Vagrant Story - Boss Guide

This guide serves to aid you through the only battles that really can be predicted: the Boss Fights. Since a lot of monsters randomly spawn after the first time you go through each room, it really doesn't do any good to give you more than a guide for the most difficult battles. When moving through the game, understand that it helps to keep a few weapons of different types and affinities in your personal stock. If one type isn't causing enough damage, switch to another. Some times, affinity can help with damage, other times, it won't make much of a difference.

The real difficulty in this battle is that you have no magic or abilities at this point. From the beginning of the game, try to dedicate one weapon to attacking beasts, thereby raising it's Beast Affinity. Equip this and jump down as fast as you can. Standing on the entranceway will make you an easy target. Try to stay to the Minotaur's side and back, attacking the arms and torso. He should fall fairly easily. If he uses Giga Rush, pray it doesn't kill you.

Start off by using any weapon that's either Piercing or strong against Evil-Class (which is actually impossible on your first-time through). Cast Degenerate and attack the torso or abdomen(only if you get a decent hit %). Try to use Impact Guard to lessen the blows you'll receive.


The real trick is to not chase after the ghost. Stay in one place and attack it when it comes up near you. If you don't think you can reach it before it casts a spell, move away and wait for it to materialize elsewhere.

Start off with Degenerate and get either behind him or at his sides. Whack away with a blunt weapon at his arms and torso. Reflect Damage will also help as a supplement.

Gems to attach: Dragonite(Weapon)
Warm up a long, piercing weapon (spear, etc.) on the Lizardmen before you enter this fight. Move in quick underneath its head. Attack the head, neck or tail, alternating between the three. This fight will take a while, so be patient and make sure to keep your health up. Impact Guard will save you in this fight. Also consider using Reflect Damage against the Tail Attack.

Father Duane, Sarjik and Bejart
Gems to attach: Haeralis(Weapon)
Stay near the bottom so you'll only deal with the two Crimson Blades at first. This is a great place to start building a decent Human Class Weapon. Once you've taken care of them, go after Duane, who'll cast Poison Mist to poison you. Ignore the poison unless you're low on life. Just focus on beating him down.

Wyvern The Wyvern - an upright Dragon
Gems to attach: Dragonite(Weapon)
This bad-boy is strong against Piercing weapons, so you might want to figure out which works better for you: a strong Dragon Class Piercing weapon or a blunt/edged weapon that might cause more damage. Whichever you choose, attack the tail. Most other attacks will be blocked. Don't bother with Degenerate because the Wyvern is smart enough to avoid it or just compensate for it. Stay close to him and don't let him back away from you. If he does, he'll use his Fire Breath. Make full use of Reflect Damage, especially on the Bite attack. Note: If you do choose to use the Dragon Class Piercing weapon, by the time the fight is over, the Dragon Class should have escalated by a large number of points.

Fire Elemental
Gems to attach: Undine Jasper(Weapon)
Equip the Salamander Ring, cast Frost Fusion and go to town. This Phantom Class creature is just the beginning, so I suggest using the same weapon on all Phantom Class creatures from now on. Just change out your attached gems.

Gems to attach: Undine Jasper(Weapon)
This Beast is fast. Cast Degenerate and attack the head and arms. Add Frost Fusion to yourself. Don't waste your time chasing him. Let him come to you. Since Chain Attacks won't affect him after the first attack, just stick to single hits and then back away. Break Arts are also a good idea.

Giant Crab
Gems to attach: Salamander Ruby(Weapon), Undine Jasper(Shield)
Remove any Fire-Based aides (armor-wise) and attach the Undine Jasper to a shield to cut down on the water-based attacks of the Crab. Use the Vile Scar Break Art to inflict poison on the beast and consider either Impact Guard or Aqua Ward to lesser the blow of his Tidal Rush. Use a blunt weapon on the arms to wear this creature down. Fire and Wind-based Break Arts also do some good damage.

Earth Dragon
Gems to attach: Dragonite(Weapon)
Equip a shield and cast Terra Guard until you can get underneath his chin. His breath attack can take you out if you're not careful. Once firmly planted under his chin, pull out your Dragon Class Weapon and whack away at his head and neck. Cast Luft Fusion to get the damage moving a little faster. As with all Dragons, once you get under their head and neck, you won't have to worry about their breath attacks.

Crusader and Father Grissom
This team-up can prove to be dangerous, even with the aid of Sydney. Speaking of Sydney, stick around him long enough to get him to cast Prostasia on you. Cast Degenerate on the Crusader and work him over with an Evil Class Weapon. Once he falls, use a Vera Bulb to get your Risk down, and fast. If not, Grissom will slap you down with a heavy attack spell, catching you unawares. Do your best to silence him and then proceed to beat him down with your best Human Class weapon.

