The Suffering is a horror-themed action title in which they player will have to navigate many locations on Carnate Island to figure out what's going on and how to escape. One of the more important aspects behind The Suffering is the choices a player must make when faced with other NPCs. These choices will effect the ending you receive. On your first time through, I'd suggest keeping the NPCs alive as they seem to know where you need to go and can be a big help during combat. This walkthrough will cover the main path you need to take, so feel free to explore any areas not mentioned as you'll be sure to find more ammo and health. All cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) are related to the map for the location.

 1. Worst Place On Earth

After the opening cinema, exit your cell through the newly opened doorway. Go to the D-Block entrance to start another short scene. After that, go to the newly opened cell to retrieve the Shiv. By now, the door to the D-Block entrance should be gone. Head out. Step into the Control Room for the Death House Map. Head East to leave D-Block. Your path at the intersection is South, but check out the rooms to the North for ammo and pills. Once South, check the West door (after the cave-in) for another scene. Go to the Control Room, hit the door switch and go through. Go through the South door and head West to run into your first Slayer. Once it's dead, you'll run into a guard coming out of the bathroom. Here you have your first moral decision:

  • Kill Him - You get his revolver right now instead of a minute later. Be sure to grab the flashlight in the Northwest Locker Room. Head down the stairs and let the slayer open the door for you. Keep heading East until you're attacked. Kill away.
  • Help Him - You'll need to grab the flashlight from the Northwest Locker Room before the guard will move on. Follow him and let him lead the way. After fighting two slayers, he'll go investigate a noise and get killed. Grab the revolver off of him.

Stop in at the Infirmary to get some bottles of Xombium. Now, go over to the blocked doorway to the Visitor Area and smash your way through with the shiv. Go to the door across the way and pull the the vending machine out of the way. Pass through and go North to the Foyer. There'll be a set of security doors you'll need to deal with to pass through. Either disable (by slashing the wires next to the door) or block the first door with a statue and then go over to the Control Station to open the other door. Head through and go North and then East to the Control Room for the Gas Chamber. Here, you can do the evil thing and press the switch to gas the guard. If not, move on, take the next door and go around to the open door leading into the Gas Chamber. Move around to the glass wall to the observation chamber (no, you can't save the guard). Once the slayer breaks through, go through into the next room to avoid the gas. Now, go South then East and down the stairs. Run under the stairs to get the Death House Basement map and then go through the door.

 2. Descending

Head North, throw the power switch and then head East then South to the Sub Basement. Once in the Boiler Room, be prepared to fight a lot of slayers and listen to a lot of dialog before the option to turn into your violent alter ego comes into play. Once you've killed everything, exit through the open door.

 3. Slumber of the Dead

Go right, turn right and open door to the Lethal Injection Witness Room. Look into the security camera monitor. Grab the North Yard map and leave. At the door with the all-too-familiar Exit sign (why does a prison have an Exit sign anyway?) run into your new friend, Dallas.

  • Kill Him - You can waste him just for the heck of it. If you're aiming for the "evil" ending, just whack him at anytime between now and before you you get to the end (see following walkthrough path). If you do, you'll have to follow the walkthrough on your own.
  • Help Him - Let him live and try to help him escape - On your first time through, I'd suggest keeping him alive as long as possible. Why? Because Dallas knows where you need to go and he helps out in some tight firefights. Just follow him.

Whether you kill Dallas or not, head out into the yard and go South and through the opening in the fence. Run East to the East Cell Block Building. Go up the ladder and run across the woodplanks to get over the fence. Now, run around to the South entrance.

