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This walkthrough is intended to help you survive one of the toughest Resident Evils since the first one. There may be some SPOILERS in this walkthrough and some of the more shocking moments (monsters jumping out and attacking) may be revealed as part of the strategy. Please use this walkthrough with discretion.

 Prison Area

Claire's Cell - Items: Bullets, Green Herb, Knife
After the staring movie, equip the lighter to get out of the cell. After grabbing all of the items, leave.
Hallway - Items: Bullets, Typewriter, Ink Ribbon
Save here if you feel like it.
Graveyard - Items: Briefcase
After the cutscene, dodge the zombies and leave. Don't bother to go for the briefcase until you have the fire extinguisher.
Courtyard - Items: Handgun, Bullets
After the cutscene, go to the body by the wreck to get the bullets.
Prison Area - Items: Green Herb
If you want to pick up the M100Ps (dual automatic handguns) and some ammo, go up the steps and into the Prison Mess Hall. If not, go on to the Laboratory.
Prison Mess Hall - Items: Green Herb, Bullets
Blast the zombies, get the items and head into the bunk room.
Bunk Room - Items: M100Ps, Bullets(2)
Grab the ammo from the shelf by the window. Blast the zombies and pick up the guns.
Area Outside Lab -
Get past zombies and head into laboratory.
Prison Laboratory - Items: First Aid Spray, Grenades (Fire), Grenades (Acid)
Don't bother to pick anything in here up, yet. With the metal detector, you won't be able to take it with you. Go into the Prison Observation Room.
Prison Observation Room - Items: Typewriter, Ink Ribbon, Hawk Medal
After the scene with Steve, grab the Hawk Medal from the desk drawer and flip the switch by the blocked door. Throw the Medal into the duplication machine and head back into the Area Outside Lab. Flip the switch by the Roll-up door. Blast zombies and pick up the Fire Extinguisher and the Padlock Key from the guillotine. When you return to the Inner Prison, be careful of the 2 Cerebus who will jump you. Use the padlock key on the padlock on the gate, then return to the Graveyard. Put out the fire with the extinguisher and pick up the briefcase. Open it by viewing it in the Check option and rotating it around to the latch on the top. You will receive the TG-01 alloy. Return to the Laboratory with the alloy. Before placing the alloy in the duplication machine, set off the metal detector to keep the zombies from crashing through the windows. Use the TG-01 in the machine, collect your copy of the Hawk Medal, turn off the alarm and run back through. Feel free to leave any nonessential items in the storage chamber of the metal detector. You will be returning later on. Return to the Courtyard, avoid the zombies and use the copy of the Hawk Medal on the door to leave the Prison.

 Area Between Prison, Palace and Military Facility

Damaged Bridge - Items: Bullets, Green Herb (2)
Push the crate toward the other crates and get on. Walk over to other side and go up the stairs.
Courtyard Between Areas
The first time you're here, there will be zombies walking around. You can enter the Military Facility from here to get ammo and the Bow Gun, but I suggest going to the Palace first, as you'll have to go there anyway to get a security card to continue through the Facility, and you won't really need the Bow Gun if you have enough bullets for the hand gun and M100Ps.


Palace Courtyard - Items: Green Herb, Navy Proof
Kill the three dogs and head into the palace. If you have room for one item in your inventory, you might want to head down to the Jetty Dock to pick up the Arrows, Bullets and Palace Map before entering the Palace.
Foyer- Items: Bullets
There is a computer at the desk. Enter the code NTC0394 to unlock the back door. If you have a full inventory, head up the steps and into the Office to dump off items in the Storage Box.
Office - Items: Storage Box, Typewriter, Bullets, Green Herb, ID Card
Push the table near the locked door to reveal the ID Card. Throw it in storage (especially since all it has is the code noted above) or just don't bother with it at all. Go back down to the Foyer and enter the Bathroom.
Bathroom - Items: Duralumin Briefcase, First Aid Spray, Bullets
Enter and grab all the items. Head out and enter the back door of the Foyer.
Palace Hall - Items: Red Herb, Bullets
Kill the zombies and head to the Lounge at the end of the hall.
Lounge - Items: Steering Wheel, Bullets, Gold Lugers
Hit the switch underneath the Golden Ant and then grab the Steering Wheel. Ignore the Lugers. They're just a trap. Leave and head out of the Palace. As soon as you try to open the door, you hear Steve scream and the alarm go off. Run back to the Lounge and go to the monitor that's opened from behind the movie screen. Select C and E and then DECIDE. This will let Steve out with the Gold Lugers. Now, leave the Palace (with the Steering Wheel and M100Ps in your inventory) and head to the Jetty Dock.
Jetty Dock - Items: Arrows, Bullets, Palace Map, Side Pack (inside submarine)
Use the Steering Wheel at the dock and enter the submarine. Pick up the side pack and throw the lever to go down. Run down the steps and through the hall to the Airport Office.
Airport Office - Items: Bullets, Ink Ribbon
Run behind the desk and through the door to the Bridge. Cross the Bridge to the Cargo Room.
Cargo Room - Items: Arrows, ID Card
Go over the to lift in the corner and go up into the Cargo Lift Room. Access the controls to move the crane. When moving the crane, pay attention to the shadow, so you will be able to line it up to move the crate. Once your have moved the crate, go back down to the Cargo Room and flip on the blue switch for the cargo elevator. When the elevator comes up, you'll be attacked by four zombies (aren't you glad you brought the M100Ps?). Blast the zombies and get the items off of the crates. Now, go back to the Courtyard Between Areas and head into the Military Facility. If you need to drop some items off at the Storage Crate, make sure to keep the ID Card you just picked up.

