While Silent Hill 3 is generally a linear game, this walkthrough covers how to find all essential items, weapons and how to make it to the next location, including on how to get past the bosses. Also included are specific events and puzzle solutions for the three difficulty levels (both action and puzzle). All directions (North, West, East, South) are relative to the map after you receive the map of the area. Beforehand, the directions are relative to Heather's position (turn left, right, etc.).


Knife - Basically a useless melee weapon that has poor range and poor damage dealing abilities. You'll take a lot of damage in combat with this. You're better off just running.
Steel Pipe - This tool will save you ammo early on and you'll find certain enemies are susceptible to a good pipe beating.
Katana - The best of the melee weapons. It has good speed, great damage, good blocking and takes no time to ready for immediate attacks.
Handgun - Decent ranged weapon that you'll most likely use as a default for most enemies. Carries 10 bullets and has good range. Won't do as much damage as the shotgun will, but the recoil is much better.
Shotgun - Great damage dealer, but can be inconsistent as its attacks are more of a spray that the standard bullets of the handgun. Also, the recoil can leave you slow and open to attacks. Suggested for bosses and softening up large groups. Use with caution.
Stun Gun - One might think this is a completely worthless weapon, but once you use it, you'll find it to be a great addition. The Stun Gun does one thing well - it knocks enemies to the ground. At which point, you can run for it or start kicking them to do damage without wasting ammo. The only drawback - very short range.
Submachine Gun - This weapon is great for laying down some serious damage than causes the enemy to jerk in place as they quickly get devoured by gunfire. Too bad it eats up ammo. This is only made worse by the extreme lack of ammo available for it in the game. Use only when necessary.
Unlimited Submachine Gun - This weapon is just like the Submachine Gun, except that you don't have to reload and you can keep firing until everything in your path is dead. Can be found in the alley behind the mall at the beginning of the game once you unlock it. To do so, you must deliver the killing blow to the final boss with a melee weapon.
Flamethrower - To unlock this one, kill more enemies with ranged weapons to make this available in you next game. Pick it up in the Bakery in the mall. The weapon can do good damage but it forces you to stand still to aim. Good thing is that it sprays out and can hit multiple enemies at one time.
Beam Saber - This Star Wars-like weapon can be unlocked by killing more enemies with melee combat. During your next game, you'll find the Beam Saber disguised as a doorknob at the end of the hall after you get on the second floor of the mall. The weapon itself is a good melee tool, comparable to the Katana. Its only drawback is that it takes too long to get ready.
Silver and Gold Pipes - In your Extra game, throw the Steel Pipe into the water after using the Dryer. Then answer the questions No, No, Yes to get these two pipes. Neither are all that great when it comes to fighting, especially in comparison to the regular pipe. Also, there's a chance that they'll break from use.
Heather Beam/Sexy Beam - To get this weapon, you need to kill 333 enemies in multiple playthroughs. The weapon comes automatically equipped (meaning that you need to keep Heather unequipped weapon-wise). I won't spoil what this weapon does, but you'll have some fun with this very different weapon.

 Difficulty Levels

Easy Action - Weapons reload without animation, enemies take little ammo to drop and cause less damage. Environmental dangers are neutered and it's impossible to fall off of ledges. Suggested for first time players or those who just want to go through the game for the story.
Normal Action - Enemies deliver and take average amounts of damage. Expect multiple enemies in most areas. On your first play through on this difficulty, expect to run past many enemies or stick to melee to drop most as there just isn't enough ammo to kill them all. Be wary of falling off edges and there are other environmental dangers to be weary of.
Hard Action - Expect a solid challenge. In fact, you may find yourself finding ways to avoid combat altogether as you won't have enough ammo and healing items to deal with most enemies.
Puzzles - The difficulties in the puzzles are detailed for each in the walkthrough. Easy level is for those who don't want to tax their mind. Normal provides a mild challenge and may require a moment or two to think things out. Hard pulls out the stops and gives you puzzles that require effort to figure out and get successfully.