 4. Abbot Prison Blues

Go around to the blocked doorway and smash your way through the blockage. Push the crate out of the way. Go left and then right. Grab the East Cell Block North Map. If Dallas is still with you, he'll pick some weapons to make himself more useful during the gunfights to come. (This and his wonderfully color commentary is why you'll probably want to keep him alive for a while.) Exit the next door and head East to the Control Station. Hit the switch and run around to T-Block in the East. Once down the steps, say hello to your newest enemy - the Mainliners. Go to the Control Station and throw the switch to open the doors. Head East to the showers. In the showers there are two paths to where you need to go. When you enter either direction, the showers will kick in, filling the room with Mainliners. To keep them from respawning, run around and turn off all the showers. Head Southeast to the doorway blocked by fire. Either turn on the sinks or shoot the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Head South and go West to the East Yard. Your ultimate goal is to move the crate in the yard over by the shack and climb up onto the catwalk. Of course, you can "visit" Chico and his gang members, which will only result in a firefight of some kind. Once on the catwalk, head South and East. Make sure to grab the South Cell Block Map in Tower C3 before heading into the South Wing. Head South then West to the Library. Run around to the Northwest door. Go down the stairs, head West, then South then East to end up in the Infirmary to once again load up on supplies. Now head West to V Block through the Southwest door. After seeing the hanging inmates, be prepared for a major firefight in V-Block. Here, you'll need to get to Hargrave in the Control Station, largely because he has a stationary gun that can mow you down. Either run up to the Control Station and try to shoot him or go up the stairs and go to the room above the Control Station and drop down in. Once the guards are dead, hit the door switch. Now, man the stationary gun and kill the slayers as they charge you. I'd suggest pointing the gun at the door and just letting them immolate themselves on the stream of bullets as they enter. Once through, go through the open door to the Loading Dock, where you'll need to open the doors to let Dallas go free. Jump up onto the dumpster, pull yourself up and go to the Southwest door. Flip the switch in the Control Station to let Dallas go or head West to the Recreation Yards. Note: You won't be able to exit through the door you open for Dallas as an explosion will block your path.

 5. No More Prisons

Head West and go down the stairwell to the yard. Go South then West to Recreation Yard A. Head South and West and get to the gun emplacement to mow down the onslaught of enemies. Keep moving West through the yard until you reach the West Cell Block Door. Enter.

 6. I Can Sleep When I'm Dead

Go into the Control Station to get the West Cell Block map. Head North to the next Control Station, through the door switch and head East to another Control Station. Here, you'll be able to let the S-Block prisoners out (if you want "Good" Points). If not, head West and then North to the Visit Room to meet the Nooseman. Head North to Lunch Room, where you'll be locked in with a test from Killjoy. Pull a vending machine over the grate in the center of the room and go to the storage room in the NW corner. Smash in, grab the Shotgun and turn on the sprinklers with the crank. Once the fires are out, head out, throw the switch in the Control Station and head East to R-Block. Throw the switches in the Control Station here to move on. Go through the underground path in one of the cells to get to the west side of the laundry area, where you'll enter a whole in the wall that leads West through some caverns not on the map. At the end, you'll climb up into S-Block. Run up to the second story and climb up the bunk bed at the end through the hole in the ceiling. This will put you on the roof.

 7. Everything Beautiful Is Gone

Go West on the walkway until you see an opening in the railing. Jump down to the walkway below. Climb up the ladder to the roof of Tower B2 and then jump West. Here you'll see a guard who's scared out of his wits.

  • Kill Him - He does nothing to help you, except tell you where to go when you're done helping him. Which is something this walkthrough is doing for free without the need for an escort.
  • Ignore Him - This is the neutral choice.
  • Help Him - This can be a chore. You have to clear a path to the Communications Building and then escort him there. Follow the following walkthrough to know your path. I'd suggest clearing the path FIRST and then returning to the guard to get him to follow you.

Enter the door and go down the stairs. Exit the next door and go to the spotlights along the walkway. Focus them on where the slayers drop down onto the walkway. Use the last one on the fiery pit on the ground and then climb down the ladder, but only after shooting one of the gas tanks to blow a nice "doorway" for you. Once down on the ballfield, prepare for some serious combat - I'd suggest using your beast form to do a LOT of the killing. Run South to the Communications Building. Grab the Quarry Map from inside and go up the ladder. Jump across to the roof of the West Workshop and drop into the yard. Open the door.

 8. Darkest Night, Eternal Blight

Hang a left and climb up the ladder to the second story of the room. Exit the door and drop down outside of the Penitentiary into the Cemetery. Head South out of the Cemetery to a road. Take the road West to the Quarry. Along the way, you'll see signs of Burrowers following you. Take the path around Pit 1 until you reach the stairs down into the pit. Take the ladder on the other side and enter the tunnel. Head West to meet the Burrowers in person. Climb up onto the stairwell and take the steps up. Head North through the hole burned in the fence.

 9. Oblivion Regained

Run along the path and enter the tunnel. At the end is a cave. Find the TNT plunger hidden amongst the crates and use it to drop a boulder. Climb up to the ledge above. Keep climbing until you reach the top and then run along the ledge and into the tunnel. The tunnel will bring you out along a path that runs beneath the bridge near Pit 4. Beyond the bridge is a gate on your right. Enter, go up the stairs and through the hole burned in the fence. Drop through the conveniently "holed" fence to Pit 4. Here you'll need to use the crane control to knock a boulder onto the slayer hell pit to stem the tide of slayers. Now drop into the pit and go Northeast over the boulder and climbing up into a tunnel that leads to Pit #5. Drop into the pit and run into the tunnel after you press the TNT plunger to blow you an entrance. On the other side of the tunnel is a dirt road, which you will need to take around BACK to Pit #5. Yes, BACK. Here you'll find another person to help.

