Resident Evil 3 - The Mercenaries Game

Your reward for finishing Resident Evil 3 is a mini-game where you get to play one of the mercenaries. In this game you have to make it from the trolley car to the warehouse at the beginning of the game in under two minutes. Don't fret, thoughâ You get Bonus Time every time you kill a creature or save one of the six hostages.

This strategy guide is here to help you obtain the $9,999 required to get the best item in the game: Unlimited Ammo on all weapons! If you want to try your hand at one of the tougher men (Carlos or Nikolai), be my guest. This walkthrough is just meant to help you get to the end with all of the hostages saved so you can get the most money for your bang.

Stage 1: Trolley to the Gas Station
Stage 2: The Gas Station to the Newspaper Office
Stage 3: The Newspaper Office to the Restaurant
Stage 4: Restaurant to the Power Station
Stage 5: Power Station to Sales Office
Stage 6: Sales Office to Bar
Stage 7: Bar to Warehouse

Stage 1

Trolley Area

Once outside of the trolley, arm the shotgun, turn right, move into the next screen and blast the three zombies for anywhere from 7 to 14 seconds. Hustle the other way, getting on top of the crate. Come down from the center of the crate, zigging right then left to dodge the first two zombies. Hang along the left wall to avoid the last one.

Alley Outside of Trolley

Run to the first two zombies, taking down one and then the other. Rush to the corner and let the one on the floor grab your leg. Stomp his head in and then shoot at the two zombies nearing you. This combo of consecutive kills should net you about 14-17 seconds.

Second Alley

Sprint through this alley to avoid the crows.

Forked Path

Arm the magnum, kill the zombie and move forward to entice the other 6 or 7 zombies. DO NOT use the shotgun on the first zombie, because you will more than likely destroy the barrel behind him. Next, switch to the shotgun and wait until all of the zombies congregate around the barrel. Shoot and watch the parts fly as you run by. Hang a left and arm the magnum before going through the door.

Outside Gas Station

Run forward, shoot one dog. Move forward, shoot dog number two. Move forward, decap dog #3. Head into the gas station.

Gas Station

Arm the shotgun. Decap the zombie. Rush forward past the ground zombie into the next room. Kill away. Turn back and stomp on the ground zombie's head. Talk to the hostage to get his time bonus and 14 shotgun shells.


Stage 2

Gas Station

Leave the gas station behind you. The next two rooms should be empty, since you killed everything on your way in. If not, try to dodge the enemies rather than waste the time and ammo.

City Street

Once you reach the street, blast a path through the crowd of zombies. You don't have to kill them all, just kill enough to clear a path. BE CAREFUL. A number of the zombies aren't dead when they hit the ground, so you may have to dodge them as well as the ones rushing towards you.

Newspaper Office

Before entering the Newspaper Office, equip the magnum. Once through the door, auto-aim and kill the first Hunter. Run to the steps, stutter-stepping to throw off the second Hunter on the steps. Gun him down and run to the top.

Second Floor

Equip the shotgun. Rush forward and let the zombie in the hall have it. Turn into the room and take out the four zombies. Run to the hostage (who, incidentally, we have never seen before in the game. Who is this person? Is she available? Butâ I digress.). Collect your time bonus and 14 shotgun shells.


Stage 3

City Street

Back on the street, kill anything left alive to get some extra time. Head to the bottom right door.

Garden District

Once in the alley, rush to the T-intersection and hang a wide left. Try to get past the dogs to the landing behind the restaurant. From there, blast the three dogs until they are dead. At this point, you should have more than 2:15 to 2:20. If not, pass this place up for the time being. If you are under 2:00, your hostage will be already deceased (or not there for you to save).


Step inside with Magnum in hand. Auto-aim and drop a cap in the Hunter that is off-screen. Run around the corner and down the hatch before the next Hunter rushes you.


Once down in the basement, shotgun-blast the zombie to your right. Turn and charge the next four. Try to kill them while they are standing. If the fall below the water and aren't dead yet, it'll cost you a ton of time to wait for them to get back up. Set the hostage free and collect your time bonus and 12 magnum bullets (Joy!).


Stage 4


Climb up out of the sewer and return to the back alley. DO NOT go through the restaurant. Not unless you want to needlessly fight two Hunters and a whole pack of zombies. Run through the alley to the other end.

Construction Area

Go out onto the next street and arm yourself with the Rocket Launcher. Use this ONLY on the Nemesis. You lose points in the end for using this weapon on anything else. Enter the next room and run down until the camera angle changes and you can see the Nemesis walking towards you. Fire away. If he dodges the first shot, shoot another his way. When he hits the ground, move behind him and wait for him to get back up. Shoot him again and he stays down. You get 15 to 20 seconds for the trouble. Rush up the stairs and go down the elevator.


Arm the Magnum. Kill the first spider from a distance, but rush past the other two. If you kill two of them, the third one will be more likely to hit you with poison. If you become poisoned, you're screwed. There is no way to cure poison in the Mercenaries Game.

Fenced Area

Enter the fenced in area and auto-aim the two Drain Demios. One bullet for each and into the next room.

