This simple walkthrough is intended to get players from location to location without spoiling enemy locations or ruining the experience or any surprises in this shocking game. Also, refer to the gameplay hints to help get through battles and locate items.

East South Vale
After the opening cinema, head outside and get the map from inside the car. Take the path southwest, with a short stop in the cemetary, until you hit Wiltse Rd. Take Wiltse Rd. until you hit Sanders St. On Sanders, go west and then north on Lindsey St. Hang a right on Vachss Rd. and go up to the construction zone. Once you're through getting the radio and wooden plank, head back to Lindsey St. At this point, your ultimate goal is a trailer on the west side of Saul St. On your way there, stop by the dead body on the north end of Martin St. to get the Apartment Gate Key. Once in the trail on Saul, read the note and then go to Neely's Bar on the corner of Sanders and Neely St. Look at the map on the counter and then head to the Wood Side Apartments on Katz St.

Wood Side Apartments
Once in the lobby, grab the map and head upstairs. Immediately got to Room 205 and get the flashlight. You can search around, but you'll want to head up to the third floor and try to get the key from the other side of barred gate. Now, go get the handgun from Room 301. Now, go back down to the second floor and head back to Room 208. Grab the key to Room 202, head to Room 202, get the Clock Key and return to Room 208. Use the Clock Key on the clock and solve the puzzle from the clues on the wall and the memo on the phone table. Or, just highlight the solution here: 9:10. Move the clock, go into 209, head out into the hall and head up to the third floor. Enter 307 and grab the Courtyard Key from inside the closet. Go down to the bars where you first tried to grab the key and get the Fire Escape Key. Go to the east staircase to head down to the east lobby (first floor). Go north up the east hall and grab the Canned Juice. Go up to the laundry room on the second floor and throw the Canned Juice into the garbage shute. Now, go out to the front yard and look into the incinerator to get the Old Man Coin. Go into the west lobby and use the key in the back door to get into the inner courtyard. Grab the Snake Coin from the shopping cart in the empty pool. Head to Room 101 and stop in on the bathroom before you can go. Go up to the second floor and use the Fire Escape Key to get out.

Blue Creek Apartments
You start out in room 203. Fish the wallet out of the toilet to get the combination lock. Use this code to open the safe. Grab the map from the staircase as you head down to the first floor. Go to room 109 to get the Prisoner Key. Go to room 105 and use the three coins on the secretarial. Here are the solutions: Easy: Old Man, blank, Snake, blank, Prisoner - Normal: blank, Old Man, Prisoner, blank, Snake - Hard: blank, Old Man, blank, Snake, Prisoner. Grab the Lyne House Key and go up to room 209. Cross over to room 208 and get the Apartment Stairway Key. Save and head to the staircase leading down. Boss fight - Play keep away with the monster until the siren goes off and he leaves. You can either use the handgun or wooden plank to beat him away. May sure to stay clear of his weapon and don't follow him when he leaves. When the water drains head down and out.

West South Vale
Head north to Rosewater Park. Once you leave, head west on Nathan Ave. heading out of town. On your way, grab the Steel Pipe from the Texxon Gas Station. Near the dead body is a map telling you to head back to Pete's Bowl-a-Rama. Do so. Once you're through in there, run around to the back of the building and through the gate to the alleyway. Head to the end of the allway and then backtrack to the back door to Heaven's Night. Once you gain access, head through and out onto Carroll Street. Head south to the hospital.

Grab the map next to the entrance and get to the Document Room by way of the Reception Office. Grab the journal and the Purple Bull Key. Go to the stairwell and up to the second floor. Grab the Examination Room Key from the Men's Locker Room and the Bent Needle and Shotgun from the Women's Locker Room. Enter Examination Room 3 and look at the four-digit code on the carbon in the typewriter. Now, go to M2 and get the "Lapis Eye" Key. Go back down to the first floor and enter the Doctor's Lounge through the Examination Room. Look at the bulletin board for a code you'll need later. Now, head up to the third floor and enter the code you just got to gain access to the hallway. Enter S3 to get the Roof Key and take it with you to the stairs up to enter the roof. Run out to the diary and then head back. You'll find yourself in the Special Treatment Room. Enter one of the rooms and take note of the code scrawled on the wall. Now, head to S14 to solve the puzzle. Use the Purple Bull Key, "Lapis Eye Key" and the two codes you've picke up to open the box to get the piece of hair. Go to the shower room and use the Bent Needle and piece of hair on the drain to get the Elevator Key. Now, use the elevator to get to C2. Boss fight - Use either the shotgun or handgun to shoot the monsters as they move towards you. Make sure to move to keep them from grabbing a hold of you with their feet. After killing the first two, a third will drop down and attack. Finish him off.