Jan Rosencrantz
Gems to attach: Haeralis(Weapon)
Ignore any status effects his Break Arts cause and just proceed to beat him down. If you spend all day curing poison, he'll wear you out before you get the time to get to him. Aim at his unarmed left arm with an edged weapon.

Air Elemental
Stormy Weather AheadGems to attach: Djinn Amber(Shield)
Cast Soil Fusion on yourself and Degenerate on the Air Elemental. Stick close to it so as to deter it from using Thunderburst. Consider using Windbreak Defense Ability to take the edge off of some of its worst attacks.

Earth Elemental
Gems to attach: Sylphid Topaz(Weapon), Djinn Amber(Weapon)
Time is not on your side in this fight. Cast Luft Fusion and use a Phantom Class Weapon on this guy. Cast Thunderburst to tear into this guy. Equip a Gnome Bracelet to help in the damage resistance.

Sky Dragon
Gems to attach: Dragonite(Weapon), Gnome Emerald(Weapon)
Equip the Sylphid Ring and cast Soil Fusion. Get under it's chin and attack the head, neck and tail with your Dragon Class Weapon.

This bad boy can teleport and cast high level attack spells. But, it will only do that after casting Silence on you. Start the fight by casting Magic Ward and rush the Lich. Physically beat him down before he teleports or casts a heavy spell. If you're lucky, he'll only just hit you with a weak physical attack. Your best option is to just get as close to him as possible.

This overgrown Dullahan will attack with Solid Shock, a physical type special attack that's very damaging, and the occasional Sorcery Spell. Cast Degenerate and Tarnish to aid in physical attacks. You might consider casting Magic Ward initially to aid in deflecting at least the first round of Solid Shock.

Dark Elemental
Cast Spirit Surge and use any other Light Based Break Arts. A good Phantom weapon will help. Piercing and Dark Based will do you next to no good. Magic Ward is also VERY helpful against its array of magical attacks.

Lady Neesa and Sir Tieger
Gems to attach: Haeralis(Weapon)
Use chains that cause silence or paralysis and cast Magic Ward on yourself. You only really need to cause around 800 points of damage to one or the other of these two warriors. I suggest going after Tieger because of the fact that he's a bit slower. Most physical attacks from them won't be life threatening, so use an item here or there to keep your HPs up and just pound away at the nearest one.

Water Elemental
Gems to attach: Undine Jasper(Shield), Salamander Ruby(Weapon)
Equip the Undine Bracelet and Undine Jaspers on your shield (if you use one). Much like any other Elemental fight up to this point, just cast the opposing spell (Spark Fusion) to your weapon an go to town. Use Aqua Ward to deflect magical damage, but don't sweat this fight. Your Phantom Class Weapon should be good enough to make this fight fairly easy.

Ogre Lord
He'll cast Degenerate on you, so be quick to use Magic Ward or Herkales against it. Don't worry if he casts Surging Balm on himself. You'll want to stay on top of him as much as possible. If you find the Surging Balm a pain, cast Antidote (3 MP) on him, which will immediately negate any positive spells he has going.

Snow Dragon
Gems to attach: Undine Jasper(Shield), Marid Aquamarine(Shield), Ifreet Carnelian(Weapon), Dragonite(Weapon)
Time to parade out the Dragon Class Weapon, attaching anything to it to raise the fire affinity. As before, rush under its head and start working away at the head, neck and tail. Cast Spark Fusion for added help. Flame Sphere is a waste of mana here, as it won't cause enough damage to warrant the cost.

Last Crusader
This grandfather of the Dullahan should be manageable. Use Reflect damage to send some of his attacks back at him. You might want to start the fight out by casting Tarnish and then silence him with a Chain Combo(Dulling Impact). Then just beat him down. If you don't silence him, you might consider casting Magic Ward on yourself to at least catch the first sorcery spell he casts as you move in on him. Reflecting his attacks back at him will help.

Minotaur Lord
Apparently, this Minotaur Lord isn't much smarter than the first Minotaur you fought. It just has more HPs. Don't waste time with magic. Just rush in and pound the hide off of him. This fight's merely just a barroom brawl. An edged weapon is helpful and once again, you'll want to try and avoid the Giga Rush. It may not be as critical this time around, but still, it is damage you can do without.

Gems to attach: Haeralis(Weapon)
This multi-armed Human (yes, human...) Class boss can only be a real problem if you depend on a lot of magic. Use your best Human Class Weapon, equipped with a Haeralis gem and start using chains on her. Starting off the fight with Magic Ward will at least deflect the first attempt to cast Degenerate on you. Don't try to go blow-by-blow with her when it comes to casting Herakles to counter the Degenerate. This will only draw the fight out even longer. If you rush Kali early, she should fall without much fuss.