  • Kill Him - Yes you can kill him for spite. And the bad ending.
  • Ignore Him - This is the neutral choice.
  • Help Him - Use the crane control to move the boulder around to allow him a way out.

Use the crane to move the boulder around between the platform to your left and the one across the way. Do a little platforming. At the next crane control, use it to knock the water tower over. Enter the tunnel.

 10. You've Mistake Me For Someone Else

Exit the tunnel and hang a right and there'll be a break in the fence to enter. It's behind some trees if you miss it. Head North through the woods and climb up some boulders and jump over the wall to the other side. Keep running until you reach the Carnate Institution. There's be a side door barred by boxes. Bust them up and move the cage to enter the door.

 11. Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

Enter the next room. After your ambush, you should be able to take out one of the projectors, allowing you exit through a door leading to a set of stairs. Go up, hang a right and take the hall around until you reach a room with Sergei, the most pleasant guard on the island. Of course he's drunk and you're armed, but still...

  • Kill Him - But why? He's so nice. And talkative.
  • Ignore Him - This is the neutral choice.
  • Help Him - The only help Sergei needs is for you to turn on the generator in the basement for him and return to visit him for the credit.

Next to Sergei is a door. Open and jump down into the Foyer. Enter the open door to the South and go around to the Theater. In here, you'll grab the Fire Axe from the stage and need to cut a rope on the other side to drop a panel to allow you to open the door next to where you got the Fire Axe. Pass through the next room and back out into the hall. Head East and go to the Study at the end of the hall where you'll destroy the projector. Go into the Dinning Hall and enter the Kitchen, where you'll want to return to the Foyer through the Library on the second floor. Go up the steps and through the doorway. Go West and South to the cells where you'll find a cage in the 2nd to last West cell. Pull it out and push it under the opening to the Attic. Climb up. Go to the chamber with the glowing machine and use the crank to lower it. Return and go to the other side of the Attic. Pull the cage with the projector inside back until the projector turns off. Destroy the second projector hidden a little bit further back. Leave the attic and go the room across from the Dining Hall on the 2nd Floor. Turn on the machine and drop into the hole. Once through with Killjoy's monsters, pull the cage out from between the sets of shelves to block the projector. Shoot the other projector just a little bit further back. Open the door and hang a left. To start the generator, smash up the planks covering the grate in the wall to drain the water and then turn the power on. Go through the door behind you and up the stairs. Return to the Foyer and enter the doubledoors to the West. Open the next door to the Operations Theater.

Boss - Here, Killjoy will throw some slayers at you, but he'll keep reviving them until you deal with him. Destroy the projectors on the cabinets. Also, toss some TNT into the balcony to destroy the projector up there. Run over to the hanging cage at the back of the room. If you have your rage jumping attack leveled up, use it to knock the cage down. If not, there's a rope tied off near the cage - cut it to drop the cage and defeat Killjoy. After Killjoy's tirade, his the switch next to the machine you lowered from the attic. Step in, power up and blast the chained beast. Exit through the window it busts out of.

 12. A Lonely Place To Die

Time to leave the lovely Carnate Institution. Head to the gate to the North and follow the path to a bridge. Keep going North along the path until you way is barred by fire. Climb up the rock face to your left. Run down the other side. Run back down to the path until you see where a second bridge had been knocked down. To your right will be a truck on a jack. Use the jack to knock the truck into the river. Go down, climb up and now you're on the other side.

 13. Dancing At the Dawn of the Apocalypse

Run down the path and hang a right to run into Clem (yes, THAT Clem). He's kind of like Colonel Sanders, except with a criminal record.

  • Kill Him - You know the drill. You want to be as EVIL as possible.
  • Ignore Him - This is the neutral choice. The choice of ambivalent people.
  • Help Him - To help Clem, you need to follow him down to his raft. There, you'll need to climb into the ship, shoot down two barrels of oil and throw a Molotov Cocktail into the water. Helping him will gain you Clem's Map, which shows some hidden stash areas.

Now go down to the docks to see a brand new foe - the Fester. Travel along the beach and through the wrecked ship. If you've killed Clem or once you've sent him on his way, climb up into the ship and run along the top deck to some planks that will allow you access to the sewer pipe. Enter the sewer.