 Military Training Facility

MTF Courtyard - Items: Arrows
If you go here before heading to the Palace, there will be Cerebus to deal with. After going to the Palace and Airport, a Gulp Worm will attack. Dodge it and head into the Entrance Area. Note: You won't have to fight it until you play as Chris later in the game.
Entrance Area - Items: Red Herb, Bullets
Use the ID Card on the scanner by the closed door. Enter the door to the Locker Room next to it.
Locker Room - Items: Arrows (3)
Kill the zombies and head into the Bath House/Sauna.
Bath House/Sauna - Items: Key with Tag
Run down to the pool and turn the valve handle to cut off the water. Grab the key and head back into the Entrance Area. From there, enter the Briefing Room.
Briefing Room - Items: Map, Arrows, Bow Gun Powder, Green Herb
Print out the map on the copier. Go into the back room and use the key on the cabinet to get the Bow Gun Powder. Leave the Briefing Room and enter the open doorway near the entrance from the courtyard. Head up the steps and enter the Outer Lab.
Outer Lab -
Items: Bow Gun
Grab the Bow Gun and leave. Go through the door in the Entrance Area that you've already unlocked and head into the Inner Courtyard.
Inner Courtyard
After Alfred starts shooting at you, run up the steps and he'll run away. Enter the door to the 2nd Floor Hall.
2nd Floor Hall - Items: Bullets (2)
Run down the hall and enter the save room through the grey door.
MTF Save Room - Items: Typewriter, Green Herb (2), Storage Box, Ink Ribbon, Hemostatic
I would suggest you save now. You're about to face a new enemy that can hurt you pretty bad if you're not expecting it.
Storage - Items: Uzis
After getting the Uzis and going back to the door, you'll be attacked by a Bandersnatch. Once through with it, head down to the now open door. After a cut scene, you'll be in control of Steve. With Steve, go through the Basement, Maintenance Room, Boiler Room and Passage over Sewer, being sure to kill everything. This will keep Claire from having to fight the zombies later on when you return. Steve won't be able to pick up any items, so don't even bother. After a cut-scene and an elevator trip, head through the 2nd Floor East Hall into the Walkway over the Garage.
Garage - Items: Bullets
After a fall and a few scenes, head to the side door and into the hallway. Go to the Painting Room at the end of the hall.
Painting Room - Items: Typewriter, Ink Ribbon, Blue Crest, Gold Key (after you get the Red Painting)
Grab the Blue Crest. Head back to the Garage. Exit out into the Motor Pool.
Motor Pool- Items: Arrows
If you brought the M100Ps, equip them and shoot both Cerebus at the same time. If not, try to get both of them in front of you. Once through, head out to the MTF Courtyard and back into the Main Hall. Go out to the Inner Courtyard and place the Blue Crest on the setting across from the painting to receive the Indigo Card. Go down the ladder into the Boiler Room. Revisit the Basement and use the Indigo Card to get the Grenade Launcher. Also pick up the Grenade Rounds. Now, make the trip back to the 2nd Floor East Hall and use the Indigo Card to gain access to the Surveillance Room.
Surveillance Room - Items: Green Herb (2), Grenades, Army Proof
Go to the glowing monitor and use the camera to zoom in on the painting. Remember the code "1126". Exit through the side door out into the Inner Courtyard. Go down into the Entrance Area and use the Indigo Card to unlock the sealed door. Head up to the Outer Lab and enter the code "1126" to enter the 2nd Floor Lab.
2nd Floor Lab - Items: Acid Grenades, Red Painting
Make sure to grab the painting last. When you do, you'll have roughly 30-45 seconds to escape and return back to the Entrance Area. Now, go back to the Painting Room and place the Red Painting where you picked up the Blue Crest. Take the Gold Key. Head back to the Palace. When you do, two Bandersnatches will have replaced the zombies.