Minotaur Zombie
Once you get the Stock Sigil, go back to where you fought the original Minotaur. Use your Undead Class Weapon to work this beast over. Like the Minotaur Lord fight, this one's just a brawl.

Marid, Ifreet, Djinn & Dao
You'll face each of these four Elemental Daddies on your trip through the Cathedral. Use the same procedure to eliminate them. Use Spells to increase your damage against them (Spark Fusion, Luft Fusion, etc.). Also, equip Gems to raise your defense to their specific type. Use your Phantom Class Weapon armed with Gems of opposite type to the enemy. Start each fight with Magic Ward, which will allow you to reach your opponent. They like to cast a spell before you can cross the distance over to them. Of the four, Dao can prove to be the toughest, because he'll keep his distance from you, attacking with spells from afar and hiding up in the rafters.
Gems to attach:
Marid: Undine Jasper(Shield), Marid Aquamarine(Shield), Ifreet Carnelian(Weapon), Trinity(Weapon)
Ifreet: Ifreet Carnelian(Shield), Marid Aquamarine(Weapon), Trinity(Weapon)
Djinn: Djinn Amber(Shield), Dao Moonstone(Weapon), Trinity(Weapon)
Dao: Djinn Amber(Weapon), Dao Moonstone(Shield), Trinity(Weapon)

Iron Crab
Gems to attach: Orion(Weapon), Marid Aquamarine(Shield), Ifreet Carnelian(Weapon)
Use an excellent Beast Weapon or just pound away at the shell with a Blunt Weapon. Equip Fire Based Gems for your attack or cast Spark Fusion. His attacks really aren't that bad if you can handle a few Water Based attacks.

Flame Dragon
Gems to attach: Dragonite(Shield), Ifreet Carnelian(Shield), Dragonite(Weapon), Marid Aquamarine(Weapon)
As with the other dragons, get under his head and attack away with a good Dragon Based Weapon. Attack the neck and tail especially. Casting Frost Fusion will aid in speeding up your victory.

Arch Dragon
Gems to attach: Dragonite(Weapon), Morlock Jet(Weapon), Angel Pearl(Shield)
This is probably the most dangerous dragon on the first play-through, because of its Light Affinity. Unless you've been casting a lot of Heal spells while your weapon is drawn, you probably won't have a good defense against its Divine Breath, which'll peel away both HPs and MPs. Use Shadow Guard and arm Morlock Jets on your weapon. Get under his head and work away. Don't let him back away so he can use his breath attack on you.

Gems to attach: Trinity(Weapon), Angel Pearl(Weapon), Morlock Jet(Shield)
This Father of Dark Elementals can be treated like the others. Attack with Spirit Surge or a good Phantom Class Weapon decorated with Angel Pearls.

Gems to attach: Demonia(Weapon and/or Shield), Nightkiller(Shield)
You really need to stay in close to him, so chase Guildenstern down and beat him swiftly with some good chains. Don't waste the time to go toe-to-toe with him magically. The occasional Magic Ward or Ward Defense ability can help immensely. When Guildenstern uses Last Ascension, use Reflect Damage or Absorb Damage to take the brunt of this harsh attack.

Guildenstern, pt. 2
While this battle can be very difficult, there is a pattern by which you can win this fight. Make sure to use a weapon that you're familiar with and can string together a good set of chains. Equip everything you can that will make that weapon strong versus evil class and prepare a shield that can take dark affinity attacks. Every if you use a two-handed weapon for range, you'll need the shield for one special moment (or maybe two). Start the fight out in the center of the area and cast Magic Ward. Wait till Guildenstern swoops in near you and rush him. He WILL cast one spell, after which he'll hover about for a moment. Magic Ward will nullify the spell and you'll need to get to the edge of the circular platform and start a chain on him. Once he flies off, return to the center and cast Magic Ward again. Use items to heal and reduce your Risk to 0 and start the pattern all over again. Once you cause around 250 points of damage, he'll fly off and start his Bloody Sin attack. You'll have a small moment to get into the menu. Hammer the Triangle button until you can. Then equip the shield and the Demonscale defense ability. Also get your Risk to 0. Don't bother with Magic Ward - Bloody Sin will blow right through it. At the moment when the ! is over Ashley's head, hit the button for the Demonscale ability, or go ahead and reload the game. On your first time through, the Blood Sin WILL kill you without the shield and Demonscale. After you survival the first shot of Bloody Sin, heal up and resume the initial pattern. Once you get Guildenstern down another 250 points, he'll try the Bloody Sin again. If you survive this, just continue the pattern and the victory will be yours.

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The Wyvern
With so many options, you might find it difficult to figure out which Gems to equip and what magic to use.