 14. Surfacing

After a cutscene, head forward, turn left, then right, then right again to reach the ladder into the Pumping Station. Go to the back door and head up the steps. Run through the Supply Room, through the Munitions Room and to the Medical Lab. To do that though, you need to use the three cranks to open the way. Just move them until you see a clear path. In the Medical Lab, through the switch near the door and exit. You'll now be in the Death House Basement. Run back through Solitary and find your way back to where you first saw the Marksman. Horace will be waiting for you at the other door. Go through the now-open doorway, turn West and then South. Open the blue door to return to the Death House.

 15. An Eye For An Eye Makes the Whole World Blind

Go up the stairs and hang a left into Witness Area for the Electric Chamber.

Boss - This is really less of a boss fight and more of a boss helping. Horace will send out waves of electricity that you need to jump over. After every so many waves, the electric halos around the power boxes will fade. Shoot them until they're destroyed. Destroy all of them and then throw the main switch to free Horace. But, be wary of the loose power cords that flail about.

Leave the same way you came in and make your way back to where you started the game out - D-Block. Here you'll need to go where the red glowing light is in front of the cells. Move to where the glowing light is and then return to your cell to grab Killjoy's Diagnosis when the projector kicks on. After that a Fester should open a new "door" for you. Go through. Exit the Locker Room and go down the steps. You should find a new doorway made in the wall leading outside.

 16. Who Wants to Deny Forever?

Run West and go through the opening in the fence (awful lot of these around here, aren't there?). Down in the yard, you'll have some Festers to kill and two guards. Go through the open doorway in the Southeast corner back into familiar territory. Open the fence door and return to the Communications Building to get your next goal - time to head to the Lighthouse. Return back to the gate you just came from and a new door will be open for you. In the next yard, you'll need to finish off the Festers and then man the stationary gun to plow through the rest of the enemies. Go through the door.

 17. Death Be Not Proud

Go through the open gate and hang a left. Pull the crate over to the wall and climb onto the roof to find another stationary gun. Jump down to the ground below, run to the bus and climb up on it to get through the open gate to freedom. Or just more trouble. Run along the road until Hermes (or Mister Gassy as his friends call him) starts to interfere with traffic. Move along the side of the road until you see a path down to the river. Take it, jump across and take the tunnel around to where you can climb up. Here, if you're trying to make the Flamethrower, you need to climb over to where the truck wrecked to find Bike Pump. You'll already have flares and the Gas Can can be found in a couple places including one of Clem's hiding spots behind the three cranks you used to get into the Medical Lab. Now, back up on the road, head past the shack and when you get to the tunnel, hang a right and run through the forest. Here is where you'll run into the shooting field with a stationary gun. USE IT. Once all of the Marksmen are dead, head Northeast to a cave. Be wary of TNT being thrown at you as you enter the cave.

 18. Single Bullet Theory

In this cavern, it's in your best interest just to follow the path of flares, which serve to give a good indication as to where you need to go. Along the way, you'll find a spot where you need to climb up and move around a path into another tunnel. Once you see the next flare, you'll know you're on the right path. Afterwards, you'll wade through some water until you find a pile of dirt which allows you to climb up into Fort Maleson. Shoot the gas tanks by the door to blast the door open. Hang a left and move until you come along another intersection. Keep moving forward to get to the Munitions Area. Man the stationary gun and shoot the green boxes in the back to start another onslaught. Once through, enter your new doorway and follow the flares to where your TNT inmate "friend" has barricaded himself in.

  • Kill Him - After all the damage he's done, why not?
  • Ignore Him - Basically, this is the lazy man's way of killing him.
  • Help Him - Push one of the munition crates over to the stalagmites and shoot it from a healthy distance.

Now, head down the path of the tunnel until you get out and then head East through a valley, into another small tunnel and into a pond area with a cliffside you need to climb up to get to another tunnel. At the end of the next tunnel is a ladder. Take it up and take the path to...

Boss - Hermes is a bit of a challenge. This is not your standard boss fight. When the fight starts, turn off all of the gas valves. Then close up as many grates as possible. You'll do this by dropping a box on one grate, dropping two hatches and pushing a box over another grate. Then stand by the crank across from the furnace and wait for Hermes to come up in front of the grate. Air blast him into the furnace and close it to end this fight.

After Hermes dies, a door will open. Go up the ladder.

 19. And a Child Will Lead Them

You'll find yourself in the Lighthouse, but right now there's no use in sticking around. Turn left and take the right door to go outside and meet your final standard monster - the Infernas. After killing them, you'll meet up with Ernesto (the guard from the beginning of the game).

  • Kill Him - You can do this at any point before you reach the town.
  • Ignore Him - Let him get killed by the monsters to get a neutral end.
  • Help Him - Follow him and help him get to the town.