Nightmare Hospital
Enter in from the garden and take the elevator up to the second floor and go to room M6 to get both the Dry Cell Battery and the Basement Storeroom Key. Go up to the third floor and take the east staircase down to the basement. Push the bookcase aside and god down the ladder to collect the Copper Ring. Now, head up to the 2nd floor Day Room and open the fridge to get the Lead Ring. Take both rings up to the fresco on the 3rd floor and use them to unlock it. Head down the stairs and run like hell along the long path to get to the elevator. Once off of the elevator, go to the Director's Room and get the key for the lobby door. Leave.

Dark South Vale
Your ultimate goal is to get to Gonzale's Mexican restaurant. Along the way, you might want to look around town for items. Head to Saul Street and cross over into the east side of town. Get to the restaurant and grab the wrench. Now, head back to the west side by way of Katz Street. Head north to Rosewater Park and find the statue. Clear the pile of soil and use the wrench to get the Old Bronze Key. Now, go to the Silent Hill Historical Society. Enter the painting room and through the hole in the wall down the secret path. Ultimately, you'll find a room with a large pit. Jump in. At the bottom of the well, find a weak spot in the wall and hit it with the steel pipe. Once out go down to the only door that will open into another hall. Go into the room and grab the Spiral-Writing Key. Replace the battery of your flashlight when it goes out and go to the door panel. When you look at it, three buttons will light up. Press those in some combination to unlock the door. Use the Spiral-Writing Key to open the gate in the floor and take another leap of faith.

Toluca Prison
Grab the Tablet of "The Gluttonous Pig" and head out into the hall. The map of the prison will be on a table in the hall. Take the center door on the east side of the hall into the shower room. In one of the shower stalls is the Tablet of "The Seductress". Now take the south hall east, being sure to stop into the next to last cell to get the Wax Doll. Now, take the east up to the north hall. Keep going along the cells, trying open doors until you find the one in which you find the Tablet of "The Oppressor". Go out into the yard and use the three tablets on the hanging scaffolding. Head back to the door, taking the horseshoe with you. Go back to the west hall and enter the northmost doorway. Head through the visiting room to the hall and then enter the room just south to get the lighter. Enter the front office on the west side of the hall and take the rifle from the back room. Go through the south gate and combine the Horseshoe, Wax Doll and Lighter and use them on the floor hatch. Once again, jump down.

The Labyrinth
Head out of the room you find yourself in. Take a left and then the second right. Go down. Go to the other end of the hall. In the next room, there's a rotatable cube and room with entrances and exits. Solution: Turn the cube until the face with red eyes is towards you, right-side up. Now turn the face either left or right to gain an entrance. Head through. Come back into this room and take the Wire Cutters. Go back to where you entered the labyrinth and use the Wire Cutters on the doorway on the other side. In the next hall take the first ladder. Go through the next few tunnels and save when you come across the next save point. Enter the next hall. Boss fight - Blast this beat with the shotgun once or twice and then move to the other side of the room. Repeat until the beast is dead. Now, head on to find two rooms, one with six hanged men with notes on their faces and one with just six empty nooses. You must figure out which of the six men was executed unfairly. When you do, head to the other room and pull that noose. Solution: Easy - kidnapper, Normal - arsonist, Hard - counterfeiter. Go back and get the Key of the Persecuted. Use this key to unlock the handcuffs and open the door. Go through the door. Come back out and go through the gate. Use the Save point in the graveyard and jump down through the open grave. Boss fight - The first part of this fight is a shoot out. Just keep plugging, taking time to heal when needed, until the boss runs for it. Follow the boss into the next room. Here, you can use slabs of meat to hide behind, stepping out to blast the boss once or twice then running for cover again. To avoid getting shot, you can get close and let the boss just punch you, which causes less damage. Once through, go out to the dock and take the boat across the lake to the light on the other shore.