Double Head - This beast will first show up in the Mall and is the familiar dog-type enemy from any game in the genre. Fast but more annoying than dangerous, deal with these with the handgun or trick them with the Beef Jerky.
Pendulum - These insect-like creatures can be found in both the air and on the ground. If you catch them on the ground, shoot them with the handgun. In the air, you'll need to keep on the move to dodge their flying attacks.
Insane Cancer - These obese monsters are slow but can deliver brutal physical attacks. You'll find them laying on their backs. They can be hard to sneak past in the tight halls. If you choose to go into melee combat with them, beware their overhead attack.
Numb Body - These two-legged, pink bodied freaks are the lightweight fodder of Silent Hill 3. Don't waste ammo on them when a pipe or Katana will do the job. There is the rare larger version that shows up every now and then, usually with a couple other small Numb Bodies around.
Slurper - These ground-crawling monstrosities are pretty quick-moving and like to grab you by the feet or just knock you down altogether. Melee weapons have a hard time hitting home, so stick with the handgun. Also, you can toss down Beef Jerky to attract them away from you.
Closer - The first monster you will come across in the game, these beasts look impressive, but are slow enough to dodge. If you use a handgun, you can hit them a few times, move and shoot a couple times more. Beware their lengthy arm attack.
Scraper - These violent beasts show up late in the game and are very similar to the Missionary Boss. They move with decent speed and have some brutal arm swipe attacks. Just avoid them if you can.
Nurse - This Silent Hill standard makes a return. This time around, you have to deal with either pipe-toting Nurses or gun-toting Nurses. Either can do decent damage if they hit you. The gun attacks can knock you down if you're not careful.


You begin the game in Silent Hill's very own theme park. The last time you might have been there was as Harry during the original Silent Hill. If you take a moment to check your inventory, you'll find yourself armed with a couple weapons and with some healing items already in your possession. Don't think of it as a permanent thing. After looking around the first area, head over to the back door. Through it is a circular path. The first door that you come across that will actually open leads to a souvenir shop. Ignore it as there isn't anything in there. Head to the door next to the green gate. In the next area, cross over to the metal gate. Run up the steps and open the gate next to the Roller Coaster control booth (which you won't be able to open). Once on the tracks run down them until a cutscene brings an end to this scenario. Note: If you start a new game from the Extra New Game option after beating the game once, you'll be able to by-pass this opening stage.


After the opening series of scenes, Heather will be in the ladies bathroom. There's a save point here, if you wish to use it. Go to the back window and escape out into the back alley. Run down until you come to a door. Enter the hall and turn right. Take the door at the end of the hall, which will lead in to the closed up portion of the mall. Walk over to the open door (the one that's lit). Here, you'll get the handgun. Be sure to pick up the ammo in this room and head out through the back door. In this hall, the mall map is on the wall across from the elevator. Now, head over to the east Exit door and take the stairs up to the second floor. Once in the hall, take the south path all the way to the end and out into the mall. Run to Helen's Bakery, where you'll grab the Tongs. Return to the previous hall and go to the last Northeast door, which leads to the store room. In here is another save point. Use the Tongs on the wooden palette at the back of the room to get the key to My Bestsellers. Head back to the mall and enter My Bestsellers. In here is a puzzle at the back door.

Puzzle - My Bestsellers
Easy -
The code is random, but luckily, all you need to do is pick up the two books on the floor. Place them in the correct order to get the code and use it on the panel.
Normal - Go over to the five books that are on the floor. On the spines is a random four digit code. Place the books on the shelf in order to see the code. Use it on the backdoor.
Hard - To solve this puzzle, you will need to read the puzzle posted by the back door and pick up the books to see what volume number corresponds to what book. Once you have those in order, the next to last part of the riddle will tell you of some multiplication and deduction you'll need to perform. Or, you could ignore the books and riddle and just punch in 8352.

Enter the hall and head to the elevator. Once inside, you'll get a short cutscene. Pick up the radio and exit. Once in the next hall, run for the Northwest door. Once out into the mall area, run North to the storeroom next to the bathrooms. Inside you'll locate the flashlight in the cardboard boxes. If you're having a hard time, turn off the light switch by the door. If you're on puzzle difficulty Normal or Hard, step next door to the Men's Bathroom for the bottle of Bleach. Back out in the mall area, head East to the bent security shudders. Now, head to the store from before and grab the Bulletproof Vest and Hanger. Return to the mall area and go to the west door across from where you first entered the area. Use the Hanger on the ladder and climb up to the second floor. In this new area, you'll find two sets of escalators. Ignore the ones leading to the first floor and head up. Enter the lit doors to the diner. Take the Cooked Key from the "meal" on the table. Return to the second floor and take the last door to the South. Grab the Walnut from the display case and go through the back door. In the hall, use the Cooked Key to unlock the east door. Once in the Deli, grab the Steel Pipe and head out. Make a break for the Southeast door where you'll grab the Detergent (this item won't be there on Easy difficulty). Now, head through the back door and throw the switch by the fan. Enter the next hall, combine the Detergent and Bleach and use in the pail. After the small scene, be sure to turn the switch back on. Return to the hall and go to the Northeast door. Use the Walnut in the vice to get the Moonstone. Return to the 3rd floor via the escalators and use the Moonstone on the door with the Crescent mark. In the next area, go around the to the ladder and climb down.