 Palace/Private Residence

Portrait Room - Items: Earthenware Vase, Red Ant
Go through the Palace Hall and use the Gold Key on the door at the end, next to the Lounge, to the Portrait Room. Select the portraits in the following order: Portrait of woman, Portrait of red-headed man with twins, Portrait of redheaded man with tea set, Portrait of redheaded man with earthenware plate, Portrait of grey-haired man holding papers, Portrait of man with a candlestick, and finally the large portrait of the blonde haired boy. Take the vase and look inside to get the Red Ant. Now, go to the Office and use the Gold Lugers on the door.
Private Office - Items: Bullets
Go to the computer and enter in the code 1971. Kill the Bandersnatch and go through the now-open path to the Private Residence. You will have to fight your way through Bandersnatches in the Courtyard to get into the Private Residence.
Private Residence Foyer - Items: First Aid Spray, Bullets
Equip the lighter and head up the stairs. There is a door on the first floor to the Trophy Room. Only enter there if you need ammo (Bullets, Ink Ribbon, Arrows), because of the Bandersnatches within. At the top of the stairs, enter the door to the Bedroom Hall.
Bedroom Hall - Items: Bullets, Green Herb
After the cutscene, head around to Alexia's Bedroom.
Alexia's Bedroom - Items: Silver Key, Music Box Plate
Examine the music box and close the lid. Grab the Silver Key from the bed. Use the Red Ant on the music box and grab the Music Box Plate. Head back to the Palace and first go into the Casino, where you can pick up Explosive Arrow Powder, Green Herbs (2) and Bullets. Next, go to the Palace Hall. Use the Silver Key to enter the North Office Area.
North Office Area - Items: Blue Crest, Bullets
Take out the two Bandersnatches and grab the Blue Crest from the ground. Head back to the Office and get the Hemostatic. Now, go back to Claire's Cell in the Prison where you will exchange the Hemostat and Lighter for the Lockpick. Now, while you're in the Prison, head over to the Area Outside Lab, where you'll use the Blue Crest on the door in the Guillotine area to enter the Open Hall to Infirmary.

 Prison Area

Open Hall to Infirmary - Items: Green Herb, Bullets, Storage Box
Get rid of the Zombies and head down into the caged in area. Move the box out from behind the door and go inside to grab the items from the Prison Laboratory. Also, make sure to grab any items you left in the metal detector and place them in the Storage Box (especially the Fire Extinguisher). Use the lockpick on the Duralumin Briefcase you've already found to get Explosive Arrow Powder. Once you are through, go to the Infirmary.
Infirmary - Items: First Aid Spray, Bullets
Pick up the items and head into the Morgue.
Morgue - Items: Duralumin Briefcase, Bullets
Grab the items (being sure to open the Duralumin Briefcase for the Handgun Parts) and head back into the Infirmary. Kill the zombies and take the Glass Eyeball from the doctor zombie. Place it in the anatomic sculpture in the side room. Enter the hidden staircase and run through the hall to get past the bats and into the Torture Chamber. Don't forget to grab the Green Herb on the way through.
Torture Chamber - Items: Bullets, Arrows
Get past the zombies and head down to the Statue Garden.
Statue Garden - Items: Piano Roll, Rusty Sword
Pull the sword out of the statue. When the room starts to fill with gas, turn and push the center statue, turning it 180° to turn off the gas. Place the Rusty Sword in the Iron Maiden that replaced the original statue you took the sword from. A zombie should jump out. Kill him and grab the Piano Roll. Now, leave the Prison. On your way back to the Palace, stop in at the Military Training Facility if you want to use the lockpick to get some extra supplies: Painting Room - First Aid Spray, Maintenance Room - Acid Grenades, Briefing Room - Bullets. Either way, head back to the Palace and go to the Casino, where you will place the Piano Roll into the Player Piano. Take the Blue Ant out of the Slot Machine. Now head to the Private Residence, making sure you have the Blue Ant and the Record.