Lake View Hotel
Before entering the hotel, grab the "Little Mermaid" Music Box from the fountain. As soon as you enter, grab the map and head into the Restaurant. Grab the Fish Key and head down to the basement, where you need to get the Thinner from the elevator car. Go back up to the 1st floor and into the lobby. Grab the key to Room 312 from behind the counter and head up the stairs. Head to the Cloak Room to get the Key to room 204 from the suitcase (use the Fish Key). Go to room 204, use the Thinner on the photo and use the code to open the suitcase to get the "Cinderella" Music Box. Now, head to the employee's elevator. You will have to dump everything you have on the nearby shelf to use the elevator. Go to the 1st floor Pantry to get "Snow White" Music Box. Grab both the Videotape and Can Opener from the office. Take the stairs down to the basement and grab the Bar Key from the boiler room. Get to the kitchen and use the Can Opener on the can to get the lightbulb. Enter the bar and use the lightbulb on the lamp to unlock the door. Now, go back up to the lobby and use the three music boxes on the music box stand to get the Hotel Stairway Key. Head up, stopping by the 2nd floor to grab your stuff. Once on the 3rd floor, enter room 312 and use the videotape on the vcr on the floor.

Nightmare Hotel
Head out and go down to the 2nd floor. enter room 202 to exit room 219. Run to the elevator and take it to the basement. Enter the bar and head for the stairs up to the 1st floor. Once on the 1st floor, head northeast to the exit. Take the long path to a room with the last save point for the game. Exit this room. Boss fight - keep your distance, taking one or two shots from the rifle at a time and then moving. Since these enemies have a combined health, you only need to worry about shooting the nearest one. Just make sure to keep moving and don't apporach them when they start to walk away from you. Grab the Rust-colored Egg and the Scarlet Egg from their dead bodies and use them to unlock the doors. Go out into the lobby and leave the hotel. Run down the long hall and face your final enemy. Boss fight - Once again, keep moving, firing the rifle one or two shots at a time. Don't let the boss or the cloud of moths get too close to you. If the moths do, shake them off. Keep moving and don't get trapped by the stairs you entered in by. Once the boss goes down, shoot one last final shot at it. Now, experience the ending you earned.

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Pay attention to James' head - Often James will turn and look at items you can pick up or if monsters are in the area. If your radio isn't going crazy, follow James' line-of-sight to find items that are laying around.
These mean streets - While the streets are loaded with enemies, you can run past most, if not all of them. Don't waste ammo unless you have to.
Best weapon for the job - I would suggest keeping to melee weapons for the Patient Demons and Mannequins. For the Nurses, use either the steel pipe or resort to the handgun. The Underhangers should just be ignored. The Doormen should be dealt with by using the shotgun.
Silent Hill Chainsaw Massacre - On your second play through, you should come across a chainsaw on the long path into town. Once you hear the chainsaw, turn and take it out of the log.

Here's a few suggestions on how to improve your chances on getting the endings:
"Maria" - Spend a lot of time with her when you can and make sure that her health stays as high as possible. Also, visit her a lot in room S3 of the Hospital. Also, don't look at Mary's photo or letter in the menu.
"In Water" - Examine the knife that Angela gave you. Read the diary on the rooftop of the hospital. Listen to the taped conversation in the Reading Room in the Nightmare Hotel.
"Rebirth" - Find four items on your second walk through: White Chrism; Book, Lost Memories; Obsidian Goblet; Book, Crimson Ceremony.
"Leave" - Keep your stamina up. Listen to all of the sickbed conversation in the hallway before the last bost fight. Don't immediately follow Maria's directions and don't ask her to repeat them.
"Dog" - After getting either the "Rebirth" ending or the other three endings, you can find a Dog Key in a dog house near Jack's Inn. Use this key to open the Observation Room in the Nightmare Hotel 3rd floor.