Boss - Split Worm - In this area, you'll find three entrances on both sides of the room where the Split Worm can enter. The only time you can hurt him is when his mouth is revealed. You can try and wait him out, or you can toss down some Beef Jerky and step away, waiting for him to show up. Once his head opens up, shoot away. Repeat as necessary.

Once the fight is over, head West and keep going West through the doors.

Once you arrive, head for the concourse by turning right and going through the next door. After going through the turnstiles, grab the map and take the stairs down. Now, go to the stairs down to Platform One and take the steps down to the hall below to grab the Nutcracker. Return to the Concourse and use the Nutcracker on the chain barring the door to Platform Two. Head down and go into the subway car to get the Shotgun and ammo. Head further down and take steps to Platform 3. Once there, you'll see a red door beside the tracks. Step down off the tracks and run for the door. Note: On Normal and Hard difficulties, this is the only time I would suggest getting onto the tracks. Any other time would just be begging to get run over. Once you get to the door, run back to the Platform and pull yourself up. Go to the West door, go up the West steps, down the next set and enter the subway car. Once the subway train gets going, work your way from car to car. If you can dodge the enemies, do so as you won't be returning to this area. Once the ride is over, go to the blue door. Run down the stairs and hang a right. Go through the door at the end of the hall.

Turn to your left and head to the first blue door on your right. Run down the hall to the door at the end. In the next hall, take the first blue door on right and then take the first door on the left. In the next room, grab the map and Maul. Go through the South door. Head South and take the West door to get the Wine Bottle. Return to the previous hall and head East. Go to the North door and head down the hall to the next North door. Run around to the Southeast door. In the next hall will be two sidehalls. Take the second one and use the Wine Bottle on the kerosene heater to get the Oil-Filled Bottle. Head back to the first sidehall and use the Oil-Filled Bottle on the fuel tank. Turn on the hoist and head down the ladder. Once you get past the revulsion of walking around on the squishy floor, head up the stairs. Keep going past the door and move Eastward, across the river of sewage. Once into the sewer area, go down to the Southwest door and head West back across the "river" until you reach the Garbage Room. Grab the Dryer and return to the Sewer area. Take the Southeast door and head to the East door. There's a save point here and a note worth reading. Go into the next room and use the Dryer on the outlet. After the easy kill, head across. Note: If you are playing through an Extra Game, toss the Steel Pipe into the water and answer the three questions: No, No, and Yes. You'll get the Gold and Silver Pipes, which are really just for show. Now, keep heading East and then go South. Head South to the sidehall and go through the door. Follow up the linear path along the stairs and go up the ladder.

 Construction Site

Once you get here, you won't have any opportunity to go back to the sewers (like you'd want to, anyway). Run around to the entrance and enter the only open door on the floor, which will lead you to the stairs. There is no map to this site, but since you won't be spending much time here, that's really no issue. Go to the 5th floor and enter the lone openable door to the Squatter Settlement. You'll find a discolored portion of the wall. Use either the Steel Pipe or Maul to smash it in to get the Silencer, which can be used on the Handgun or the Submachine gun, when you get it. Step over to the mattress and push it down to the floor below. Jump down after it and go to the broken window-frame. Once on the scaffolding, dodge the Pendulums and run around until you see the open window. Enter.