Power Station

Arm your shotgun and kill the two to your right. Move forward and kill the three in front of you. Finish off the last two who come out of your destination. Free the hostage and collect a time bonus and a first aid spray. At this point, you might need to use the first aid or the herb. If you've already used the herb, you might want to hold off a little more. It's only going to get more hectic.


Stage 5

Construction Area

Get back up to the Nemesis room and hang a left where you left him face-down (Unfortunately, he won't be there to spit on and harass.) Equip the Magnum.


Shoot the first Hunter and then rush past the other two until you reach the door to the end at the right.

Parking Lot Office

There are 5 floor zombies and two real dead bodies on the floor here. You can either blast your way through or stomp on anything the grabs you. You're choice. Just get to the door alive!

Parking Lot

Ignore the first two zombies and rush to the main garage area. Use the shotgun to blast the barrel and then shoot one or two more to clear a path to the door. Don't hang around to kill everyone. It's not worth it.

Crashed Midtown Area

Hang a right past the bus and rush for the door. A mutated Nemesis SOMETIMES will jump down from the top of the bus after you. Ignore him and head through the door.

Firehose Alley

Arm your Magnum and decap the first zombie. Switch to the rocket launcher and move to the next screen. Let the Nemesis waste the zombie between you and him, then thank him for the 3 second bonus with a rocket to the face. Let him get back up and give him another. Switch to the shotgun and kill the two zombies. Run to the door on the right.

Dead Merc Alley

Sprint to the corner and blast the barrel. Ignore anything else left alive and get to the door on the other end of the hall. Hang a right on the next street and enter the door on you left at the end (the LockPick door).

Y-Alley (Fire Spigot)

Run forward to the barrel and entice the zombies to the right door to come forward. Blast the barrel and rush past their burning carcasses (laughing at their ignorance all the way). In the next hall run in a tight zigzag to avoid the leeches.

Street Outside Office

Equip the magnum and waste both Brain Suckers. Enter the building with shotgun drawn. Blast the zombie in the entrance and nail the two or three secretary wannabees in you way. Kill anything between you and the door to the storage room. Ignore the rest.

Sales Office

Once inside, use the magnum on the first Hunter Beta. Run to the corner, pull a 180 and get the others to chase after you. Kill them both and release your hostage for some time and a well needed first aid spray.


Stage 6

Sales Office to Y-Alley

Leave the office and head back to the fire hydrant alleyway. Blast past the four zombies by the door. If you're running low on shotgun shells, just try to knock down a couple and run past them to the door. At this point, you NEED the following to be left in your inventory: One healing item, 3 or 4 Magnum bullets (a bare minimum), and 7 shotgun shells. If this is all you have then DO NOT deviate from the rest of this walkthrough in any manner, or you will not make it to the end.

Barricaded Alley

Run past the dogs and head for the door on the other end. If you have a few extra bullets (3) or shells (5-6), you might be safer to move to where the dead cops were and kill the three dogs to keep them from nipping at your toes.

Dumpster Alley

WARNING! Be careful. There are two (count them, two) Nemesis in this room. Rush forward to the intersection. If you are low on health, ammo or time, take the left route to the door, hang a right and go to the next door, which will lead you to the long, curved hall full of zombies. For those of you who are doing better, turn right and take the stairs on your left. Stutter-step to might the rocket blast from the Nemesis by the dumpster. Rush around him and head to the door at the back of the Bar. Don't stick around and try to be a hero by taking on two Nemesis with your rocket launcher.


Blast the first zombie facing you. Turn and waste the crowd to your right. Save the last hostage for a time bonus and Special SG Shells E. If you have between 5 and 6 magnum bullets, arm it and head for the door on the other side. If not, load the shotgun with the Special SG Shells E. This is the only time in the game you will get to use these suped up shotgun shells. They cause more damage than normal shells and if you're lucky, you might drop a Hunter with one of these. MIGHT. I would feel safer with a Magnum, though.


Stage 7

Street Outside Bar

Exit and plug the first Hunter. Run around the left and head for the door at the back. If you have enough ammo, turn around and waste the other Hunters before they reach you.


There are 9 zombies here. You will need 3 Magnum rounds for the next room and 7 to 10 shots for the last room, so decide how many zombies you can kill and how many you should try to run past. Get to the door at the end and arm your Magnum.

Barricaded Street

Auto-aim, shoot one Hunter. Auto-aim, shoot Hunter #2. Auto-aim, shoot Hunter #3. Run to the door on your right.

Warehouse Hall

Sprint down the hall, ignoring the birds.


Unload everything on these zombies. Even if you're low on time when you reach here, don't worry. The time bonuses for group and consecutive kills will give you more than enough time to limp to the door at the top of the walkway. If you are low on ammo (under ten rounds for both weapons total), my suggestion is to start with the shotgun and go for as many group kills as possible. Mop up the rest with the magnum and then dodge your way past any that are left.

Congrats. You've finished the Mercenaries Mini-Game and probably received anywhere from $900 to $2,000. Now all you need is to finish it a couple more times. Don't feel bad if you miss a hostage or two. It is better to miss getting all 6 hostages than to not make it to the end. If you run out of time or die before you reach the end, your prize will be cut in half. Keep that in mind.
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The minigame is just as much fun as the regular game.