Game Strategies



Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Walkthrough - Basic guide on the major battles and some additional tips.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Boss/Tip Guide - Tips on how to beat the bosses, survive the game and find the skills.

Chrono Cross

Character Guide - A list of allies that you can recruit and how.


Walkthrough - A full walkthrough on how to finish this title.

Dark Cloud

The Basics To Survival - A hint guide on how to get through the bulk of the game.

Ephemeral Fantasia

Online Guide - Multipage guide that covers Maps, Character Recruitment, Dungeons and Mni-Games.

Eternal Darkness

Walkthrough - Basic Walkthrough.

Fatal Frame

Walkthrough - Basic Walkthrough with Boss fights and puzzles.

Final Fantasy 7

Easy Living Through Materia - A trick for an excellent Materia Combo.

Final Fantasy 8

Triple Triad - How to get an excellent hand by the time you leave the Garden for Timber.

Final Fantasy 9

Hades - Secret Boss and Synth Shop - How to find and beat Hades and what you get for the trouble.


Mognet - Where the Mogs Are - Locations of where the Mogs are.

Final Fantasy X

Walkthrough - Since FFX is a fairly straight-forward game, this boss guide should help in the occasional bumps in the road.

Final Fantasy XI

Info Link Page - Links to numerous sites with detailed info on the many aspects of this game.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Online Strategy - Simplified Walkthrough for the game with tips on items and weapons.


The Math Class - A guide on how to use this challenging class.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Job Classes and Skills - Want to learn all the skills and unlock all the classes? Check here.

Front Mission 3

The Wanzer Guide - A breakdown on skills learned from each of the wanzer parts.


Class Breakdown - We give you pointers and tips on the many classes in Gladius.

Grand Theft Auto 3

Cheat Codes - A listing of some of the many codes available in this game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Cheat Codes - Tons of codes for this huge crime game.

Kingdom Hearts

Boss Guide and Tips - How to get past the large number of bosses.

Legend of the Dragoon

The Boss Guide - How to deal with each of the many bosses in this game.

Metal Gear Solid 2

Walkthrough - Walkthrough with tips on how to get dog tags from the guards.


Tips and Codes - This guide will give you suggestions on how to survive.


Mini Walkthrough - Basic Guide to help get you through this game.

Resident Evil

Game Walkthrough - Full game walkthrough with maps.

Resident Evil Zero

Game Walkthrough - Full game walkthrough.

Resident Evil 3

The Mercenaries Game - How to finish this mini-game and get enough money to purchase Unlimited Ammo.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

Walkthrough - Complete walkthrough on how to complete the game.

Ring of Red

Rules of Engagement - Tip guide on how to survive these lengthy battles.

Silent Hill 2

Walkthrough - Spoiler free walkthrough to get you from beginning to end.

Silent Hill 3

Walkthrough - Complete walkthrough with costume codes.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Walkthough - Full walkthrough with sidequests and tips.

Suffering, The

Walkthough - Midway's horror action title provides challenges and moral decisions.

True Crime: Streets of LA

Unlock Snoop Dogg - How to unlock the hip hop artist as a playable character.
Vagrant Story

Boss Guide - A listing on how to beat the various bosses in this game.

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