 Palace/Private Residence

Private Residence Foyer
After fighting your way through a horde of zombies and sneaking past two Bandersnatches, you'll find the foyer filled with zombies, not bats. Either use the knife or handgun to get them out of your way while you head up to Alexia's Bedroom.
Alfred's Bedroom
Set the Blue Ant on the Music Box. Insert the Music Box Plate. When the bed comes down, climb on it and go up the ladder to the Attic.
Attic - Items: Dragonfly Key, Green Herb
Grab the Dragonfly and examine it. Detach the wings and go over to the ant painting. Insert the Dragonfly Key in the hole. Go up the ladder to the Attic Office.
Attic Office - Items: Air Force Proof, Bullets, Ink Ribbon, Typewriter
Push the box over to the bookcase. Get on it and grab the Confession Letter off of the top of the bookcase. Grab the Air Force Proof. Head down the ladder and go back down to Alexia's Bedroom. Head out and a series of scenes will happen. Once the dust settles, leave the Private Residence and make for the Jetty Dock, being sure to take the Air Force Proof, Army Proof, and Navy Proof with you. Go through the Airport Office to the Hangar.
Hangar - Items: Storage Box, Typewriter, Bridge Lever
Place the three medals and enter the plane. After a scene, grab the Bridge Lever and head back out. Go through the Airport Office to the Cargo Room. Take the life to the Cargo Lift Room and go through the door to the 2nd Floor Bridge. Use the Bridge Lever to raise the bridge. Run across and enter the Hydraulic Control Room.
Hydraulic Control Room - Items: Airport Key, First Aid Spray
Grab the Airport Key from the pile of zombies. Use the Lockpick on the cabinet to get the First Aid Spray. Now head back to the Cargo Room and use the Airport Key to enter in the previously locked door to the Cargo Elevator Room.
Cargo Elevator Room - Items: Bullets, Grenades, Green Herbs (2), Typewriter, Storage Box
On your first time through, I would highly suggest saving here. Push the boxes underneath the stuck elevator door. Go in the elevator and ride it up to the MTF Courtyard. Run out into the Area Between Prison, Palace and Military Facility and face the Tyrant.

BOSS - Blast the Tyrant with Flame and Regular Grenades until he's face-down. You can also use Explosive Arrows, but I would suggest to try and keep those for the second encounter.

Once through, run back to the Hangar and get into the plane. After a series of cut-scenes, you'll have to head out into the back of the plane. Once again, I would suggest saving before going on.

BOSS - Once again, the Tyrant shows up. This time, he's hard as hell. Hopefully, you have a ton of Explosive Arrows to wear him down. When he starts moving around sluggishly and bleeding, hit the button on the cargo catapult to launch him out of the back of the plane. Be careful, because he can take you out fairly quickly, even though he seems to move slowly. Once you take him out, use your free save and go on to part 2.

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Zombies - Your basic RE monster. Use the handgun or knife to kill them. If you're one-on-one, I'd suggest using the knife to conserve ammo.
Cerebus - These undead dogs are faster than you and often attack in packs. It is suggested that you kill them before moving on in any area. When they are growling at you, aim the gun down to shoot them before they charge.
Bats - Bats are annoying, period. You could waste the time to shoot them, but the easiest method to get past them is to equip the lighter. They'll leave you alone as long as the lighter is on.
Bandersnatch - These rubbery men can strike from a distance. Normal ammo doesn't have much effect, but Explosive Arrows and Grenade rounds do.
Albinoid - Just run past these nuisances. They'll shock you but for minimal damage.
Moths - These poisonous flying annoyances can be dealt with a handgun shot. They like the grab a hold of you and implant a poisonous seed in your back.
Spiders - Run past these annoying monsters if you can. Be careful as they spit poison.
Hunter - These violent monsters from RE1 and RE3 have returned. They're fast and can cause a lot of damage quick. Their Achilles Heel: Acid Grenades.
Poison Hunter - Same as the regular Hunters, except the can poison.
Seekers - Flying robotic cameras that you should just avoid. If they see you, an alarm will go off and Hunters will soon follow.
Ants - Don't bother wasting ammo on them. They're only in one room and they cause next to no damage. Just run past them.
Tentacles - A few shotgun blasts should get these out of your way. You'll only run into them twice in the game and you really have no choice but to shoot your way past.

• Use the 180° turn rather than backing away from enemies. It's quicker and safer for you.
• If your having trouble with ammo early on, use the knife to finish zombie when they're on the ground.
• If you know you won't ever be returning to a certain room or area, don't waste the time to finish off the enemies. Just run past them.
• Don't waste good ammo on weaker monsters (zombies, moths, etc.)
• Never use green herbs by themselves. They are always more potent when mixed with red herbs and to a lesser degree with other green herbs.
• If you're running low on inventory space when picking up items, prioritize: 1) Items that can be combined, 2) Key items, 3) Ammo that you currently have in your inventory, 4) Limited high-power ammo (Magnum, etc.). Items like ink ribbons and arrows can be found in mass quantities.
• Always check key items in the menu to see if they can be altered or if keys or cards are hidden in the items.