - it will send an arrow down on her)
Samanosuke - get Holy Armor from chest, grab right lever
Kaede - only lever
Samanosuke - go out door

Floor Tile Trap - in this one you must switch between the two characters while walking over tiles. Once you step on a tile that is marked, blades will come up, immobilizing that character and opening certain tiles that correspond to the symbol on the tile. Tiles with a "t" open the floor in the four cardinal directions (left, right, behind, front) while a "X" tile will open the floor in diagonal directions. The "O" is the goal. When you move you character, make sure the tile you head to will not open the floor underneath your ally, as they will be send to a violent death and the game will end.

Water Trap - The goal is this puzzle is to move the two golden halves of the flower crest to over to their corresponding carved places on the wood plaque. To do this, you have to move the black tiles out of the way.

Boss - Wind Samurai

This guy will attack you with wind magic. As with the ogre, you'll want to be careful and attack him from behind. The lightning charge attack will not work under his shield has been destroyed, so you may need to wear him down before trying it. Once he goes down, make sure to grab the green orb off of the rooftop before leaving.

Note - once you get the young boy, you will be taken back to a room on the first floor by means of a cut-scene. If you want them bad enough, go back up to the room the boy was held in and get the Burst Shells.

Trick Box 5 - Like trick box 1, just line up the numbers, except that there are now eight numbers. Do as follows: right, X, left, X, right, right, X. This will give you the Blue Key.

Trick Box 6 - Like trick box 2. From left to right, select : 5, 7, 2. You will get a Magic Jewel.

Trick Box 7 - Like trick box 1, just line up the numbers. Do as follows: right, X, right, X, X, left, left, X, X. This will get you the Sacred Knife, a much better weapon for Kaede.

Mini-Boss - Disappearing Ninja

Since you're doing this fight with Kaede, you won't have magic, but you will have throwing knives. You're best bet is to block until the ninja becomes visible and just throw knives at it. When it turns up close enough, slash at it a few good times.

Boss - Doppleganger

Before this fight, make sure that your holy armor is armed. Your best bet is to block. When the doppleganger charges up its attacks, rush him and hit him a couple times. Repeat.

Note - Once you've gotten the Evil Plate and gone through the door it unlocks, you'll need to get the Great Bow and Great Arrow to break the magical seal.

Mini-Boss - Big Ogre + 3

This fight will test your stamina. Rush forward and use the Wind magic to weaken the three smaller Orges. Back up and hack at them until they fall. Hopefully, the Big Orge won't have closed the distance between you two, yet. Run away to give yourself breathing room. When you are ready, rush him and smack him down with Lighting and Fire magic. Use up everything. Fight him directly only as a last resort.

Trick Box 8 - You'll find this under the water fall past the hanging bridge. Avoid the bridge because it can be cut down. Do as follows: down, X, right, up, X, down, X, left, X, right, X. This will get you the great armor.

Trick Box 9 - You'll find this one in the save room after the waterfall. Unlike the other boxes which require three sets of runes, this one only uses two. From left to right: 3, 6. This will give you a magic jewel.

With Kaede, you'll find a room with a shrine to Bishamon. Behind it is a statue holding the Great Arrow. But unless you find something to put in it's place, you'll be locked in the room.

Trick Box 10 - This rotating number puzzle involves 8 numbers. Solve it as following: X, X, right, X, right, X, X, left, X, X. This will get you the Decorated Arrow. Take it and use it to replace the Great Arrow.

Boss - "Bee Queen" and Bug Demons

To start off, use Wind Magic to clear the bugs away from you. This should give you enough time and space to maneuver around. Break out the Matchlock and some burst shells. Keep firing at the Queen Bee. When a couple of her minions come at you, switch to the Shippuu (wind blade) and knock them back with Wind Magic.

Boss - Marcellus

While Marcellus has his shield, let him move in close and hit him with Wind Magic over and over again. While he may block some of the attack, it'll still wear him down. While fighting him with your sword, you'll probably want to flank him and attack from the sides. Block often or stay out of his range, which may be difficult. Marcellus likes to charge without warning, so either be really defensive or extremely offensive. Once he switches to the two hand-swords, lay into him with Lightning and Fire Magic. At this point, he's soon to fall, so just hold out until he does.

Final Boss - Fortinbras

The trick to Fortinbras is attacking his lower regions under he bends over. When that happens, tear into his head with your best stuff. When he attacks, don't waste your magic, he won't feel it. He'll use magic attacks that will either shoot from his eyes like lasers, attack from above, or spit flames. In any case, learn to dodge, because blocking isn't an option. The only time you should block is when he lunges with his arms. Feel free to use up your medicines and herbs if you have any. Since you won't be able to absorb more magic, make sure to get the best use out of them by waiting until his head drops.

After completing the game the first time, you'll unlock the short trailer for Onimusha 2 and a Special Mode in which you can play through the game as Samanosuke in a Panda Suit with a flower instead of his gauntlet. If you manage to find twenty flourites, you'll unlock a special Mini-Game.

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Since the game is pretty straight-forward, here's a few hints on how to survive.