 Hilltop Center

You'll find yourself in the Reception Area for Shore Front Poseables. In the Hilltop Center, floors are broken up into groups of rooms leased by one company or another. Make note of the business locations on the map (when you get it). Head out the only door and head through the hall and take the first left side door to the elevator lobby. Go over to the entrance door to Monica's Dance Studio. Take the 1st door on the right-hand side to the office to get the map. If you're playing on Normal or Hard, you'll return later once you get the Screwdriver. If you're playing on Easy, just take the Rope from the desk drawer. Go back out to the elevator lobby and take the Northeast door to the stairwell. Head to the 5th floor and go to the Art Gallery on the Southeast side. Take the Northeast door to hall and grab the Screwdriver. Before heading back to the office, step into the nearby store room to get the Katana. Step over to KMN Auto Parts, south of the Art Gallery, and work your way around to the West wing, where you'll enter the 1st South door to the Office Space. Here, you'll find the Jack. Return to the 3rd floor and enter the Dance Studio's Office. Use the Screwdriver on the jammed desk drawer to get the Rope. Head out to the elevator lobby and use the Jack on the open elevator. Once that's done, use the Rope and climb down to the 2nd floor. Enter Echo Interiors the West side and go through the doors to the North room. Examine the bath tub.

 Hilltop Center - Otherworld
After the cutscene, head south and then out the East door. Go North into the reception area. Take the North door. After another scene, you'll be in the Receptionist's Office, where you need to pick up the Oxydol. Leave the area and run to the East elevator. Head to the 1st floor, where you'll get a nice surprise. Go to the Last Day Cafe on the East side and grab the Pork Liver from the open fridge. Take the elevator to the 5th floor and head to the Southwest door. Head to the Southwest door in the hall to the Smoking Room. Grab the Matches, head back out, run East and take the North door with the blue light overhead (Is this a secret plug for K-Mart? Does Sammael have a deal with Martha Stewart?) On the other side of the door is a door leading to the alternate version of the Art Gallery. Go to the large painting and combine the Oxydol, Matches and Pork Liver. Once you've performed vandalism, go through the hatch and head down the stairs to the 4th floor. Run to the Southwest door and then to the Northwest door. Grab the Silver Coin and use it on the nearby Vending Machine for the Life Insurance Key. Return to the 1st floor and use the key on the Southwest door to enter Elberton Life Insurance. Run South and take the last door available. In this room, you'll find a set of papers that Heather will need to read. Go back to the 1st floor lobby and exit North.
 Streets/Daisy Villa Apartments

Front the front door, run down the street and turn North up the alleyway and hang a left. Go to the lit door to enter the Daisy Villa Apartments. Don't both trying to explore any further as this small part of town seems to be apparently under some kind of massive bug spray tent. Go to Room 102.

Boss - Missionary - This fight should provide far more of a challenge than the last one. The Missionary has a vicious slicing attack and has some good speed. He also blocks your handgun and shotgun attacks. Get him to lunge at you, which will leave him open for attack. Don't waste ammo trying to shoot him while he's on the run. If you get him down on the ground, rush over and kick away to get in cheap shots. Once his health is down some, he start performing rushing slash attacks. Keep on the move and be sure to sidestep a lot. After a while, he will finally go down.

After the fight, go into Heather's bedroom to get her Stun Gun. Leave the apartment and head out the front door to move on.

 Silent Hill

Welcome to familiar territory from Silent Hill 2. Exit the room into the parking lot for Jack's Inn. Run West along Nathan Avenue to Carroll Street. Go down to Brookhaven Hospital. While just about everything else is closed up, you can stop in at the Bar for some supplies.

 Brookhaven Hospital

If you played Silent Hill 2, the layout of the Hospital should be quite second-nature, even if some of the rooms are closed while others are open. Enter the door across from the entrance to get a Map. Now, go to the elevator and head up to the 2nd floor. Go to the Women's Locker Room and grab the Nail Polish and Perfume. Go back to the 1st Floor and use the Nail Polish on the glued collage in room C4 for the Stairwell Key. Use it to enter the stairwell and walk up to the 2nd floor.

Puzzle - 2nd Floor Lock
Easy - Input the code 4639 to unlock the door.
Normal - Input the code 8634 to unlock the door.
Hard - Input the code 4896 to unlock the door.

Once through the door, go to room M4 and get the time from the Alarm Clock.

Puzzle - Alarm Clock/Briefcase
Easy -
The number for the Briefcase is a random number on the Alarm Clock. Example: If the time is 9:25, you'll need to input 0-9-2-5.
Normal - The number for the Briefcase is a random number on the Alarm Clock. This time around the number is based on military time (or 24 hour).
Hard - The number for the Briefcase is a random number on the Alarm Clock. This time around the number is based on military time (or 24 hour) and set in the P.M.