Head Northwest away from the Lighthouse to the main road and take it North until you reach the gate that blocks the road. The shack here has a good bit of supplies for you to load up on. If you're good for supplies and on your own, head West along the road from the Lighthouse until you reach a closed tunnel. Enter the door to the right of the tunnel and go up the ladder to the tower. Turn the spotlight on the hole in the ground to stop the ensuing flood of slayers and to also set a fire that will give you access to the generator. Go back down and run around the side of the fenced generator area. Go through the opening and turn on the generator. Return to the Lighthouse. Go up the ladder inside and climb up to where the Lighthouse mechanism is. You need to clear the machine of debris (use the Axe to whack it free) and then turn the crank to start the engine. Leave the Lighthouse and take the road North. When you reach the checkpoint gate, and old friend will open the gate for you.

 20. Last Breath Before Dying

Just keep following the road North until you reach the tunnel. Crawl up and over the lefthand fence just as you enter. Pull the box over the drain and use a melee weapon to whack open the water pipe. This will put an end to the Infernas that turn up and block your path with fire. Head on through the other end of the tunnel. Keep going until you come to where the road has washed out. Kill ALL the Infernas and walk to the edge of the washed out road for scene that will prove you a means across. Climb over the bus and keep heading along the road, following it to the entrance to the town. If you killed Ernesto, keep running to the D.O.C. docks. After the scene with Killjoy, enter the fenced in dock area, go down the stairs and head to the final area.

Boss - Here's a three-parter for you. First, you fight the beast version of yourself. Hang a right and go to the fenced in area in the back. On top of some crates is a stationary gun. Use it to waste the beast quickly. Next up you get to fight yourself. Don't shoot yourself as it will hurt you as well. Instead, either avoid yourself and let the monsters take the other Torque out or change into your beast form and beat him down quickly. Now, walk away from the dock towards the metal bridge to start another cutscene and bring about the final enemy. This monster is massive, but he opens up the gate you need to get access to lower the crane. Avoid his flame attacks and wait for him to drop below the water before trying to access the crane. Get under the glowing light, power up and throw energy balls at the red spot in his chest. Dodge his attacks and repeat. After you finish him off, enjoy your ending.

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Shiv - Mediocre melee weapon that will tide you over until you get better weapons. Good for smashing boxes and barricades.
Revolver - Your standard ranged weapon that should serve you well throughout.
Dual Revolver - Two revolvers at one time = higher rate of fire + poorer accuracy.
Tommy Gun - High rate of fire makes this weapon especially nice.
Shotgun - Brutal damage in short range, but doesn't have a lot of ammo.
Fire Axe - Powerful melee weapon.
Flash Bang Grenades - These are good for disorienting your enemies.
Fragmentary Grenades - Standard explosives that do good damage.
TNT - Nice for making serious explosions.
Molotov Cocktails - If you want to set a group of close enemies on fire, here's your weapon.


Slayers - These are the game's standard fodder. They can crawl on any surface and have a spearing attack. Later in the game, you'll run into bigger versions that are harder to drop. Also, in certain areas, if you don't destroy their bodies, they'll revive. Slayers catch fire under the spotlights.
Marksmen - These brutes are a ranged threat only.
Mainliners - These beasts come up out of pools of water and blood and throw syringes at you. If you get him, it will disorient Torque. They also have a leaping attack.
Noosemen - Don't worry too much about these guys as they only appear indoors. They drop down from the ceiling to grab you for damage.
Burrowers - These monsters leave a trail behind them as dig through the earth after you. Wait until they come out of the ground to fire on them. Watch out for their lashing and spinning attacks.
Festers - One word: bulletproof. Don't waste ammo on these bulks. Just lob Molotov Cocktails at them or go in with the Fire Axe. They shoot explosive rats out of their torsos and toss their ball and chain around for some fatal damage. And by fatal I mean you'll get killed by one direct hit.
Infernas - These fiery troublemakers will give a fit. They like to streak around, leaving a fiery trail in their wake. Don't waste shooting at them until them come to a stop for their explosion attack. When they do, lay into them until they're ashes. And then shoot the ashes to keep them from coming back.


If it looks explosive, it must be explosive - Be careful when shooting around gas tanks of boxes of ammo/explosives. They WILL blow up if damaged.
Save your batteries - Turn on light switches whenever possible to conserve your batteries.
Use your inner beast - When you have the option to turn into the beast, do so and use his jumping attack often. The more you kill, the more powerful this attack will be.
Let others lead the way - The first time through, you might want to let NPCs show you the way. You can always kill them when your done.