True Crime: Streets of LA - Unlock Snoop Dogg

If you saw our earlier article on the fact that Snoop Dogg was a playable character in True Crime: Streets of LA, you may be wondering how to get him. Too unlock Snoop, you have to do one of two things: either collect 30 bones hidden throughout Los Angeles OR you could just input the cheat codes listed below. But, where's the fun in that? Once you do unlock Snoop, you'll be given an hour with him to solve random crimes and at the end of the hour, you're given a score based on your performance.

This information is courtesy of the fine folks at Step-3.

The Bones
To start your search for the bones, you'll have to locate the first bone, which is near the City Hall (Spring St). At your first opportunity (in the Driving For Chow mission), take Broadway until it crosses 1st Street. On your left should be a series of bushes. Behind the bushes, on the Hill Street side of the park area will be the first bone. Pick it up and the other bones will show up all around the city. Of course, before you start picking up the other bones, pay attention to which way they're pointing as that's the direction you'll need to head to get to the next bone.

If you want a detailed path on how to get all the bones, check out YuGiOhFM2002 & Angel's FAQ at GameFAQs.

The Codes
For those who can't be bothered hunting down the bones, you can input the following codes at the city map screen. A chime will sound to confirm that the code has worked. Once you get this confirmation, be sure to save before exiting back to the main menu.

PS2 version - R1, L1, Up, Right, Left, Down, L3, R3, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
Xbox version - Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Up, Right, Left, Down, click the left analog stick, click the right analog stick, A, X, B, Y
GC version - Right Trigger, Up, Right, Left, Down, Z (x2), A, Y, X, Y

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