Once the briefcase is open, you'll get the Polaroid Camera. Go to the basement and grab the Submachine Gun and ammo on the floor. Enter the Store Room and use the Polaroid Camera behind the bookcase for the random code to the 3rd floor door. At this point, you can go up to the roof to get more Submachine Gun ammo. I would seriously suggest doing so as the ammo is very rare. Go to the 3rd floor and enter the Polaroid code on the keypad. Run down to S12 and answer the phone. Now, go to the 2nd floor and run down the hall of the patient wing to find the new door at the end of the hall. Go through the door to find yourself in a linear series of halls where doors will open and close to direct you to your goal. Once at the end, look at the red glowing symbol for a small scene. After the scene, head through the now open hall to the door at the end.

 Brookhaven Hospital - Otherworld

Go up the ladder and exit the door to the 3rd floor. Go to the Day Room and exit through the door on the other side. Run to the elevator and go to the 2nd floor, where you'll need to go to the Women's Locker Room. Grab the Plastic Bag from the garbage can. Go to Examining Room 4 on the 3rd floor and use the Plastic Bag to get a Bag of Blood. Now, take the door to the Crematorium. Here you'll have to solve another puzzle.

Puzzle - Crematorium
Easy -
The key will just be laying there for you. Can't get much easier.
Normal - Here, players will be given four gurneys with bodies. On the bodies will be sheets with numbers on them. These four numbers will be the combination you need to input. On the door next to the lock is a picture with four Roman numerals, representing the order in which the numbers need to be input. The answer is random, except that the number 7 is always a part of the solution. (If you get the Happy Birthday phone call in the Men's Locker Room, you'll know why.)
Hard - If you want the challenge, try out figure out this puzzle in which each of the bodies has a small poem referencing a bird of once kind or another. The puzzle by the lock will tell you which birds need to be input in order. The answer is 9-2-7-1.

Take the Cremated Key and go back to the elevator, where you'll head to the 1st floor. Use the Cremated Key on the door to the Day Room. Go though the other door and go to room C4, where you'll use the Bag of Blood on the altar. Now, go down the ladder.

Boss - Protector - This boss likes to swim around in the water and rising up to take a few swipes. On Easy Action mode, all you'll need to do is continue to pump him full of bullets until he drops. On Normal and Hard, it's in you best interest to use the Stun Gun to knock Leonard down. It's best to hit him from behind. Move over and start kicking him while he's down on the ground. You'll need to do this a few times before he finally drops.

Leave the hospital and head back to Jack's Inn, Room 106. After the cutscense, go back out and head Northwest on Nathan Avenue towards the Amusement Park.

 Amusement Park

You'll find this place familiar. Run back to the back door and go over to the Souvenir Store. This time around, walk around the back and head to the front until you hear a crash. Rush over to find a save point and the Roller Coaster Key. Go back out and work your way to the Roller Coaster. This time around, use the key and turn off the Roller Coaster. Go through the gate and run down the track until the cutscene. After a small bit of story, you'll need to go to the nearby door. There's a save point here, which you might want to use before entering the haunted house. Once inside, go through the foyer into the dinning room. You can stick around for the whole presentation or just move onto the study. Walk around to the side to see the man at the desk and then go to the now unlocked door. In the next room, walk carefully to the exit. Once in the next winding hall, run like your life depended on it, because it does. The red glow that follows you will drain your life and kill you quickly, so just run and turn corners as you reach them. You'll go through a second hall and once you reach the exit, you're through. Run across the new area until you see a hall. Turn in and run to the next area. Pass through to the Auditorium, where you'll need to grab the Red Shoe from the stage and the Chain from the seats (you have to get the Red Shoe first). Return to the area with the Rocket Ride and use the Chain on the column of the Rocket Ride and on the rusted gate. Go into the control booth of the ride and turn it on. Go through the door to get another story sequence. Once over, go through the next door (you can go back to Douglas for another small scene). In this next area, turn and head into the Fortuneteller's Building, where you'll be able to save. In here, you'll need to grab the Doll Head. Exit and go to the wooden door to enter the fantasy ride. Use the Red Shoe on the Cinderella Statue and the Doll Head on the Snow White Statue. Go through the unlocked door. In the ride are with the dragon head, take the door off the side of the track. Run to the gate past the monsters and go to the Carousel.

Boss - Carousel - Once the Carousel starts going, break out the Katana and start killing the horses. Once all of them are dead, the real fight begins. You'll find yourself facing four very similar and familiar enemies, each with different weapons. The first one attacks with a knife. The second one has a handgun and knife. The third one comes with a pipe and the fourth one comes at you with a Submachine Gun and knife. All of your opponents block gun attacks well, so you're best bet is to take the Katana and just wear them down, trying to catch them when they're moving away from you. Do yourself a favor and equip the Bulletproof Vest to take the edge off of some of their attacks.

Once the fight is over, exit through the doorway. Run down the hall and go up the stairs to the door.


After the scene, which sets a fine tone for this last area, grab the "Eye of Night" Tarot and take the door behind the organ. In this next hall, grab the map. You can step into the Confessional if you like. Go around the hall to the East door and pass through the next room. In the next hall, take the North door and wait until you hear the cries. Watch the footsteps as they lead to the painting hanging on the wall. Inspect the painting and move it to reveal a door. Go across the hall to the next door. Run around to the 4th South door to enter the Library. Grab the "Moon" Tarot. Exit and go around to the elevator. Once down on the lower level, take the Northwest door to the hall. Run West and take the "Hanged Man" Tarot. Return to the elevator area, run around to the 3rd South door and then make a break for the Southwest door. Enter the 1st door to the left and cross the room to the next straight hall. Once again, pay attention to the child's cries and watch where the footsteps go. Examine the wall to find a hidden door. There'll be another door here, which leads to a familiar room from the first Silent Hill. Look at the book on the chair to get the "Fool" Tarot. Head back to the previous hall and take the last door to find Alessa's old bedroom. You'll grab the Brass Key from the Butterfly Case. Run back to the Confessional Hall, where you'll use the key on the South door. Go to the last door at the end of the hall to get the "High Priestess" Tarot off of the bed. Return to Alessa's Bedroom and use the Tarot Cards on the door.

Puzzle - Tarot
Easy Medium Hard
Fool - Moon
- Eye of Night -
Hanged Man - High Priestess
Eye of Night - Moon
High Priestess - Fool
- Hanged Man -
High Priestess Eye of Night -
- Fool Moon
Hanged Man - -

You might want to save before heading through the door. Once through, go down the hall to the door. After the lengthy story sequence, use the Pendant. If you don't, or if you choose to attack, you'll end up dead. After another story sequence, jump down the hole.

Boss - Final - This final culmination of the game can prove to be a fight if you don't know what to do. While the boss is standing up, hit it with the handgun a couple times until his head drops down. If you have the ammo, walk around just out of its arm's reach. If you back too far away, it'll use a fire attack that you'll need to run around and dodge for a few seconds. Shoot it in the face with either the Shotgun or a good bit of handgun bullets. If you run out of ammo, run in and whack away with the Katana on it's head. After a while, the boss will finally die.

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Take note of camera angle changes or when Heather's head turns - As with previous installments, Heather turns her head to look at important items. Also, there are times when the camera angle will change to highlight doors or areas you need to be aware of.
To use the Bulletproof Vest or not - While the vest affords you some decent armor to attacks, it slows you down A LOT. Only equip it if you need to perform serious melee combat.
Not every room is worth entering - There are a number of rooms where all that is in the room are monsters with no reward. Be careful to pick and choose you fights.
Blocking attacks - You can actually block attacks in SH3. Blocking deflects some of the damage delivered, but not all. Blocking works better with a weapon in hand.

 The Endings

Here's a few suggestions on how to improve your chances on getting the endings:
Normal - This is the default ending that you will get on your first time through. You can also get it later on by killing less than 100 enemies.
Possessed - Kill more than 100 enemies, forgive the person in the church, and take a lot of damage.
Revenge - You can only get this by killing 30 enemies with the Sexy Beam (unlockable weapon) before reaching the apartment.


After completing the game, you'll be given an option in the start menu to type in passwords to gain new costumes. These codes are context sensitive. To equip them in-game, go into the item menu and choose the outfit you wish to equip.
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OPM Magazine
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13eme RUE

Block Head
Don't Touch
God of Thunder
Golden Rooster
The Light
Royal Flush
Killer Rabbit